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Heelllooo everyone!

Due to the number of requests I've been getting, I'll be open for commissions and only a certain number at a given time due to my schedule.

If you're interested, by all means stop by my page as I have the commission guidelines laid out underneath the journal.

Love to hear more commission requests you guys have and if you have any further questions feel free to private message me.!!! Please only serious patrons and I do not do art trades.

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Ahhh neglect, how you creep up on me sometimes. NEVER THE LESS!

I'm still alive, but no worries will get back on the horse and put out some more stuff soon :-)

Hope everyone is awesome!
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Hope everyone has had enough of holiday goodness!!!

I would like to thank everybody and to all my fans for all the support over these past years! You make this all possible!

There hasn't been any posts or updates because of a few things:

Freelance has been holding me down from personal work, but I've also been traveling quite a bit between my apartment (Atlanta) and my home (Miami). My pops is really old and about a year ago, had a reeeally bad fall that almost killed him and left him permanently bed ridden ever since. Also because of his age he's very blind and deaf. He pretty much can't do anything by himself so I try my best to take care of him. Between the freelance and the constant back and forth, life had been quite inconsistent and hectic to a point where it's hard to settle down enough to concentrate. But we all have to steer our dinghies in our storms as best we can. So I really do appreciate all of you who were patiently waiting, I don't deserve followers like you cause there are waaaay more talented people out there in DA :-)

However, I have a black book of ideas with tons of original content, fan art ideas, crossovers, plans, give aways, ect. This year I'm putting out much more work and expanding to other social media. I will try to post more regularly and as often as I can.

As a side note, I still can't believe I regularly get cosplay submissions for the Disney/Star War stuff. I figured they would just trend out in a few months after posting but they still somehow find their way around them interwebs. I'll post some of the best ones in future journals!

Most importantly, I will be doing COMMISSIONS! I'll be putting out a pricing chart soon and once that happens, slots will be open. I'm thinking about 5. So keep an eye out!

I couldn't ask for better people :D
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In the past few months since it's been convention season, I've had a number of people send me pics cosplaying as some of the Disney princesses from my gallery. Words cannot describe how flattering it is to see people inspired to invest time to dress up as something you drew, so thanks so much for all the photo submissions this year! Since I'm from Atlanta, our big convention here is Dragon Con so I have to give a quick shout out to fellow Deviant manderbeez! She sent me these pictures because her and her friends were inspired by my illustration series and each did their own mash-up for Dragon Con this year. They look awesome! Personally, I'm more scared of their Sith Snow White more than I am of my own :-O 

Hey everybody!

Thank you so very much for all the kind words, comments and support, I cannot begin to tell you how awesome you guys are!!! I wish I could buy everybody cake!!!

I've been taking it easy and not killing myself over work and everything else as much, so I'm gonna start easing in more posts and try and dish out more Disney/Star War cross overs too!

Again, none of this would be possible without you people, thank you so much :-)
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I normally don't do this but since I appreciate you guys out there for the support you've given I feel like I need to. I haven't posted anything or at least as much as I'd like to just due to dark times lately, I don't like being this transparent on social media but it's just what's been going on. Too many things have been beating me down and I've just been taking a step back from life. It really stinks to go through these dreadful periods  because your pencil feels as if it's lead and your thoughts are like a tv that plays nothing but old school static on every channel. I hate it because I can't create as much as I'd like to due to the fact that I'm too busy fighting giants in my way. You never know how long they'll last whether days, weeks, or even months. So please be patient if things here seems to slow down, but I haven' forgotten about you all which is why I'm doing this, there are lots of wonderful things on the horizon. I you send messages I'll try and respond. So hang tight, I just need some time.

Thanks everybody :-)
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I just wanted to thank all you guys out there for giving my DA account some love these past few months! You guys have been really great about all the comments, crits, favs, and llamas. Especially to those who you regularly visit and message, you know who you guys are :-) Thanks for sending me all those links to where you have found them posted, it is quite overwhelming to know how far they have traveled across the internet in more places that I could count. Even spotting them in one of my favorite sites Geekologie!!! ^_^ I actually didn't know how viral they had got till my art director at work told me about it, haha. Shows how much I pay attention to social media. It's also great when you guys see people trying to make a dishonest buck by boosting my work from here, thanks for your honesty in letting me know about those crooks.

However, I am thoroughly amused with the hateful comments in other blogs and even Facebook. They are far and few but when I do see them, they crack me up. I guess with the nature of the content you will either get excited, or want to throw them in a pyre. There will always be negative nancys in any endeavor no matter what you do to discourage, but that doesn't mean you can't have a good laugh at them. And besides, they are too much fun to do!

I think I'll do another one or a few, get back to some original content which I'm beginning to miss, and do some more. I was originally gonna stop after the first one but people wanted more so the rest are really made in part just for you guys.

Keep doing what you do and stay awesome!
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Hey everybody!

Just wanted to let everybody know since a lot people have been asking, I'm currently cranking out more of the Disney/Star War crossovers, but it's slowed down just a little due to work here at the studio. I've been working on three of them simultaneously, bouncing around them, but they will be posted very soon. So just hang tight everybody they will be out there!

And for some shameless self promotion, I found them posted on!…

Thanks again everybody for being supportive :-)
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I wanted to thank everybody that stopped by for my recent Disney/Star War crossover post a few days ago. I was not expecting that post to get so much attention and it was very, very surprising. What was even more shocking was the Daily Deviation which left me kinda speechless.

The most common question that my message box has been flooded with is," Am I making more?"

The answer is ...YES!

I was going to move on to different projects despite having other crossover ideas. So due to demand, I'm currently working on the next one and there will hopefully be a few more.

So thanks for all the favs, watches, comments, llamas, and compliments!!! Stay frosty!
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Hey Everybody!

Just wanted to tell everyone, thanks for all your support throughout the entire year on DA!!!  

I hope you're all enjoying some good QT with the family over the holidays, eating killer food, and getting stuff you like. From time to time, I still get those, "What am I going to do with this neon purple ceramic penguin toothbush holder" gifts.(I actually got one of those one year ... simply horrendous.) I hope the gifts this year are a little less crappy and I might get one of those blankets with sleeves ... oh boy ...

Merry Christmas!
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Just curious, how many of you out there are Metal Gear fans?

I couldn't think of what to draw for the month of September when I coincidentally found out that the first Metal Gear Solid came out September 3, 1998. Also since the new Metal Gear Revengence comes out by Q1 2013 it would be good stuff to work with since the series is back in the spotlight. So I've been working at a bunch of Metal Gear stuff lately, so look out!

I always love hearing from you guys out there in the community, sssooo question time:

1) Which was your favorite Metal Gear of all time or you played the most?

2) If you had to keep just one Metal Gear character and rid the rest, who would that be for you?

3) What moment in any Gear captivated your attention?

Love to hear your responses, and always, stay tuned!
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I'm probably the billionth person saying this but ... Dark Knight Rises is awesome! I loved every minute of it! Considering that typically with trilogy franchises, the third film quite often can be very weak. I think a lot of the creative juices that's used to begin most franchises get zapped at the end of the third film, and those that are daring enough to go for a fourth installment are usually so bad you're looking at it in the rear view mirror. Nolan generally has done a spectacular job  resurrecting the Batman franchise from the grave that Joel Schumacher put it in (i.e. Batman Forever and Batman & Robin are simply unforgivable sins). The energy that Christopher used to bring this third movie hasn't lost any steam since Begins. Everything from the commanding presence of a politically charged Bane, a Catwoman were the cat motif hasn't beaten over the head with and the very poignant performances of the very talented Michael Kane bring the whole trilogy to a spectacular end. Sometimes I admit it was difficult to understand Bane's Vader voice but most of the time I just couldn't believe that it was Tom Harding that was under that hulking exterior. The movie was UH-MAZ-ING!!!
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I'd like to thank all of you guys who have been following my stuff, it's been a great encouragement to me! And now for the question: I got a new iMac and I can't figure out whether it or my Wacom Cintiqu has the proper color calibration I'd want to be painting at. The colors I want are proper on the Wacom but when I drag it to my Mac screen the colors shift. So I want you guys to take a look at me recent post (the fluorescent mermaid) and tell me if the colors seem funny to you because they do to me on my screen. Leave comments and there's more to come!
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I threw up some new work up on the gallery lately and more stuff will be coming in. Most of it has been superhero stuff (I love me some Marvel ;-))but I'm gonna put more original content up. I feel when I do too much fan art I don't give my inner creativity to flex it's muscles with original ideas. It's also been awhile too since I've really poured out several hours on a single focused illustration which is what I really like doing! But hang on tight,more stuff soon!!!
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My question for everybody out there is (drum roll) . . .  


I always get so torn about which one to do, so I figured I'd ask you guys. Whatever seems to be a reoccurring popular request will be committed to stone and wind up in my gallery based on what YOU say!

Soooooooo, please leave suggestions in the comments, and leave the rest to me! :-)
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