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Hello, guys.

Wanted to try something new. My first attempt in editing video. Wanted to mashup Pacific rim and Legend of Korra. To make one awesome trailer.

Trailer mashup - Pacific Korra (Pacific Rim X Legend of Korra)

Tell me what you think. Should I make more like that?
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Haven't done this in a while. Haven't post art for almost a year. I just got caught up  with life/ work/ personal stuff/ my dad diagnosed with cancer. SOO stuff happened.

But I want to be active on DA again.

And I decided to begin with some sort of Q&A and the first question is for you - Is there anyone who still watches me? So we will know.

About myself - for new watchers or old one who forgot who I am. 
I am a designer from Russia. I like drawing stuff in 3d that means something. Love movies, games, tv-shows.

As I can see Russia is one hot topic now. So if you want to know something about Evil Russian empire, Putin, bears on the streets and all that political stuff, fire away - ask anything, I will answer and tell you my honest opinion direct from Russia with love.

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Hello, friends.

There is one awesome site called Great site, amazing art. But you need an invite to post works and comments there.

So, I wanted to ask is there anyone who would be so kind to give me an invite to this site. I will be nice and will post some cool stuff there. - that's me, if you are interested :)
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mm... ok, more room for the cool characters.
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I made an account on…
I will sell my best works there. You can buy t-shirts, iphone cases, prints, pillows and whole bunch of stuff.
There are not many works now, but I'm working on it. I'm redrawing and remaking my work, so they look better there :)

Tell me which work you wanna see available and I will put it as soon as possible.

If you use this link… you will get a free shipping for my stuff, but be quick  - offer expires March 17, 2013 at Midnight Pacific Time.
Go look, like and watch me there. AND buy something - that will be greatly appreciated.
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Winter again. I feel like a character from "Game of Thrones". Winter came and i'm sick again... don't remember when I was not sick.
Fuck winter, damn.
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Hello, everyone.

Just noticed that DA had changed how gallery looks like. Now you can view it like a "wall of pictures"…

That looks great!
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Started my tumblr account

I will post my works there, my thoughts, my rants, stuff that I like (music, pics, fav quotes from films). So go and like, reblog, subscribe :)

I'm totally new to this thing, so if you have some useful advise for a newbie like me please tell.
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Hello, boys and girls.
I want to recommend you one awesome new photographer on deviantart :iconkirgincev:


Show him some love.
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My friend started a deviantart account. He makes photos... not professionally, but still worth to take a look.

Look, fave, comment watch if you like it.
Manhattan panaram by bazzii China town. NYC by bazzii Skyscrapers by bazzii Central Park by bazzii seagull by bazzii
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People who don't give a shit often keep this shit to themselves.

I'm sure I heard this quote somewhere.
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Hello, boys and girls.

I'm not much of a journal person, but this time I wanted to share my opinion with you.
I want to talk about some recent events in the world - particularly in movie industry (coz I'm a crazy moviemaniac).

You probably know about recent tragedy on The dark knight rises screening. And there is a movie you may know nothing about - "Gangster squad". It's about Los Angeles police battled the Mafia in the 1940s and '50s, had been set for release Sept. 7 and has a key sequence featuring a mobster shoot-out at Grauman's Chinese Theater.

SO "Warner Bros. is moving the release of Gangster Squad to Jan. 11, postponing it from its scheduled Sept. 7 release date in order to accomodate reshoots because of a scene of a movie theater shoot-out in the completed film that became problematic in the wake of the Aurora, Colo. massacre".

What the fuck?! Why this scene became problematic in no time? I know people died and that's sad, but that happens all the time and in much greater numbers.
Lets think. Yesterday there was an accident, 15 people died in a car crash (it happens all the time as we speak, I'm sure the somebody died in the car crush wile you were reading this) - then we should ban all the movies with a car crush or somebody will see the resemblance?

One more movie "Step up 4" - it's a dance movie, family friendly.
And I quote "The sequence in Step Up Revolution involves a group of dancers who -- wearing gas masks -- infiltrate a corporate party wearing gas masks and carrying smoke cannisters".
You see where it's going? :facepalm: BAN, CUT, punish everybody who did such a horrible horrible scene!

WHY, why did world become so pussyfied. Everybody are soooooo sensitive, everybody needs everything to be soft and nice. World isn't nice.

Tell me what you think about this problem and tell if you want to see more of these rants in my journals or should just draw something nice.
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You may have seen my new series "words can hurt"

Mature Content

Words can hurt by Pushok-12

Mature Content

Words can hurt 2 by Pushok-12

Mature Content

Words can hurt 3 by Pushok-12

You can suggest any word you want and I may draw it. So tell me what you want to see.
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I passed the line of 100 000 pageviews on deviantart.

So I wanted to say thank you guys, boys and girls, all my watchers. Thank you for watching, commenting, faving. Special thanks for my fans who fav almost all of my works - you guys make me wanna post works here again and again.
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The earth is fine and it doesn't need saving.

Listen to George Carlin on this matter…
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Sunday is coming. This time you can suggest any theme you want for my wallpaper.

What do you want to see? Color? Shape?

You decide.

Previous entries

Liquid by Pushok-12 Circles by Pushok-12 Cluster by Pushok-12 Layers by Pushok-12 Mainframe by Pushok-12 Android hustle by Pushok-12 Gift fall by Pushok-12
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I decided to to make a regular series. Every Sunday I will post abstract wallpaper. I will try some new technics, ideas.

Tell me what do you think about this idea.

First of my regular (I hope) abstract Sunday series.

Mainframe by Pushok-12

Here is a music made by my good friend and I want to share it with you…

Listen to it, share it, love it. Hope you like it.
My friends are trying to convince me to create a twitter for myself, and I honestly can't find any reason to have an account on twitter.

So the question is:

Do you have your own twitter account? Why? What do you read/write there?

And do I need to make a twitter account to... maybe... share something with you guys?