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Amethyst Dragon

By PutridusCor
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It's done!!!
The last one!!

No more dragons for a while.. I'm sick of them xD, I mean, I love them, but enough is enough xD

Update: All five dragons available in coffee mugs! single or set of five!
Also posters :D
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I love your artwork! I've been working on converting the old gem dragons to D&D 5e. May I request to use your artwork to show how these dragons look? I will be sure to credit you on the homebrews.

I don't suppose you have a desire to add to the gem dragon list for obsidian?

Let's also not forget their god, Sardior, the Ruby Dragon. :)
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this is beautiful!  Not gonna lie she looks like something you'd find while playing DnD!
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redambrosiaHobbyist General Artist
So pretty! and so much better looking than the one in the monster manual! lol!
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RedCastorPollux1138Hobbyist General Artist
lulz, I've been playing too much Final Fantasy, that looks like a mini-Fighter down there...
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allwaysuptonogood Photographer
That's so cool!
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Humm .... I think this is the best and biggest :P

If he could be two times bigger, he would be even better..... :D :D

I want to meet and make friends with a real dragon in the real world
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Aniseth-LightWing Digital Artist
This is really stunning! The whole thing is just beautiful. :icondragonwant:
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WindSeekerHobbyist Digital Artist
Ok, before I run off and feature you in my journal because you're an insanely good artist. Do you have any tips or tutorials on painting scales like these and on your other gem dragons? I /really/ love how they look and am trying to figure out how you do it as I'm working on a birthstone dragon calender, and I want to see if I can do something similar with the scales. Truly amazing work!.
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PutridusCorProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you for your comment, apologizes it took me soo long to answer.
Puff.. I wish I could tell you an easy and fast way to do it.. and no, sorry I dont have any tutorials.
I did each scale one by one.. well, I mean.. painted de body flat with general shadows and lights, and then to do the scales was just to add a small shadow, a hightlight (just the ones in the light) an a reflected light in the form of a point or a line, each.
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WindSeekerHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, all right then :) Thank you for the reply, as I truly do love your dragons!
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Whoa!!! Amazing, simply amazing!!!!
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Missing a Ruby Dragon lol.

Im a sucker for red dragons.
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Your Gem Dragons are very nice.
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Ember-EyesHobbyist General Artist
This. Is. GORGEOUS. End of story. The design is freakin' awesome.
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AarokHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful work :clap: !
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Awesome! Smooth and flawless as always :)
My birthstone is amethyst, I was kinda disappointed for awhile but have always had a strange love for the stone. Now however I have a piece of amethyst from thunder bay which has a titanium oxide infusion so the stone is blood red, it's sweet!
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You should make one more dragon, but with six wings, silver and black, with huge horns and make it 20 times bigger than all the others. :D
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PutridusCorProfessional Digital Artist
Mmmmmmm.... xDDD now that one would look amazing
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Lol class i love that type. And of course purple.
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Thats a big one ^^
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skettiyetiStudent Artist
This is truly amazing! I love all your dragon artwork, they're all beautiful!
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