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So, Hey Ocean! came to town about three weeks ago, and I drew this picture with the hopes that I could get it signed by Ashleigh Ball.

Needless to say, I did, but I've been so distracted with school that I only just now got around to scanning it. Even now, I have homework I should be doing (due tomorrow) and a self-test to write (due thursday).

At any rate, I went with a small group of friends who were also hoping to meet Ashleigh, and we had the good fortune of running into her before the show actually started. Unfortunately, we couldn't actually stick around for the show itself, because, well, we're broke-ass college students and the cost of tickets was about a week's worth of lunch money.

As for the picture itself: It is canon -- firmly (and repeatedly) established in early season one episodes -- that Applejack loves eating tail.
I've never drawn AJ or RD before. I think they both turned out reasonably well, all things considered.

RD's mane is broken. The top of her forelock lines up roughly with the middle of her crest, which is megaderp. I honestly didn't even notice until after I scanned it.
Without the shading, it's hard to tell that her back wing is, in fact, her back wing. But hey, at least I remembered to draw it for once.
And her hind legs are stubby and uneven. I suck at proportions.

AJ turned out pretty well, though. Her head came out a little screwy, but large portions of it are obscured by RD's tail anyways, so I think it's within reason. Considering I haven't drawn a pony in five months, I think it looks reasonably good.

I bought some new, lighter pencils that should help with the rough sketching in the future, but so far I haven't had a chance to use them.
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At least you got her autograph, that's a nice drawing you did :iconrainbowdashblushplz: :iconapplejackblush: I'm going to see Hey Ocean! Tomorrow I hope Ashleigh Ball gets to sign my drawing. I also want the 2 Davids to sign my Hey Ocean! albums.

Rainbow Dash is disappointed lol.
Applejack is stopping her.