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Ora Mulih v2.5 AIMP4 Skin

By putra05
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/* Features */

- All AIMP4 features
- Now Playing
- Playlist
- Media Library
- Visualization
- Equalizer
- Resizeable inline container
- Redraw Icon & Resource
- AIMP4 based IMG List
- True cover art background
- Blur background
- 3 Seekbar styles
- Merging Mini player with tray control
- New Horizontal Playlist Tab Style
- Add Option to en/dis Waveform animation
- And many more!

/* Details */

Version: AIMP v4.10 or newer
Form: All-in-One
Tone: Dark
Surface: Mat
Author: Rio Adi Saputra Aka putra05
Contact: just notes me or DM @_majorfifth
Skin Version: 2.5
Based On: AIMP SE v4.01, build 920
Status: Stable
Stable Release Date: May-12-2016
Last Updated: Dec-18-2016

/* Installation */

1. Download & Extract then double click "Ora Mulih v2.5.acs4" or drag into aimp player window.
2. Done.

/* Notes */
* Please disable Blur backgound if feels laggy

Additional screenshot fav.me/da29tg2
Aimp Page aimp.ru/index.php?do=catalog&a…

/* Change Log */ 
-Added quick search option (playlist, library and library tree)
-Fixed fullscreen at startup bug on certain condition
-Media Library: Fixed filterbox button
-Media Library: Fixed scrollbar
-Media Library: Fixed tab
-Added Media Library tab list
-Media Library: Fixed expand/collapse button
-Media Library: Fixed left margin
-Media Library: Fixed view mode button
-Media Library recoloring
-Playlist: Added file properties on sidebar (currently stretched mode only)
-Playlist: 3 sidebar style's (CoverArt/Simple Info/Detailed Info)
-Visualization: Added bottom toolbar
-Removing unnessesary files from previous version
-Minor Bugs fixed

*Revised: Media Library Thumbail

-AIMP v4.10 support
-New UI Interface settings
-Updated total value blur and opacity script
-Interface settings now displaying current %value
-Changed layout markup
-Removing unncessary files from previous version
-Fullscreen bug fixed
-Minor Bugs and buttons fixed

-Add Float Arrow
-Add DSP Manager Button (Click on Plugin Name)
-Fix Hold previous button for seek backward
-Fix Waveform Seekbar Hover

-Add play from begining by longpress Play button
-Fix active mute button
-Fix Font render
-Fix Japanese text & symbol on playlist
-Changed EQ Font
-Removing bad resource
-Reducing skin size by 154kb
-Update on AIMP SE 4.00.901

-Add context menu to enable/disable Wave animation
-Fix active repeat, repeat a-b, and suffle botton

-Stable Release
© 2016 - 2020 putra05
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nice gan

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I just installed this skin and WOAH!!!! It's ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Thank you so much you have created the most beautiful work of art! I LOVE IT and its the BEST!
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Great work! wait for aimp 4.51 update, thanks
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Bayushi-TaiHobbyist General Artist
Great skin, I'm using it at home and now is going to my job's PC too !!!
7979haidi's avatar
excellent skin.Thank you!
falanga's avatar
Awesome skin :thumbsup:

ovalseven's avatar
I love this skin and it's the only one I use. Nice work.

I just wish we could make the cover art bigger in the Now Playing window. There's a lot of empty space in there.
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Uki1995Hobbyist Interface Designer
Masterful. Thanks. I couldnt ask for a better skin.
wildergustein's avatar
Woooow is awesome, thank you! 
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Hi I've question how open mini player with tray control. I can't find it.
iiostef's avatar
@ Angie0589 right click on Interface--> Mini Player --> Card  (from default )
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Hi Rio Adi! I know you have been cancel white version of you skin! I really sorry to hear that... Homewer maybe you change you mind and make it in free time. Becouse you really good disigner and skin creator and it will be really awesome to see white skin from you!
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Awesome skin! Thank you for updating it! :D
putra05's avatar
putra05Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome :)
alexalex22's avatar
Good Job
Thank you

+ question:
possible to create plugin for AIMP3 a visualization oscilograma of the track ?
putra05's avatar
putra05Hobbyist General Artist
you can't create, but you can add more visualization
from official AIMP visualization plugin page 
if you familiar with c++ programing you can create your own visualization
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This skin is very beautiful and elegant! Can you add a mini spectrum display in notification toaster?
ken-much's avatar
Thank you for this excellent skin! 👌👍👏
Jucolog's avatar
Great work, thanks! Wait for aimp 4.1 update.
yarahavie's avatar
mantap pakde updatenya :d
putra05's avatar
putra05Hobbyist General Artist
ya syukurlah kalo bude suka sama updetannya :D
yarahavie's avatar
itu ada yg rikuest buat yg versi putihnya mas putra ,,, sampean asli ngendi ..
walah malah budeSmoking 
putra05's avatar
putra05Hobbyist General Artist
Yg putih baru jalan setengah, udah ga sempet ngerjain, pc ambyar ahahaha
Kulo aseli jogja budhe
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