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Mass Effect - The Calling

Seeing the ME3 Shepard art and his stance i thought of BFBC2 and it's background image. This preview above is 3840x1080 and like the others designed for dual monitor display. I also made a single screen version: [link]

File: WinRAR
Resolutions: 3840x1200, 3840x1080, 3360x1050

The file contains 3 different variations per resolution:
-The first is just like the preview above
-If you don't like the logo there's one without
-Last there's one without logo and the BF like fire on Shepard.

Mass Effect and it's characters belong to BioWare(c)
© 2011 - 2021 PXXL
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if EA could combine these games.... PURE EPICNESS!!!!!!!!!! but really, this would sell REALLY well if you think about it. good job though :clap:
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Really cool job!
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thats so epic :O amazing work!!
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This is amazing dude :D Thanks for the 2 monitor picture.
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Amazing pic combining a game i love and a game i am excited for and really want to get (Battlefield 3) beautiful work ont his pic =)
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you should redo the logo as: "Mass Effect: Bad Company"
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This is awesome. :D When I upgrade my monitors I'll be using this, thanks!
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I have uploaded a single screen version here
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Very very cool :D
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Thanks for the comments all, It seems that someone made their own single screen version, tweeted it to Christina Norman she re-tweeted it and Kotaku picked up on it.
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I broke my mouse when I was bringing this over to my favs, Its so awsome it makes me do things clicking! :D lol
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I downloaded the file just to check all the versions. Very nice wallpaper, I love it :+fav:
If you don't mind me saying, I think the versions without the fiery thing on Shepard looks way better and are friendlier to the eye. Maybe those are the ones you should display here IMO ;).
Nevertheless, very nice images you've put together, cheers! :w00t:
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It's best work I've seen
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I liked this until I saw the Mako.
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That's beast!
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You did an awesome job with the Clone tool in this!
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