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Spiky Heads

By pweenie
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The spiky heads are back! :)

[EDIT] I ajusted the contrast [/EDIT]

photography took by me
don't use my work in any ways without my permission
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I really love this picture, but I think the random green stub in the background is a little distracting.
Great picture!
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Thank you for the comment! :D

I didn't even noticed the green stub ^^; I'll try to do something about it in photoshop, like putting all the background in black and white (or just desaturate (sp?) this part)
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You're welcome!~
I think making the background black and white is a good idea, but I'd hate to take away from the color.~
pweenie's avatar
Mmh, than I can make it less... hum... flashy? I don't know how to say it in english (I don't know if desaturate is a word in english ^^;)
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It is.
I understand what you're trying to say. I think that would work too, but maybe just making the background black and white.
(I don't know if I've said that already, my memory is horrible)
^ .^;
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Then I'll try both solutions and see which one is better..... when I'll finish my school work.... ;3;
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Hehe, okay.
I'll be waiting to see the end product!~
No pressure
> w>
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There! (at least)
Sorry if it took long, school's a ****h >__<

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