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Carbonite frozen Aurora

So here's the 6th installment of my series! Hope you guys like! I felt the carbonite treatment was appropriate for our favorite Disney narcoleptic. This one was a tough one to work out because the costume worked more like a background than an outfit but I think I'm happy with it :-)

Prince Philip: "I love you ..."

Aurora: " I know."

(For all you geeks that get that reference, haha)

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Nice, you should try one for Snow White.

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As a huge Star Wars fan, and father of a little girl that loves the Princesses, I love this series. Overall, I think this is an excellent execution, and really captures the "freezing" scene.

However, there are a few tweaks that could be made. First, the hands seem to be on top of the carbonite, instead of in it. If the hands were partially submerged, that would help. Second, I think the carbonite could do with some textures. Finally, as opposed to Aurora keeping the coloring of her hair and skin, it might have been interesting to see her actually encased in the carbonite, Almost like a half carved statue.

All that said, still, a fantastic piece. Keep up the great work, and I hope you continue this series.
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The idea is great. i Like the pose and the light. the smoke effect is great too. I guess the only thing is kinda hurt, is the pink color. is that metal, right?, so you should try to make the color more "metalic". I remember when i saw the movie, one of the thing makes me feel bad about Han, was that tomb made of liquid metal. In the movie that thing looks fine, because you can understand that was the idea, a metalic tomb. So here, besides everyone already saw the movie, i guess for your art, try to put some metalic color.

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I've got this idea cookin' up where Aurora finds herself in the Star Wars-verse, and she takes up a job as a bounty hunter. She doesn't let anyone know she's a princess, though, using the assumed name "Ara Akuni". I'm also thinking of including a new love interest for her that makes her question whether or not she wants to return home, but yeah, still a bit of work to do.
I love it! Except...what is up with her left pinky?!?!
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Wow, I'm very impressed by this, nicely done!

Invader Johnny Signing Off.
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get's the job done better than magic I suppose.
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Poor Aurora Waaaah! But I love your drawing Heart 
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I must rescue her!
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I'm sorry my man, I'm afraid she's gone ... haha
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Scifi or disney? WHY NOT BOTH!
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What a wonderful idea! I love how Disney's acquisition of LucasArts has led to such amazing crossover fanart.
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Looks like a sexdoll!
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Beautifully heart breaking 
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 At the risk of sounding too critical, because I know you colored Aurora to make her more recognizable: when someone is encased in carbonite, I don't think there is any instance when any of the victim's (with the exception for Anakin Skywalker, Ashoka Tano, and a few clones who smuggled themselves on to a high-security Confederacy detention facility) color shows. Not their clothes, and not their skin. I think this is because the carbonite completely covers them during the freezing process.

 And for a story idea, I actually have the idea of the evil witch being a Sith (why not, they are the same things), who freezes Aurora as part of a trap to lure young Jedi Knight Phillip (I think he naturally even had a sword, not that I remember, since I haven't watched Sleeping Beauty since like, forever).
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Funny with the sleep joke.

If she's Solo, who's the wookie? I know! Kenai from Brother Bear!!!
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I would like to see a companion piece with a Jedi Prince Phillip with help from Merryweather, Flora, and Fauna.
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Yeah... I could live with seeing a few more like this
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Prince Charming: "I love you."
Aurora: "I know."
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omg... like the ideas cross over so well. this is not your average "dress one character like another" cross over. these are amazing.
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