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Leader-1 redux



I have decided to redesign my Gobots Animated works. The reason for this is I wasn't entirely happy with the originals because I felt they didn't really capture the Transformers Animated look, especially compared to my new Rock Lords works. The main aims were to simplify and stylise, with the shading methods and linework being more akin to Transformers Animated. Back then when I did the originals it should be noted I was pretty new to colouring with Photoshop so hopefully these are better. Also the character sheet itself has been simplified, so no headshot or floating weapons, and I think it looks more impressive and less cluttered as a result. Please fullview and comments are welcome!

Here is the original for comparison:

For Leader-1, I wanted him to be more dynamic and colourful, so I jazzed up his alt mode and just fine tuned the design.

Challenge of the Gobots, character name, © Hasbro
Transformers Animated © Hasbro
Machine Robo © Bandai
Faction logos, Gobots Animated logo, character redesign, © me (Paul William Thomas)
Gobots Animated logo inspired by the work of ~a-loft-on-cybertron
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Can you do the Guardians' Command Center soon?!