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Crystal Dragon

By PutridusCor
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I really think the Crystal Dragon should be the greatest of the Neutrals, I don't have idea how the Amethyst can look more wonderful, is just... amethyst.. xD
The Crystal is all the colors in one graceful body, reflecting, dancing throught the scales as the dragon moves...
Damn!.. I want them to exist! xD

More photoshop and 10 hours

Update: All five dragons available in coffee mugs! single or set of five!
Also posters :D
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I love your artwork! I've been working on converting the old gem dragons to D&D 5e. May I request to use your artwork to show how these dragons look? I will be sure to credit you on the homebrews.

I don't suppose you have a desire to add to the gem dragon list for obsidian? 

Let's also not forget their god, Sardior, the Ruby Dragon. :) (Smile)
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My soul is outside of my body....o.o....
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They'ra ALL beautiful. But personailtywise, the Crystal is my favorite because it seems to be the only damn frindly Gem Dragon. You do beautiful work; I wish like the hell the goddam pictures in the Monter Manual 2 didn't fucking suck.^^ Oh well!
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tamsinrjStudent General Artist
Oh my goodness, this is beautiful! <3 I love it! :D
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wapondHobbyist General Artist
Nice! Keep up the good work!  Definitely adding this one to Favorites! 
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If you where going off of the dnd crystal dragon you should have added the luminescence but otherwise t'is amazing.
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DiamondXLionHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing!!!
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best picture EVAR!
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KiunloStudent Digital Artist
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Sayuki-kunStudent Artist
Awesome dragon! I wish they existed too! XD
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you dragons are so elegant!! I love em!!
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Neko-FaustHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh my :o

I now have a clear image in my head of what the hell a Crystal Dragon's head is supposed to look like. I can't make heads or tails of it in the official art.

That said, this is really something. You should be proud of yourself.
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PutridusCorProfessional Digital Artist
Hahahah me neither. I dont want to speak ill of that artist, but i regret that he didnt follow the other to artist styles with those dragons.
I tried.. i failed xD but well, tried.. :P
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WOW great dragon, great work too ;)
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You should have mre faves here :)

It's adrable!
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BrassDragonHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh my GOSH! *spasms* That beast is just simply beautiful! I really really did not like the gem dragons in the MM, but this... At first I actually thought this was a picture from maybe the 4th edition MM or Draconomicon or such, even.
I'm trying to design my own gem dragons, but... Gah. This is just so brilliant that I don't think I have any other choice than copying it :p (Kidding though, so don't get scared... *smirk*)
Anyway, instant fave.
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OH man! This is definitely one of my favorites of yours. I love the colors and shine on the dragon. Great work!
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PutridusCorProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
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AerhalevProfessional General Artist
very nice work
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I've enjoyed all your dragons this far, but holy balls, this one takes the cake! This one radiates majesty.
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Holy Shit thats Insane....wouldnt want to be that guy
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