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December 21, 2014
A gorgeous example of a minimalistic wallpaper! The colours are soft and pleasing, and the reflection is exquisite!

Reflection Wallpaper by Puscifer91
Featured by TehAngelsCry
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Reflection Wallpaper 4K


© 2014 - 2021 Puscifer91
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cool work! thanks for creating this masterpiece

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wonderful design! bravo!

"it's too hot now in my profile!"

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Thank you! im glad you like it ;) Quick question, im getting a lot of traffic today on this wallpaper but i cant figure out why, is there any specific place you found it? Thanks!

Me encanta este fondo de escritorio. Muchísimas gracias Puscifer91 !!

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Really beautiful!
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Awesome collection!
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Awesome wall!
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Can you please make .zip file because im not using windows and i cant open .rar file
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there is a bundle of all my wallpapers coming soon in 4k and it will be provided in both zip and rar. Stay tuned :)
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Beautiful work just BEAUTIFUL thank you.Headbang! 
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Hi i'm on Mac and I can't read your pictures. :(
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Dont know why would that be, they are all JPG format.
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I can't see them because they're download on VLC and not directly in the desktop. It's because it's a RAR file and not a ZIP file?
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yes they are all RAR, but that should not be a problem.
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Well for me it doesn't work, it might be because I have a mac and so it download on VLC, which I can't see the images.
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Monstercup A simple google search would've saved the day, my dear sir. Or, at least, basic common knowledge.
Use this:

Puscifer91 great work, and an awesome wallpaper :) 
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