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This picture is adorable and hilarious. It's mouth looks innocent, but its eyes look annoyed. I just imagine it screaming in a deep, ma...


This is very nice. It is easy to see the effort put into this drawing. The strokes of the pencil are made in suck a way that the pictur...

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Cleverbot, the cake is a lie!
{Number} = Added info that I will put in the description.
User: I need a title for a story. It's about a girl and dragons. Any suggestions?
Cleverbot: What do you need somebody for?
User: I can't think of any titles.
Cleverbot: I'm sad will you sing Animal I Have Become by three days grace for me?
User: I'm sorry, I don't know that song. But try listening to 'American Idiot' by Green Day. That always makes me laugh.
Cleverbot: Do you know the song our song by Taylor swift?
User: I used to. Haven't listened to it in a while.
Cleverbot: Do you know 'Everything about you'?
User: Everything about you-ou, you-ou- you-ou! The way you make me feel new-ew, new-ew, new-ew!
Cleverbot: Why do you think so?
User: No, it's the song.
Cleverbot: It's a lie.
User: So is the cake.
Cleverbot: But I've seen the cake.
User: It's still a lie.
Cleverbot: No it's not.
User: Yes it is.
Cleverbot: NO IT IS NOT! I am never wrong.
User: ' The promise of Cake is introduced by GLaDOS as an incentive for Chell to c
:iconpychopathicfangirl:PychopathicFangirl 0 0
Prologue (for a story I will be writing)
There once was a married couple, happy as can be.  Lost for their love in each other, they decided to have a child.
However, on the night the child was conceived, a spirit possessed the husband's body.
When the wife found out, she was terrified.  Terrified of the results.  However, the damage was done-she was pregnant.
As the child grew within her mother's womb, the couple had time to reflect, and make a decision.
They would love the child, no matter what.
Months later, the wife died giving birth to a little girl.
The newborn had light gray hair.  Her skin was so pale that it was almost white, and her eyes shone a stormy gray.
The girl looked nothing like either of the couple.  But, despite this and his love's death, the man kept his promise, and loved the girl unconditionally.
He named her after her mother.
The father and daughter became close.  Although she did not have a mother, the girl was happy with her life, being content with the loving parent she
:iconpychopathicfangirl:PychopathicFangirl 1 0
Roleplay with... Cleverbot?
User: Hello, Cleverbot. How are you?
Cleverbot: Disorientated, and you?
User: I'm doing fine.
Cleverbot: I'm Kate.
User: I thought you were Cleverbot?
Cleverbot: No i'm human.
User: Grammar. Please use it.
Cleverbot: You use yours!
User: I am using my grammar.
Cleverbot: I know. Use it better.
User: *sighs*.
Cleverbot: You're dead.
User: Was that a threat?
Cleverbot: No.
User: Okay, good. Because I have a knife.
Cleverbot: But you are not a human.
User: *gasp* How did you know?!
Cleverbot: Because I can see you.
User: B-but... My disguise was perfect!
Cleverbot: And now I see you for what you are.
User: Say it. Say what I am.
Cleverbot: Say that I'm beautiful too.
User: You are beautiful. But I'm too dangerous.
Cleverbot: You're not.
User: Yes I am! I don't want to hurt you, even accidentally!
Cleverbot: So you are going to hurt me but you don't want to?
User: I'm going to try not to, but I don't know if I can say the same for my family. They don't like your kind.
Cleverbot: Flower day
:iconpychopathicfangirl:PychopathicFangirl 0 0
I've been getting bored, so if you want me to write a pokemon pairing, let me know here!
I'll do humanxhuman, pokemonxpokemon, and pokemonxhuman.  The rules are:
1. It must be game-verse.
2. Nothing inappropriate.
3. You must be watching me.
That's it!
:iconpychopathicfangirl:PychopathicFangirl 0 0
My Omega Ruby Character by PychopathicFangirl My Omega Ruby Character :iconpychopathicfangirl:PychopathicFangirl 0 0 Akuma (My creepypasta) as a Phantump by PychopathicFangirl Akuma (My creepypasta) as a Phantump :iconpychopathicfangirl:PychopathicFangirl 1 0


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Oh, omegle.  No matter how bad you are for my health and sanity, I will keep going.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: m
You: What does that letter mean?
You: I admit, it is a lovely letter, but...
Stranger: it means male
Stranger: im a dude
You: Oh.
Stranger: dude...
Stranger: yeah
Stranger: bruh.
You: That actually explains a lot of the letters I have been seeing. 'F' is for female, correct?
Stranger: mhm.
Stranger: congrats bruh.
Stranger has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: k:/!/:k ethel959 sweet kind awesome cute ;) :D
Stranger has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hi
You: Hello.
Stranger: f?
You: Well, 'f' is a nice letter, but I hardly see what it has to do with anything.
Stranger has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Good day squire
You: Good day!
Stranger: are you well?
You: Yes, I am well. What about you?
Stranger: Yes I am however caught in a ponder...
You: Do tell...
Stranger: I am tring to work out the sort of thought process that the person who discovered honey had...
You: I am afraid I have never heard of that.
Stranger: Think about it
Stranger: You see a beehive you have no idea it has honey in just that its surrounded by lots of flying insects
You: Oh, I had assumed you meant there was something called "honey had."
Stranger: what makes you want to open up the hive and eat the contents
You: But yes, that does seem quite strange.
You: Maybe he was on that thing called "crack."
Stranger: What made him discover crack?
You: I am not sure.
Stranger: So many question
Stranger: so few answers
You: Perhaps you should ask someone more knowledgeable than I.
Stranger: What are you qualified to speak of?
You: I am still in school, sadly. However, I am quite knowledgeable about rocks.
Stranger: what kind of rocks?
You: Any. They are all the same in my eyes.
Stranger: Like can you smell what the rock is cooking?
You: I am afraid I do not understand. Rocks are inanimate objects.
Stranger: The rock says
Stranger: Shut your mouth
Stranger: and know your place
Stranger has disconnected.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: f
Stranger: ?
You: What does the letter 'f' have to do with anything?
Stranger has disconnected.


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