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Nativity of Christ

By pushfighter
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This was an illustration I did during Christmas time to show the reason for the season, Jesus!!!
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looks like a promotional pic for an animated jesus film by disney! but you should've made their clothes a duller colour(look at the outfits in the passion of the christ) and mary's head should be covered.
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The Holy Family: Baby Jesus, Virgin Mother Mary and Blessed Saint Joseph, her Spouse!

A very nicely done Nativity image you have here! Great point of view and angle! Great character designs and use of colors! Nice touch with the shining star! Clap Nod +fav 
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Thanks my brother, my Christ richly bless your life :-)
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Amen, Brother.
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Thanks so much my man :-)
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So cute. Beautifully done! :3
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Amen! Awesome work! =D Love the personal touches in this piece. It feels very warm and approachable, there's nothing stiff about it at all. I'm reminded of quality animated works like Disney when I see this. It's a wonderful expression of His love. 

I've been looking for Christmas artwork to showcase on my profile and then I found this. Perfect! I hope you don't mind, I'll make sure to credit you properly as needed. Merry Christmas! =D
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Thanks so much for your adulation :-) And yes, He's definitely the reason for the season!
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He sure is. =D You're welcome! 
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So gorgeous! You did such a lovely job showcasing the true reason for Christmas. ^.^
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I love this art of yours. May I pls use it on my Bible project that I'm just starting up now?
Keep up the good work.
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Thanks :-) Yeah you can go ahead and use it!
I love it! This should be a Christmas Card. I wonder though, wouldn't the eyes have been darker? I don't know, just wondering.

Really like the picture, keeping the focus on Jesus during the Christmas period...Joseph looks like Moses from Prince of Egypt.
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I'm glad you really like it :-) That's what Christmas is all about! Truthfully when I was working on it I had just got done watching that movie =)
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Love it! So many people forget that Jesus Christ is the reason for the season. I get so upset when I see "x mass" advertisements. You can't take Christ out of Christmas.
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Yeah I know what you mean, it's frustating to see that and it just gets worse over time. But I actually learned lately that the "X" comes from the greek spelling of Christ because the the first letter in his name. So once I knew that it's not so bad, but you're totally spot on about keeping it there. The only phrase that really bugs me more that is replacing "Merry Christmas" is "Happy Holidays." 
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So sweet !! :3
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