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Night Road Wallpaper 4K

By Puscifer91
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love the beauty of simple.

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another awesome wall! nice how you merged the two gradients on the right... do you use illustrator or photoshop?
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In this case i used Photoshop, but i work with both programs depending on the need.
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Have you tried Affinity Designer? I've bought it recently and currently testing it while working on a new wallpaper and I admit that it's quite a nice piece of software. I'm missing a bunch of features from both illustrator and Photoshop but sometimes it's a great combination of the two worlds. I also did my last wallpaper on it, the one I've referred to in my other comment, and it turned out pretty good.
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It looks like an IMac.
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Its just a placeholder, wallpaper is in the zip file :)
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Setting this as my wallpaper first thing when I wake up
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This is vector based isn't it? It may as well be any resolution you want.
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the resolution matters (  a bit at least) the highest resolution does make the moon smaller and changes the location of the moon.
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Well technically yes :) But i work in 4K and then resize down.
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good job; mesmorising  
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So simple yet beautiful
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