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Mass Effect - The Calling

Seeing the ME3 Shepard art and his stance i thought of BFBC2 and it's background image.
After releasing the dual screen version [link] I have had requests to create one for a single screen setup. Although there has been a modified version of the dual screen, by someone else, been going around on the internet.

The preview above is 1920x1200 and like the others designed for a single monitor display.

The name comes from Zack Hemsey - "The Calling" played it allot while creating the first version. Also the fact that Mass Effect 3 and the Reapers are coming thus duty is calling.

File: WinRAR
Resolutions: 1920x1200, 1920x1080, 1680x1050

The file contains 3 different variations per resolution:
-The first is just like the preview above
-If you don't like the logo there's one without
-Last there's one without logo and the BF like fire on Shepard.

Mass Effect and it's characters belong to BioWare(c)
© 2011 - 2021 PXXL
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hehe BatlleFecField....kkkkk....nice
PanzerMachinePL's avatar
Are you still alive?
derp5578978new's avatar
my favorite 2 games!
saizymilla's avatar
Definitely will become my laptop background <3
SkrDoodle's avatar
This is awesome. I really miss bad company 2. It has this feel that bf3 doesn't have. Probably due to less building destruction. Might also be that blue filter too...
RyanFR's avatar
Very nice, great job
BronyBeforePony's avatar
wow this truly is an ea game, right hand holds the gun the left hand holds the orange
Limit1997's avatar
lol cool, BFBC2 (!!!!) and mass effect are really cool games
MRG93's avatar
BADASS, Nice job
The-Last-Dragon-Kni's avatar
This is amazing. The soldier Shepard looks incredible (The fact i have the BF3 Soldier)
vocaloid2sim's avatar
Love the Battlefied Bad Company style for Mass Effect!
PXXL's avatar
If only BF3 was moddable :dummy:
vocaloid2sim's avatar
Yup, it would be fun!
AsenVeselinov's avatar
mass looks more like mass company 2 and it is awesome
2 best games ever joined together, now we just need battlefield graphics in mass effect, and it will be invincibubble!
thefootballwolf's avatar
massive resemblance to battlefield: bad company 2's cover art here :)
SproutIllusion's avatar
really awesome with those details :D
SirIssac's avatar
Good idea for a Mass Effect Background. ^_^
I like it.
tankhawk500's avatar
I swear I saw this somewhere............but anyways it's good edit. Faved bro. :D
xitement's avatar
wtf u talking about?
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