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Guild Pawn
Lazy rpg maker out of /co/ who decided that what the world really needed was a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic tabletop game. There is currently a basic version that is still undergoing playtesting, formatting, and commentary, as well as a more advanced version for longer and more interesting games. Suggestions are welcome!

Operating System: Linux and XP
Personal Quote: Somewhere, the world needs a pony RPG. And I'm just the person to do it.
Yeah, yeah, ridiculous amount of time spent doing absolutely nothing here, but I've been in the middle of a veritable storm of stuff going wrong or demanding immediate attention, and so my ability to actually work on this has been somewhat low. I'm definitely still interested in finishing this up and getting the "Advanced Puzzles And Ponies" system out.

I will admit, part of the reasons I've been stalling is due to the difficulty of getting proper mechanical feedback. Most of my usual locations for "Hey, check out this homebrew!" seem to have an immense distaste for ponies, so I've been working on stripping the fluff from the mechanics and posting it at some point. Still, from the playtests (and near-weekly games) I've been able to take a look at what needs to be improved, changed, and otherwise messed with in order to make this a better game.

Which brings me to the final part; I could definitely use some help with this. I've gotten some resources half-done, but I'm beginning to realize that my initial goal (putting out a decent .pdf with the rules, character sheets, a couple scenarios, and a sample adventure) wasn't put in a proper timeline. So, if anyone wants to help, send me a message, or note, or whatever they're called. Right now, I can use anyone willing to do playtesting, generate new mechanical content, help with layout crap, or otherwise wants to help out making Puzzles and Ponies better.

So, let me know, and I'll keep things going!

Finally, Derpy is the best pony ever, and anyone who says otherwise is a cold-hearted fool incapable of feeling love or laughter in their hearts.
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  • Playing: Puzzles and Ponies
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It's been 6 years... What happened?
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You still working on this awesome stuff?
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Hehe, I remember this now. Anything new involving the game, or life in general? =3
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Looking forward to more from you! The system looks great so far.
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You're awesome, dude! Keep at it.
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