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I haven't posted in a while on here. I figure I should update the journal, though. I got a new job, working at Walgreens. I really like it so far. I'm hoping to move up from front end to Photo, maybe be a specialist. Maybe one day move up to Shift Lead or Assistant Manager... that'd be nice.

I'd love to be a manager.

I work between 30-40 hours a week now, so my paycheck is pretty decent. With my GF's help we should be able to afford bills when we get out on our own, at the very least! That's exciting.

I've been on iScribble a lot lately, after a long hiatus. Apparently now they allow roleplaying again, so that's fun! I've been trying to get Drawing Games back up in popularity too. Mostly I just make new boards when existing ones are full and make one when there isn't one. It's fun to participate too. I'll make a sketch dump of the stuff I've saved at some point.

Most of my "unfinished" or sketchy stuff goes on Tumblr now. If you're interested in keeping up with my art on there as well, I have a Just-For-Art blog, and that's at This Blog (it's a clickable link.) I'm going to attempt to post more stuff here and stay a little more active as well. 

My Birthday's coming up next month. I'm going to be 23. Combine that with a job I don't hate and animals that I love, life is going pretty okay right now. I'm not medicated for my anxiety anymore but I'm able to cope with it most days. Sometimes I get sick though. My eyes also aren't as good as they used to be. Probably going to have to get glasses, if I ever have a day off when the doctor is in.

How's things for you guys?
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My birthday was pretty nice. The weather was mild and I didn't have to go to work, and we got a pizza for dinner. Plus gf surprised me with a toasted almond cake and its so good what the heckie deckie and she got me a new tablet and i literally started crying because i am an Actual Trash Baby
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I work until Midnight tonight, but when I get home (and after I get some coconut rum and Tampico in me) I'll post some art that I've done over the past week. Mostly it's limited palette challenges, which I really enjoyed doing.

Have a great evening

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So I've been working as a cashier for this grocery store for about a month so far. It's pretty hard, and its really taxing on my feet. The fatigue mats do nothing. But I'm happy to have a job, so I can help my girlfriend pay the bills and make her life easier.

I've gotten my Items (Scanned) Per Minute up to 13 now. If I can reach 15 I'll be happy, but I don't seem to be able to get any faster. I hover between 13 when I'm energized and hydrated to 11 when I'm tired. Still though, it's over the minimum of 10, so I'm fine.

I also purchased Pokemon Y with a portion of one of my paychecks, and it was a really good purchase. I love the Kalos region, and I love being able to play with my pokemon. It's everything my 10 year old self wanted and more.

I'm going to try to post some of the things I draw for my tumblr askblogs soon.

Anything going on with you guys?

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had a phone interview bout a job 2day, goin in for second interview tomorrow
might get a jooooooob
Talking with people so deeply mired in bullshit misogyny and internalized sexism is really eating away what little patience I have. The sheer amount of shit that I see being spewed with honest intent is mind blowing. It really is. And it's hilarious how many people have opinions on this shit without having read up on any of the issues women face in the workplace and in the world. It really is. I just don't have patience for it anymore.
"I don't believe in feminism, i believe in EQUALITY"

AKA "I've got a lot of internalized sexism but it's not my fault, it's those DARN FEMINISTS for making me QUESTION my PRIVILEGE!!!"
DeviantART's community is flat out disgusting.

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.
Kinda wish dA had a sort of "Like" system in addition to Favorites.

Sometimes I like something, but not quite enough to add it to that folder. Because I'm going to have to clean the folder eventually.

And that shit is daunting.
this is the worst anxiety attack ive had in a while i can literally feel bile rising up my throat i might vomit
ive got the fucking shakes rn and the only thing keeping me calm is shoving my face in a jar candle 

dont have anxiety kids its not as fun as they say
I miss the days when I was part of RP groups on here, especially digimon evolution. It was really fun and involved. I kind of have a group like that on Tumblr now, but it's ... idk. Slow? Forum style RP has never been my thing. My energy is short lived, I get big bursts of activity and then I need to rest a while to recharge. With forum style RP that ends up being a looong wait for my partner, and that's just not fair to them.

I wish there were more interesting RP groups in the dA chats, but chat in general here has seemed to die.
people threatening to unwatch a group if it makes a decision like


wouldn't it just be fantastic if you could just hit a button and clear your Favorites or Journals or Gallery just like immediately

instead of having to go through and remove each one individually

thanks dA.