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Gobots Animated Leader-1



One of a series of redesigns I have done of the characters from the original 80’s Gobots TV show, in the style of Transformers Animated.

For Leader-1 the main thing was to add more colour cos the original looked kinda drab. Also wanted that heroic stars and stripes look to make him more like a heroic leader. Was inspired by Captain America. Comments welcome!

Challenge of the Gobots, character name, © Hasbro
Transformers Animated © Hasbro
Machine Robo © Bandai
Captain America © Marvel
Faction logos, Gobots Animated logo, character redesign, © me (Paul William Thomas)
Gobots Animated logo inspired by the work of ~a-loft-on-cybertron
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Ngl i love this design way too frikin much. You made a really bad design GOOD! The old leader 1 looked completely grey and washed out, dunno why g1 gobots never went with blue leader 1 for the show