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Celtic UV Black Light Tattoo

This is a Celtic Knotwork tattoo I designed. Its done in UV tattoo ink. It only shows up under a black light. The artist was kinda bad, cruddy lines, and a few mess ups. Only guy I could find in the state that would do it.

UV ink is safe. Glow in the dark Ink is Not.
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Jun 18, 2006, 2:28:22 AM
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Now That is amazing! In normal light looks like no tat but its like magic! :)
Not like I would ever get a tat, but this would be a way to be unique! :XD:
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just fyi, the fda has approved the stuff in black light ink for consumption. not for injection into the skin. so uv tattoos are not technically approved by the fda. and they're still "working out the kinks" or whatever.
so says the fda here: [link]
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UV Ink FDA safe?
I've been wanting a massive black light tattoo ever since i found out what it was. I always said i would get it if they ever made ink that was safe. This is amazing news..(News that is years old and no one ever said anything?? >.< )
Now all I have to do is find a shop that will use it. Shoot I'll buy the ink and bring my black light with me. Time to start asking around.
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I can just imagine getting one of these tattoos done. Knowing me, I'd manage to forget I had it and would be under black light with someone I know.
They'd be going "What the heck is that?"
And I'd just be going, "Umm..."

Cool design, as well. Nicely done. ^^
night-mother's avatar
Depending on what color you get does it show up more in normal light. (hope i said that right)
puzzlerf's avatar
It does depend on the color you get. You want the white ink. all the other colors show up like normal ink.
night-mother's avatar
Alrighty :) thank you.
night-mother's avatar
I'm thinking about gettin a uv tattoo. what is your opinion on them?
puzzlerf's avatar
I love mine. I've had it for years now. still just as good as when i got it.
QMarcesQ's avatar
What color did you use?
I am really really wanting an arm piece but since i work in the pharmacy i cant have it visable.
I heard that the blue and green and pink and shit show up in regular light.
and did you buy your ink to bring to your artist?
puzzlerf's avatar
I used the white ink. You can still see the scaring if you look close. Took about 6 months till it was almost invisible. Until then it looks like scratches. I had the option of buying it, but it's better to find an artist who has it and knows how to use it.
QMarcesQ's avatar
What did the area look like immediately following getting the tattoo done?
and i cant find anywhere in Dallas that does uv ink so i have to purchase it myself and bring it to my artist lol.
puzzlerf's avatar
Looked like an artistic cat attacked my arm. It's visible, but most people will just assume you got your arm stuck in a rose bush or something. Doesn't look like a tattoo per-say. I actually live in Dallas myself, not really sure of a place that does them either.
QMarcesQ's avatar
Where did you get it done at if i can ask
puzzlerf's avatar
Lucky Draw Tattoo Near Atlanta GA. Guy didn't do too bad of a job, but also didn't do a great job. Make sure who ever does one does it under a black light.
QMarcesQ's avatar
i got a 48 inch tube i am bringing along. i dont think the shop i am going to has a light but i will bring my own lol. they are gonna do it for free if i bring the ink as they want to play around with uv ink
xxsasoriXdeidaraxx's avatar
hmmmm i was thinking in getting a UV tattoo does it where off?
LunaMoon9's avatar
That is unreal!!! I had no idea you could tattoos like that.
Nice one, great for people who have those shitty jobs that prohibit visible tattoos.
Bluskeyes's avatar
Hey, I was just curious, about how much does a UV tattoo that size cost?
xxsasoriXdeidaraxx's avatar
my friend got it and he said the same as any other tattoo and he said add he had to do was pay 10 more dollars
itp's avatar
LOL that's awesome!!
ofiesh's avatar
dude! what licenses do you need to do a tattoo like that?
And friggin awesome btw!
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