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Orenishii Colored

By Puzzletoad
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I could spend alot more time on this....but i don't wanna! Flash and a touch of photoshop
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i've seen enough... you're getting watched.

i love this.
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Gratz on getting it on the blizz site!
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i love this! i don't see enough female troll rogues.
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glad you like! more to come and thanks!
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love the pose!!!!!! >.<
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WOWW!!Nice job men!!!
Puzzletoad's avatar
haha wow! that rocks thanks!
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Awesome piece of art. I love the details of her tattoos. Troll FTW!
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That is either one hot troll or one butch-a$$ blood elf! Kick-butt, all I got to say :D
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That sword is friggin' ssswweeeeeeeeeeeeeet
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Top notch quality work right here
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For the Horde! ^-^
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This is made of awesome sauce right?
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Incredible! You've got a real eye for that armor. So dynamic... just loving this piece :)
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awesome thanks!
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effin awesome, I love it
I love those blades, I remember seeing em in-game too
Again, Awesome job :D
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Haha thanks! glad you like.
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Wait, you seriously drew this in Flash? HOW LONG DID THIS TAKE YOU? Depending on your answer I will either go "kudos" or try desperately to get my jaw off of the floor.
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