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Kokoro: hi,.... 

Zack: uh-oh (there goes that wig again. I've got a bad feeling about this,...) what are you up to?

Kokoro: (grabs zack's hand) nobody's around. good.  just trust me on this. I'm not sure I should do this, but I've decided I trust you, so I'm gonna let you close to me.

Zack: not sure what you mean, but I'm fine to play ball.

Kokoro: I've decided you deserve a little,... reward. a y'know, romantic kind of reward.

(places Zack's hand on her chest)

Zack: oh,... my god... Koko-chi, are you sure about this?

Kokoro: of course I am. I've never been more sure. I'm glad I finally got up the nerve,... arms hands and chest are sooo warm,... as well as, you know,... other things.

zack: Kokoro...

Kokoro: looks like you can say my name properly. I'm glad.

zack: I still can't believe it. is this for real???

Kokoro: I can't believe it either. but now,... you're gonna know exactly how I feel inside about you,...

Zack: I never thought you didn't get it,... but to think you'd go this far, I'm shocked.

Kokoro: you always take such good care of me. did you know I jump on your back sometimes, just so I can feel your heartbeat.

Zack: Kokoro, I never even realized,... I should have,...

Kokoro: it doesn't matter that you didn't notice. I kept it secret from you on purpose. just know I love the feeling of your heart thumping,... just bathing in your body heat is enough for me,... 

Zack: I really wish time could stop right here. this moment,... is perfect.

Kokoro: I've felt your heartbeat so many times,... and now you're finally,... getting the chance to feel mine. can you feel it beating in your hand? it's beating so fast for you right now.

Zack: um,... wait. is this all about me feeling for your heartbeat?

Kokoro: mmmm,... yeah, tell me mine feels pure too. I didn't know letting you feel it would feel this incredible though. I haven't shaken like this all year. 

ZackL wait, maybe we should switch hands.

Kokoro: what? why?

Zack: well my hand's on the right side of your chest, right?

Kokoro: yeah. you should be "right" over my heart right now. am I just not a pure enough girl???

Zack: no,... you're extremely pure. it's just the human heart is on the left side of the body, not the right. we should switch.

Kokoro: that's silly. of course my heart is clearly on the ri- wait a minute!! (gets a flashback from science class) you're absolutely right, aren't you? I do remember hearing something to that effect in school.

Zack: I can still feel your heart through your back,... just not in my hand.

Kokoro: good I was worried you couldn't feel me at all. I'm just glad that-wait a second!! your hand has been super busy this whole time, but you can't feel my heart with it. I know your hand has been busy,... what the hell have you been doing this whole time???

Zack: I umm,... when you said "romantic reward", I thought,...



Kokoro: don't give me that look. you're not in the dog house,... but you are gonna pay. no buts.
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Zack had to go and kill the mood.
PwN3Rship Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
well, it's not really his fault, but yeah he did. (I have to give him some weaknesses or he'll be a mary sue)

don't worry though. Koko-chi has some payback headed his way.

got something good planned for that.
Probably grabbing his balls.
PwN3Rship Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Chat's cute cheeky grin you're definitely in the right ball park

cough*reading dirty fanfiction*cough

Yuuki Grin Icon darn cold...
Bonus points if Kokoro does it in front of Ryu Hayabusa just to remind him that he won't ever get the same treatment from her.
PwN3Rship Featured By Owner Oct 31, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
no offense, but this isn't about shadow, is it?

while I'm not into his couples art is still art and I'll give him credit for having posing skill (though I fully agree that Ryu x kokoro would be way off base as they have never even spoken, plus Ryu already has a massive harem, plus ditzy people annoy the shit out of Ryu,.. and kokoro can be a ditz,... in a good way though)

personally I've kind of always been in the kasumi x hayabusa camp to a major extent, and in the Ayane x hayabusa camp to an equal extent,... he doesn't give me that nearly enough if you ask me (Ryu and those 2 are massively compatible because they already face danger that they can never escape,... with which he helps them fight back and often puts his life on the line for to keep them safe. plus Ryu with Kasumi or Ayane is more aesthetically pleasing to me since I'm used to seeing them together. I will also say I like the chemistry of Ryu and Rachel as well, they could work too.)

if Ryu and Kasumi or Ryu and Ayane "happen to fall out of the sky" in my art or something,... it's likely a "coincidence". making cuckold art isn't really my thing.

but yeah,... I don't think Kokoro would ever try to f*ck Hayabusa if that's what you mean. they are very apples to oranges IMO.
SolitaryLapTopTVLove Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2018
Not in the slightest bit, but I hate that specific pairing and how it has become pretty popular. If this was some fringe crack pairing that did not get a whole bunch of renders then I would have no issue with it. What my comment is referring is to how I hate Ryu Hayabusa and Hayate stealing all of the Dead Or Alive women and not letting the other guys partake in the fun. I won't name any names out here in public but in private I can tell you who I find to be annoying in this regard.

Precisely. With those four Ninja Gaiden ladies,he has more than enough love to go around.
PwN3Rship Featured By Owner Edited Nov 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
also you should pay attention to the fact that guys who are greedy with women pretty much never take care of them properly (ex: Genghis Khan, DMX, 50 cent, Jack nickolson, ect,... shit always turns out being only for the guy and unilaterally bad for the women. being a swinger is one thing (cause then there can be more balance) but the guy running wild with the girl in a cage sexually is flat out bullshit. this isn't livestock and most people who push stuff like that probably think of pretty girls like Kokoro like they are animals to be kept as pets and shit.

other thing that bugs is that good storytelling, romance, and the human connection all go flying out the window when they do it 90% of the time. Kokoro is just a hole to fill with a self insert Mary Sue to them. that shit be bugging me.

you also damn near never see Hayabusa with Lei Fang either (though he's known her longer). it's flat out fuckery. like what are you actually up to? you never see anyone obsessed with her (maybe they are neurotic over blue eyes or some dumb shit like that.). can't stand social darwinists. (this also explains why you also see Eliot pushed with her as well like crazy though they've never even spoken on a personal level, he beat the crap out of her in canon, and he's clearly drastically more compatible with ayane and hitomi while also being attracted to Christie through no fault of his own cause she duped him and shoves her tits in his face). she's only important to them cause she has "the correct biology" to be considered important. it's like, "story? the hell is that?"

4? it's technically 5 if you count his wife from the other canon,... but I can drum it down to 4 for the sake of acknowledging the new canon he's in. maybe 6 if you throw in Rachel's sister (she was giving him rhythm too)
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Marcelievsky Featured By Owner Edited Oct 30, 2018  Student Interface Designer
Maybe she was the unique to have the heart on the right side, but man these people are really rare!
PwN3Rship Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
naw,... she's left side unfortunately. it was an honest goof up,... nothing too serious (except now zack owes her for killing the mood on accident)

his payback is coming for sure, lol.
SkullsKnight Featured By Owner Edited Oct 29, 2018
:rofl: zack bring your hand and put it on the left of the chest, not right, great pose pack.
PwN3Rship Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Jun Nagase (Smile) [V1] glad somebody gets the finer points of humor, lol.

Natsu Dragneel Smile stuff like this is why inspiration is awesome. 
SkullsKnight Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2018
lol well mistakes happen.
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