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Electric Elle Bishop

If you watch me you probably know that I'm totally obsessed with Kristen Bell (after I saw the best TV-series of all time - Veronica MARS) and I love her role in "Heroes"

This work is based on a screencap from episode 9 (season 3).
All most a copy with some changes to make Elle look even more bad-ass than she already is - Edited light, face, hair, t-shirt, added some glare.

You can download bigger version


And please say if you like it...or not...need your comments :)
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This is very dynamic- Elle's expression is vicious and perfect. Your digital art skills are impressive.
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awesome !!! <3 kristen
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Fancy shit!
I thought it would be a photo till I saw the category!!
And the effect is just ultra! :#1:
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thank you

But can you tell me - why there is so much attention to this piece? Is there was a feature somewhere or some thing else? How did you find it?
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Well I don't have a clue to be exact!
But I can tell you that I found it through the favorites of a guy who favorited stuff from me and I wanted to check if he would have stuff in his favorites that is similar to my style you know?
But it wasn't featured or something :shrug:
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Amazing, great job!
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This is crazy good!
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Oh Elle, how much we miss you =(.
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The color of the electricity is very vibrant and eye catching. You've done a wonderful job with the detail.

Elle Bishop is one of my favorite characters. Spectacular job!

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Awesome! I wish they'd bring Elle back, she was the best! <3
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Being a huge fan of Heroes, I am in complete awe at your amazing art capabilities.
May I ask, which program do you use for your 3D arts?
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it's perfect! love Kristen Bell and Elle :) also love your use of light and shading. spectacular work :D
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Kristen Bell. . .oh gawd.
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I love it. She is one of my favorite characters from the show. Where were you able to find such a high resolution picture that you used to do this?
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hm, It's kinda the whole point - I did find a high resolution, and redraw it from small screenshot with some changes.
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I think you misunderstood me. I've been looking for high resolutions of her and haven't been able to find any. I was wondering where you were able to get the original from.
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