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This is some Pants Inflation.
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Greetings neighbor! Name's pvzfan26. But you can call me pvzfan26. I welcome you to my Deviant page and hope ya like what ya see! Just make sure you don't take my art and review/make videos with my art. Or else yer gonna have a bad time!

Also, feel free to donate points, make fan art of me, my toonsona, my OCs, my friends, and others as well! Oh, and if ya watch me, I'll have to ask you why ya watch me. Why do I have to ask you why you watched me?(…) Because I'm CRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAZZZYY!!!!!!!!!! Anyways, have fun!

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I'll see about point commissions. It depends on how easy or hard ya want me to do it.

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I gotta get NoseToon a girlfriend.
I have one ship that I think is super cute, cracks me up, and make others hate it. Y'know what it is?

It's Junkrat X Mei Hi there [Adventure Time] 
Holy fuck, I can’t sleep at all thanks to that brute cousin of mine's snoring! It’s like listening to an old chainsaw start up! (Ò n Ó)
Duh duh duh
Another one rides the bus
Duh duh duh
Another one rides the bus
NoseToon wants to make a point commission. Who’s open?
Thank God Ferris included cheat codes in his game! The final boss in the game is impossible!
Forgot to mention this. Ferris included an Easter egg in his game. The Easter egg is the main antagonists in the game. They’re supposed to be Team Rocket, but different roles and body shapes.
I got good news and bad news. The good news, I managed to make a dodo army. The bad news, NoseToon accidentally killed them all with his triceratops. 😒


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Gonna be makin' A comic of Plants vs Zombies. Could use some help here. Also, if ya have any ideas for me, leave a comment and help me out.

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    So, here's some info about Dumbfan62.

    He made by scientists who were trying to make a clone of me so that I can be stopped, but instead they created a stupid, fake me with a stew pot on his head and his nose is short and he has buck teeth and he has thicker eyebrows and a different chinbeard. Oh, and can run up to about 35 mph. Scientists wanted to get rid of him, but one scientist convinced them all to keep Dumbfan with them and so, he lives with the scientists doing lots of tests.

     But one day, they created a Tyrannosaurus Rex that was supposed to be a genetically made pokemon and accidentally made it a dark type that has the personality of the Indominus Rex. It's also bigger and taller than a normal T Rex, and I Rex. Dumbfan wanted to play with it one day, but it decided to attack him which caused a problem in the labs and also caused Dumbfan and the T Rex to breakout and roam free into the world. 

    After losing the T Rex, Dumbfan found himself all alone in the world with no scientist to teach him or to help him. Until he crossed paths with a Shuckle, Buddy, who talks like Barney Rubble, and became his best pal. Ever since the day they met, Dumbfan and Buddy always stuck together and did everything together. 

    Years went by and as Dumbfan and Buddy made their way to the city, they notice that there was a wanted poster of Dumbfan62 and the genetically made T Rex that was named, "The Demon". Dumbfan and The Demon were worth $1500 each according to the wanted poster. Most people tried to catch The Demon first, but many, many people and pokemon have died from The Demon. Dumbfan and Buddy looked around to see if any people would stop and try to catch the duo, but they all just walked on by, going on with their days. Dumbfan was probably not that important to the public. Except for two Team Rocket members. Cassidy and Butch. They found him and Buddy while they were in the city and tried to capture him. But thanks to Buddy's help, the duo made a quick escape which started to become a chase scene. As they exited the city and into the marina, Dumbfan, Buddy, and Team Rocket crossed paths with The Demon. The Demon tried to kill and eat the heroes and villains as they scattered away from the demonic tyrannosaurus. 

    Cassidy and Butch made it out okay, but Dumbfan lost the mobility of his left arm since the The Demon crushed it under the weight of its foot. Buddy felt bad for his pal's lost if his arm. He knew he had to make it up to Dumbfan after what happened back there with The Demon. Ever since that day, Dumbfan has only one arm in use, a best friend, and now has enemies to watch out for.

    That's all for now. More stuff about Dumbfan62 will come soon.


OC shippings
Some of my OCs are single so if you want, show me a picture of an OC of yours and I'll see if it's a perfect match for one of my OCs.
You with me
I'll draw you with me! I need a picture/drawing of you though.
Howdy, howdy, howdy! I've been doin' requests lately for Jack S**t. So, if ya want a request/commission for yours truly, it's gonna cost ya. But if you're a friend of mine, I'll do it for free. My page, my rules. 


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