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Bounty hunter Mulan

I thought the whole Leia/Boushh thing from Retun was appropriate for Mulan's deal with her duality in service to China. I have much more to say about this piece so if you want to hear more of my boring rants on this, just visit my blog [link]

Hope you guys like this one :-)

(c) pushfighter - Ralph Sevelius

Mulan is a property of Walt Disney Studios.

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Great Job pushfighter! I love the expression on her face. It makes it look like she is more than ever now that she is a bounty hunter. In addition, she is pretty clear but it looks a little hazy. I still like how you put a faint glow around her outline. Very well done. Originality is flawless! You took a Chinese legend and made her look even tougher than she already is. Your coloring technique is also something I believe makes her stand out. The color red contrasts against Mulan's green uniform which makes her stand out even more! Your shading is unbelievably well done too. Your art is very action packed colorful.
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My kind of scum.
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Very good artwork. I could see that tie in with this artwork Slave Princess Jasmine

Mulan after making a lot of money on a job, buys Jasmine who's being sold at a slave auction and tells her "Your coming home with me slave!"
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She is like Rei xD
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She looks soooooooooo AMAZING!!!! XD

Seriously dude, she looks so Beautiful. :D
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Excellent! Now I wonder what General Li Shang would look like wearing the Sith Empire's Army Officer's uniform.
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Can you do Live action one of Cinderella as Rey, and Pocahontas as Leia?
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Bounty Hunter Mulan. Written 2 years before Once Upon a Time season 5 episode 10...

That, and now she looks a bit like Rey.
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Mulan a bounty Hunter........why didn't i think of that
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She was a bounty hunter. At least in Once Upon a Time...
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Hmm I think I remember that
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because Mulan doesn't need no lightsaber to be awesome :)

fantastic work :D
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she looks cool as hell
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She has that look on her thats like "did that do anything for ya?"
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