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Craft foam tutorial

By PxScosplay
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Hello deviously deviants !
As you can see , I made this tutorial for craft foam .. many people including myself couldnt find any good tutorial on the net.. so I decided to make one , wich I think is easy to work with ! { IF YOU HAVE questions , ask in comments, I will anwser with pleasure !}

:bulletpink: Where to buy craft foam ?: [link]
Here is a website you can buy craft foam with many sizes ! You can easily find craft foam in craft stores also.

I do not own the vincent claw picture and neither the link shield, all the rest is made by me execpt the resin armor wich is a good cosplayer that talked to me about resin!
Every picture was taken by me and written by me aswell(:iconpxscosplay:) .

If you want me to make some more tutorials , please ask me in notes or here if you want ! Dont forget to :fav +fav:, watch and comments !!!

:bulletblue: Facebook :!/pages/PxS/170038759676807!/pages/PxS/170038759676807

PS:! I Want :llama: , please send me those! :[

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This is awesome!! I've seen a lot of people talking about the foam heating, but this tutorial explains it the best! Thank you so much! :D

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Oh gosh...whats his name again...Zero from Final Fantasy?
Nero was least in German he is called Nero.
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Looks great! Just wondering, is the foam stuck to the boot? I need to do some armored boots, but don't want to ruin my boots since I need them for other stuff.
ElleMinte's avatar
I'm definitely going to use this tutorial as a reference while I make my armor!
AndurilWielder's avatar
Okay, so I see some little circular objects on the bottom sides of the boots...what are those, and what are they for?
Apohermion's avatar
I could be wrong, but I think they are just decorations. They might be washers or just something circular to make them look more like armor. I'm not 100% sure but there are some other guides that talk about adding small doodads or details and then you simply seal them and paint over them like here.
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5.5 in x 8.5 in foam?
MuggleDirection's avatar
So I can use simply White glue if i don't have varnish and any of the others? And after coating it with glue, could I paint it with poster paint.?
dragonbandana's avatar
Is there a craft foam alternative if I can't find craft foam?
Anoranza's avatar
Thanks! I can't wait to use it for my dream cosplays! :)
IngaDesu's avatar
this is simply awesome :D well, i guess you can make my simple wish come true!
Can you make a tutorial on how to make A d. gray man exorcist badge using craft foam? i've got my head twirled looking for tutorials, and no results are found >.<
Thank you so much!
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This is so useful, thanks a lot!
anrili's avatar
not bad! Thank you, this will be surely useful for my Retro Cecil armor...
ShadowDemonAngel124's avatar
Does anyone know were i can get craft foams from in Malaysia?
VP-Land-of-La's avatar
This is amazing! Very informative!
Quick question, though. How do you apply the resin without it getting all over the place or dripping off the item you are applying it to?
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What are those small circles found at the sides of the shoes/greaves?

Awesome tutorial btw !
NaitaEniroctch's avatar
This will be very useful.
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Can ask what kind of thickness to buy i think it bought to thick is there online place to buy for cheap
firecloak's avatar
How did you heat up your foam?
PxScosplay's avatar
over warm lamps & oven
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This tutorial is just AMAZING!! you have just saved my life, I was trying to figure out how to make foam look hard!! xD This is just great!!
Kiniharu-Nikaido's avatar
yay!!! thnx!! =) It will be very useful! :3
Grayies-cosplay's avatar
useing this to make my head set! :D
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