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I really want this for an iPhone case, I have loved this piece since I first came across it. I have wanted to have it on something that I could look at everyday and show to people, be like "This is me, this is how I feel!!"
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Thanks for this comment.
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Really striking, very cool work!
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great image! congrats!!!

thanks for visiting my gallery [link]
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Creative! I love it! <3
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Absolutely stunning. I love these kind of more philosophical images, and your skill portraying your message is admirable.

I love and recognise myself in this sort of situation; when your imagination gets so out of hand that you feel like your head is going to explode from all the ideas. The simplicity is refreshing, and the contrast between the painted look of the lines and the smoothness of everything else is beautiful.

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its great works
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That's so cool!
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that is incredible... good stuff!
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Cool! Definitely eye catching ;)
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This caught my eye, its an exciting image. Love it.
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This is great, very deep...makes me think of all the things i worry and stuff about....ouch....
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To much knowledge for one brain...
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lol, this piece needs a critique, its simple, nice
and has a deep meaning.
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I loved the idea............ but why the guy is looking like he is having a head-ache
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He's not having fun! Colorful thoughts are not supposed to give him headache!!!
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Anyone remember the short film on Ryan Larkin?
That's what this reminds me of.
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Simple and amazing!!!
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WOW! Love the colors!
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Can't understand that pic... is that person is loosing his creative ideas & mind or that person is releasing them & showing to others???
Cracks on the skull show pain , but still I can't understand this pic,,, yea inspite of all this complex & blah blah things I like this image , may be beacause it is colourful & beautiful....
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