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Attack On Titan- Ida Wolf by putts45 Attack On Titan- Ida Wolf :iconputts45:putts45 0 0 Steven univers-Tanzanite by putts45 Steven univers-Tanzanite :iconputts45:putts45 2 0 Steven Universe-Coral by putts45 Steven Universe-Coral :iconputts45:putts45 0 0 Steven Univers-Cassiterite by putts45 Steven Univers-Cassiterite :iconputts45:putts45 0 0 Steven universe-Alabaster by putts45 Steven universe-Alabaster :iconputts45:putts45 0 0
Mature content
A Thousand Years(Preacher- Cassidy)chap 3 :iconputts45:putts45 0 0
Mature content
A Thousand Years(Preacher- Cassidy)-chap 2 :iconputts45:putts45 0 2
Mature content
A Thousand Years(Preacher- Cassidy)-Pilot :iconputts45:putts45 0 0
Do believe in love? Part 2
 "welcome to Dino drive guys" Sari says as we drive up to her "you wanna learn about earths history, this is the place" she says gesturing to the sign, Bulkhead drives up crushing a car under him "sorry" and hits all the others on his way to us saying "my bad, hey you can buff that out"
"sorry I'm late guys" he says driving up to us, the sound of vehicle horns and sirens going off behind us. "did I miss anything?"
"no" Bee says "I'd say you hit just about every car in the lot" he says as Sari climbs in his driver seat, I turn to Bulkhead "its okay big guy, its not your fault" I say as the dino head lifts up and the others drive in "thanks Widow" he say happily
"no problem"
Once we are in we stop at a part that has three long necked things, Sari's tutor bot starts talking as we transforme "as you will see many of the animals repcluated here are from the jurassic era, which means they are over 200 million years old"
"ha we've been around for over ten billion years" Rachet says cross
:iconputts45:putts45 0 0
Do believe in love? (Transformers animated Prowl)
I watch the four autobots and the bounty hunter drive up to the tower, just as the yellow one drives close hes flung back by a force field, a small squishy things is blown back and the Red, white and blue bot catches her. I hack into their coms and listen "what the spark was that?"
"a force field, when the towers under attack it goes into auto defenses mode" the little thing says "what a dumb design, if your dad's in trouble how are we suppose to get inside to save him?" I take a good look at the group I see big green and black bot with white stars on his shoulders and a red, white and blue one, an old red and white one, but the one that catches my optics is a slender bot with black, white and gold paint job and of course my 'sister' Karma her red body with black, white and silver highlights (shes easy to find shes slightly bigger than the american flag guy) "leave that to me" the old one says using some types of magnets to create a hole in the field big enough for the two little ones
:iconputts45:putts45 0 2
The new kid (her lucky 9 part 2)
Three years later
I roll over to the other side of the bed excepting to feel a 'warm' body their, but getting a face full of sheets. I look up and smile "well, well look at this view" I sit up and see my boyfriends naked backside (dam him he was his pants on) walking up behind him I rap my arms around his waist and kiss his neck. He leans back into it sighing, I start to kiss down his neck until I get to my second favorite place to bite (take a guess at the first) "Nat..." he mons, I cant help but smile, as a tease I barley break the skin. He growls "dam you" I smile and start to walk away, but he catches my wrists and pins me to the wall "your not going to get away that easy" he whispers hoarsely in my ear.
"I was hoping you would say that"
"god, I can't get enough of you Natalie" he sighs kissing my neck. I can feel my whole body shiver as he runs his fangs down my neck, he stops at where you would be able to feel my pulse (if I had one) Just as he opens his mouth his phone goes off
:iconputts45:putts45 1 0
Waking Up Nat (Her luck 9 part 1)
Dez's POV
"Nines look at her neck, this isn't her being dead," I yell across the apartment as Nines runs around in a panic. He is instantly at my side.
"No, no, no. This is so bad. That f***er did it didn't he?" He asked, already knowing the answer. Damsel runs outside to search for Jason and I cradle Nat in my arms.
"Hey, Nat. It's okay my darling. Come on wake up for me okay. Everything is okay and we are here to help you. I will tell you everything if you come to for me babe," I whisper quietly. Nines is still panicking, but soon stops and sits next to us while I continue to stay calm. Damsel comes in quietly and shakes her head, indicating Jason was nowhere near here. We all remain quiet and wait for the inevitable.
Nat's hand moves and we all gasps waiting to see what happens next. I know this is only the beginning and as I see her deep red eyes start to open, I start mentally preparing for the fight that will come next.
Nat's Pov
Everything is black and cold.. I can hear voices,
:iconputts45:putts45 0 0
Farrell Wine (Outsiders #1)
Walker and I are sitting in my house when we hear the ATV's drive by, he stands up and growls "calm down boy, its just the men going down the mountain" one stops outside and the rider nocks on my door, smiling I open the door knowing who it is. "well look at you" I shake my head
"don't you know better than to come to a lady's door at this hour Foster?"
he laughs "sorry, just wanted to see if you needed anything while we're down their?"
I sigh "Foster you know how I feel about the trips down the mountain..." I pause "but its a nice thought, no thank you" he nods, I grab his wrist he looks at me "be carful, all of you"
"we will. Don't worry, I don't plan on leaving my best friend alone" I feel my chest tighten (friend...)
"you better not" I fake a smile and watch him as he gets back on his ATV. Big Foster nods to me and smiles "ya'll be safe you hear me?!" I yell
"yes ma'am" he looks at the boys "lets go boys!" they all ride off.
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Rain Walker Shay
Her fa passed away from a heat attack, which left her in the care of her mother. When she was 16 it came to the Bren'ins attention she was and had been beating Rain, the Elders had her mother banished. Then G'Winveer's mother took her in and raised her. Rain also found a small black wolf pup and named him Walker he acts as her protector and guardian.  
:iconputts45:putts45 0 0
Her lucky 9 (update on Nat)
Natalie is a Malkavian, but her insanity doesn't have a strong grip on her. It did when she was given to the embrace but its diminished since meeting Nines Rodriguez. Natalie is a special case with Malkavian madness, her voices are different personality's. Sadness, Lust/Passion, Anger and just Nat. With him she has found peace, and happiness, she helps his group in taking down the Callerilia. She works at the Asylum with the daughters of Janis. Nines isn't to happy about it but he knows it makes her happy and lets her at least one of her personalities out. He also doesn't want her sitting at the last round all night, and try's to keep her out of the fighting as much as he can.
:iconputts45:putts45 0 0
Mature content
Are you kidding me?! (Crimson eyes part 9 Final) :iconputts45:putts45 0 0


It's your choice by Isbjorg It's your choice :iconisbjorg:Isbjorg 180 0 Bishop and Selene by Isbjorg Bishop and Selene :iconisbjorg:Isbjorg 218 11
Oblivion - 'A Single Nightshade' (Chap 1)
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Lucien Lachance & Anarine Valarus – "A Single Nightshade"
Life… can be a really funny thing. Sometimes, you think you know where it's going, but in reality, it's driving towards something else. Why? Because the Gods have it all planned out for us. They have it written in the stars, everything: our calling in life, the people we meet, the things we do… everything. If I had it my way, I would have changed so many things…
One, I would have had parents. Up until now, I don't even have the slightest clue who they are. Darna was the closest thing I had to family. After she passed on at an old age, who was there for me? No one. Nobody really knew me. Nobody really cared about me…
… But he did…
Two, my lifestyle. Murdering was… it was never meant to be a part of me. I just no choice when a bandit tried to rob me and force me against my will. Somehow… it left… good. I felt safer knowing that th
:iconextrememusic148:ExtremeMusic148 2 0
Gemsona - Amber by QueenEvelynRose Gemsona - Amber :iconqueenevelynrose:QueenEvelynRose 615 36
Body Language - Sherlock x Reader
“It isn’t a double date when one of the couples is married and the other isn’t a couple, Mary, this is what you call a set up.” You protested, following your friend out to her car. Mary didn’t mention that you were dressed to the nines anyway in the lacy red number you told her you were saving for the right one. She also didn’t mention that you wore stilettos, not flats.
“Oh, you’ll love him, [Name], he’s just like you. Sarcastic. Acidic. Cynical.” Mary said, shooting you a look. You chuckled and settled into your seat. For Mary, you would give this a chance.
“This is hardly necessary, John. I could find my own dates if I wanted them.” Sherlock insisted as John led him to the cab. John only sighed heavily and pushed Sherlock into his seat.
“You’ve proven to be interested in females, Sherlock, and in Mary’s friends. Just do this one night. If you don’
:iconkayoenfreer:kayoenfreer 1,040 63
Human [Sherlock x Reader]
He didn’t like it. Not one bit – that feeling he gets when his deep blue eyes meet your soft [e/c] ones. That annoying, wretched lightness in his stomach drives him mad. Just like you.
You’re not the most cunning of sorts, not at all. But it’s not like you’re stupid either. No, just average, or at most above average. Yet you try to blindly follow along with his “ramblings,” as you call them, about the newest cases. He knows you won’t ever understand nor be able to deduce the puzzles at crime scenes. But you ask anyway and yearn to learn from him, the man with a sharp tongue and no filter.
When you’re there, he can’t focus at all. Your presence encourages divergent thinking, something he rather despises. Your creativity and artistic nature distract him from his job. Yet how is it that, when you’re around, he’s able to solve cases more efficiently and in a quicker fashion?
He figured that he must
:iconlonelypeony:LonelyPeony 212 53
I Don't Like Her (Sherlock X Reader)
"Good morning Mr. Holmes" you greeted as he barged into Lestrade's office. He looked a bit startled by your presence, but responded. "Yes, morning (y/n)" with a monotone voice. Yet, he couldn't help but feel a light heat spread across his cheeks. Lestrade's noticing this and chuckled as you left to go make some copies. "What's so funny" Sherlock inquired eagerly, almost snapping. "Nothing... Lovebird" Lestrade joked.  
"Shut up. I don't know what your talking about" Sherlock glared at the man, whose chuckle was dying down. Lestrade, even without Sherlock's deduction powers noticed a faint gleam of confusion in his eyes. He stared at Sherlock dumbfounded, "You do realize you like her, right". 'Tsk' was Sherlocks initial reply, "I don't have the emotional capability to 'like' anyone".
Just as Lestrade was about to speak up again, you walked back into the room. "Here are the copies you asked for sir" you smiled warmly at him. As you went to go leave, to continue with your own work, y
:iconjcwhetalia:JCWHetalia 290 19
Thanks to you (Floki x Reader)
You loved him. Adored him, even. The boat builder, the trickster – the father of your niece. You loved that man since you had turned into a teenager. He was your best friend, the husband of your sister – he was insane – funny even. Floki was everything you had wished for when your sister told you she was getting married. Floki the man whom had build the boats of famous Ragnar – even those of Björn Ironside. Even when he did the unthinkable – even when he killed Athelstan while thinking it was the gods whom gave him the instructions. You were by his side – helping Helga as good as you could while Floki had been given his punishment. And then –
Angrboda died.
Ragnar died.
And your sister followed him soon after.
You had to watch while Floki turned from the funny man into a wreck. Had to watch when he turned his back to Kattegat to continue living in the forest – not far away from the village you called your home. It pained you –
:iconk4sies:K4sies 5 0
Loving an Angel- Kratos Aurion x Fem Reader
I took a deep breath of cold air, watching the snow fall. Flanoir really was gorgeous. My heart ached slightly though.
Ever since I started traveling with the Chosen's group to help regenerate the world, I'd grown very attached to the group. Especially one mercenary. He was tall, lethal, a little cold...but deep down he cared about the group. And I grew fond of him in return.
At least...that was what I had though before he betrayed us at the Tower of Salvation in Sylvarant. If only I had gotten to tell him how I felt...maybe...just maybe it would have changed things. Unlikely of course...that sort of...tie, is not one so easily broken.
I closed my eyes, remembering that last night at Hima.
“(y/n), may I have a word?”
I turned to see
:iconkumikoyenma:KumikoYenma 19 2
Natasha Cadash and Varric Tethras by Kelticmoon24 Natasha Cadash and Varric Tethras :iconkelticmoon24:Kelticmoon24 16 3
Her Prism Heart - Chapter 1: Bleeding Aurora
(A Sonic Fanfiction)
“She’s coming about, Vector.” Espio informed his superior.
“How long has she been unconscious?” Vector asked him.
“About twenty minutes.” Espio sighed. He gazed at the Chameleon he held in his arms. Her scales were colored sickly green and shadowy gray. The apprehensive Espio had no idea why but he felt the colors were important to her current state somehow. Normally, the calm and collected ninja would be less emotional during a situation like this, even if it involved a fallen shinobi but he rarely saw one of his own. Vector and Charmy both shared his anxiety.
“I-Is she going to be alright?” Charmy asked with fear in his voice.
“I’m not sure, Charmy.” For a moment, Espio scanned the female one last time before looking at his Crocodile friend with determination. “Vector, help me move her to our couch. She needs immediate care and we cannot afford to lose time.” Without question, the
:iconroseofthenight4444:RoseOfTheNight4444 4 64
Starfire and Raven by Dzydar Starfire and Raven :icondzydar:Dzydar 6,468 260 0o. Shadaria Wallpaper .o0 by PauliCat-24 0o. Shadaria Wallpaper .o0 :iconpaulicat-24:PauliCat-24 273 25 P.C 1/4 Oo. Shadow SA cosplay Riku .oO by PauliCat-24 P.C 1/4 Oo. Shadow SA cosplay Riku .oO :iconpaulicat-24:PauliCat-24 454 42 By AbsoluteDream Oo.Sonar .oO by PauliCat-24 By AbsoluteDream Oo.Sonar .oO :iconpaulicat-24:PauliCat-24 228 12
Espio X Reader
~Pancakes With a Side of Secrets~
    You close your book in satisfaction. You'd just finished reading the mystery novel you started who knows how long ago. You set the book down and look in the mirror. A beautiful (fav/c) (fav/a) appears as your reflection. You're wearing your favorite jeans and t-shirt.
    After making sure your (hair/c) hair had fallen just right, you head out the door and start journeying to the home of your favorite detective trio; Team Chaotix. After meeting that band of misfits, you've wanted to join their organization. But Vector, being the slightly overprotective father figure he was to you, he said no every time you ask. And you asked almost everyday.
    But not even the Croc's booming voice could drive you away. You enjoyed spending time with the Chaotix. You keep Charmy busy and quiet when Vector needs to get work done. And talking to Espio always made your day that much better. Actually, you have
:iconwerewolfsword:WereWolfSword 23 9



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this is closed go to wattpad to see anything new from me I will not be uploading anything on here anymore


So I saw the Black Panther movie and it was awesome
also if anyone wants to see any new stories go to my wattpad account here…
wow, it's been so long since I was on here. my computer wouldn't let me on so it's nice to be back
I want to maybe start an Avengers story about T'challa but I don't know what to do for the soulmate thing (if I even make that a thing in it) any ideas?
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