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PMD: A World of Connection Chapter 2 Part 2 :iconputaindeplagieur:PutaindePlagieur 1 0
PMD : A World of Connection : Chapter 2 Part 1
For the habitants of the forest, it was rare to see something like this… but they didn’t seemed to give much attention anyway.
The scene switched at three shadow running, two little, and one massive, which seemed to carry a fourth shadow, apparently injured. They looked like they were running for their lives… and their conversation didn’t arranged anything.
« I really wish I still had my legs when I was younger ! » panted Frank, which seemed really tired because of his sprint.
« W-where are we going like this ? » almost screamed Alicia, who was just besides the young Riolu.
« Well, away from them, of course ! I don’t wanna get hit by a Psybeam, even I know that it’lll hurt ! »
« N-no, whut she meant wash-»
« PETER !!! How many times do I have to tell you to not eat when your mouth was full !? » yelled the old turtle at the injured Nuzleaf was eating Oran Berries that were in Alicia’s bag in orde
:iconputaindeplagieur:PutaindePlagieur 0 2
PMD : A World of Connection : Chapter 1 Part 3
It was a beautiful day outside. Birds were singing, flowers were glowing… The perfect weather for a picnic.
« Thank you again for helping me preparing the picnic, mister Peter ! »
« Nah, don’t sweet it, cheek ! I’m glad I can help ! After all, your gramps’s a friend of mine ! »
In a little forest sinking in the sun’s light, they were two Pokemons who had two little bags. They were walking, talking and laughing together. Apparently, they knew each other.
The first one was a little yellow mouse, which looked like a child. She had short yellow hair on her head, which was as the same color as the short arms, the short foots and the tail which ended like a heart. Two black spots could be seen at the end of her ears and her tail, and her blue eyes were one of the most beautiful any man could see. She had two red little spots on her check, but it was like a yellow line was cutting the cheeks in two on each. On her back was three brown lines wh
:iconputaindeplagieur:PutaindePlagieur 1 2
Mature content
PMD : A World of Connection : Chapter 1 Part 2 :iconputaindeplagieur:PutaindePlagieur 1 0
Mature content
PMD : A World of Connection : Chapter 1 Part 1 :iconputaindeplagieur:PutaindePlagieur 2 11


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What's up Deviantart?! It's me, your Fucking Copycat (or Pupla, as your wish), and today-

What?! When will I publish my next chapter, you say? Don't wrry, I'm still doing it, but I was just busy for a while. Now... CHECK THIS OUT!!! :


Three new Pokemon appeared next to the baby koala and the rocky-dog : the typical bird who evolves two times (here, a woodpecker), a mangooze which eat everything, and our little baby bug who's gonna end like Butterfree or something like this (I hope it will not be ugly). But the most important surprise was the new mode battle... Oooh man, I know so many people who are gonna stab themselves in the back in this mode! XD

Now, I haven't seen the Threehouse Event yet, but I'm sure I'm gonna love it. By the way, the french name of the bird is...Picassaut (Picasso... oh my god XD)

So, what do you guys think?


It means "Fucking Copycat" in French...Need I say more at this point ?


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