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Hello people,
I've been asked many times about how to draw or paint and where to find tips and tutorials about it.

I, as a self-taught artist, have struggled a lot trying to learn and understand how to draw well and do digital painting. So I decided to put on a series of journals on this topic providing tips and resources, hoping that it can be useful for anyone who is willing to become an artist.

This series focuses mainly on digital art, but most of the principles can be applied to traditional art as well. This is not a training course, so please don't expect me to give you an in-depth look to it. Just take it as a collection of resources.

I have found most of what I've learned on YouTube and the internet, therefore I will provide many links to pages and channels related to what I'm talking about.


Click on the links below to go to the desired part.

:bulletblue: Part I: Introduction
:bulletblue: Part II: Starting Up
:bulletblue: Part III: Tools
:bulletblue: Part IV: Drawing
:bulletblue: Part V: Shading
:bulletblue: Part VI: Colors
:bulletblue: Part VII: Composition
:bulletblue: Part VIII: Getting Feedback

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A concise and resourceful guide! Thank you. 💕
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Thank you for your comment!
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Really nice of you to put this together. I am sure I can learn from it, and others will no doubt find it really useful as well.
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Thank for your feedback!