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Mini Mushroom Stretchmo by Dave-Sledge-Bro
Super Mario 64 Stretchmo Courses by MetaKnuckles
GenesisMaster's Pushmos - Genesis by GenesisMasterDA
SSB4 Mallo Website Button by GenesisMasterDA
All Stretchmo
Phat Beet Stretchmo by Dave-Sledge-Bro
Lady Palutena Stretchmo by Dave-Sledge-Bro
Fume-Shroom Stretchmo by Dave-Sledge-Bro
Female Villager Stretchmo by Dave-Sledge-Bro
Game Sprite Pushmos
Yoshi's Island Pushmo Codes by K-S-O
GS LIT Hero Pushmo Card by thenardsofdoom
Carrie Pushmo Card by thenardsofdoom
Shantae Bikini Pushmo Card by thenardsofdoom
General fanart Pushmos
Mihoshi Pushmo Card by thenardsofdoom
Sasami Pushmo Card by thenardsofdoom
Ayeka Pushmo Card by thenardsofdoom
Ryo-ohki Pushmo Card by thenardsofdoom
Abstract puzzle Pushmos
Random Pushmo Puzzle by phenolphthalei2
Pushmo QR: Random Construct by unicron8
Game Pushmos non-sprite
Jojora Pushmo by Dave-Sledge-Bro
Mega Mushroom Pushmo by Dave-Sledge-Bro
Luma Pushmo by Dave-Sledge-Bro
Valentine Pushmo Card by thenardsofdoom
Object and Character Pushmos
Pushmo - TOKI TORI by RothSothy
Pushmo Puzzle: Dude The Bear by Arbok-X
Pullblox Gameboy by Nintendog33
Pullblox SNES Pad by Nintendog33
Other Pushmos
Ladder Blox by SpeedyDVV
Ode to Pullblox :-) by Nintendog33
My First Pullblox! by Nintendog33

Mature Content

Pullblox Da Head Shot by Nintendog33
Pushmo World exclusives
Game related Crashmo
Crashmo - Toki Tori 2 by RothSothy
Princess Shokora by thenardsofdoom
Save Mermaid Crashmo Card by thenardsofdoom
S:RR Risky Boots Crashmo Card by thenardsofdoom
Object and Character Crashmo
Fallblox/Crashmo: Latias by TGiuseppe94
Anime Manga Cartoon Crashmo
Tenchi Crashmo Card by thenardsofdoom
Other Crashmo
Fanart of Pushmo Crashmo
Imaturity II by Dave-Sledge-Bro
Animal Crossing QRs
Freakyforms QRs
Freakyforms QR Code: Taizo by GeminateArts
Mii QRs
QRMii Card: Bayonetta by Xero-J
Colors 3D pics
No Rest For The Virtuous :Colors 3D: by Xero-J
We now have a folder for all Stretchmo (EU: Fullblox) puzzles for the (new) 3DS game!

No special/divided folders since I am not expecting that many contributions.
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Rules & What is Pushmo/Crashmo? How to upload puzzles?

1. Pushmo-Pullblox is for sharing puzzles created on the 3DS game Pushmo/Pullblox, Crashmo/Fallblox and WiiU game Pushmo/Pullblox World! Also fanart of the games are welcome (in it's own folder). Join if you like the games!
2. Please do not submit non-releated work.
3. Please put you puzzles (and fanart) into the right folder!
4. You may submit one puzzle/week to featured! Only put you very best puzzles into featured! : ) No Freakyforms and Miis in Featured!
5. No mature and fetish (vore etc.) content, thank you!

What is Pushmo/Pullblox?
Pushmo, as it is called in the US, or Pullblox, as it is called in Europe, is a game for the 3DS. It can be downloaded in the e-shop for $7, 6€ or £5,99.
Pushmo is a puzzle/platformer, where you pull out blocks and push them back to get to the goal. It is a simple yet addictive game, and every puzzle is its own experience! The game features over 250 puzzles to play, but it also has a level editor, where you can make your own Pushmos/Pullblox. This group's primary goal is to make it easier to share your Pushmo/Pullblox with other players and of course find new puzzles to play!

Pushmo/Pullblox has been praised by critics and gamers alike, and it has been called the e-shops "killer-app" and first "must-get", so if you own a 3DS, you had better get it!

Pushmo/Pullblox puzzles and the game itself will be called Pushmo in the gallery folders etc., since the majority of deviants are from the US.

Easiest way to upload puzzles!

On deviantART:
Once you have saved your puzzle and taken a picture of it, close the game and open the 3DS Internet Browser. Upload it on deviantART just as you upload anything else usually. So easy!


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artistguy28 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015
Only 2 abstract puzzle pushmos here???

I do not understand where all the creative efforts are?   I have done many in the past several months.

Those are great fun to create.   :o)
artistguy28 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015
Well, I tried again with my 3DS to submit a Pushmo design.   I was able to click on the SUBMIT but then the screen failed and I got "Terminated Script Execution".   After several tries I always get the same thing on my 3DS internet program.

On my Mac, which I am using now, I can easlly get the screen to work, BUT all my designs are on the 3DS, so I cannot upload them with my Mac.

I wonder how to transfer my 3DS files to the Mac?

Unless the 3DS will allow me to correctly upload, I cannot share my great puzzles with everybody.

Who is Mr. Flyfful?  Maybe he is part of management here.  I wish he could help with my dilemma.
artistguy28 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2015
Strange that this Pushmo game is available to many new players (like me) and yet not much fan activity here.  I am new and ready to submit good designs.   This game is great for creative efforts.  Btw, I still see no easy way to upload here.  I wonder how to do that?
Dave-Sledge-Bro Featured By Owner Aug 3, 2015
Everyone who would've posted uploaded their creations here already done so on Miiverse.
Dave-Sledge-Bro Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2015
There's gotta be a way to boost activity in this group.  Miiverse isn't such a good place to find Stretchmo/Crashmo levels since the redesign.
Zachary-Swift Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2015  Student General Artist
Is this place still active? We should add the newest game stretchmo
Flyffel Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015  Student
Thank you, added!
Dave-Sledge-Bro Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2015
I won't allow me to submit anything to it.
Flyffel Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2015  Student
Thank you very much, I fixed it! Please try again!
Dave-Sledge-Bro Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2015
I didn't make these, but I feel as if you should have a look at them anyway:…
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