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MODERN LiQUiD: Pages 4 and 5



At the beginning of 2018 I have started with my own pen paper role playing game. Based on the free roleplaying system LiQUiD it's called MODERN LiQUiD, because it has a modern future setting.
Inspired on movies like Blade Runner, Johnny Mnemonic and Ghost In The Shell, TV series like Dark Angel or video games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Mirror's Edge Catalyst, Detroit Become Human and Watch Dogs 2 it has it's own unique setting off a fictive earth on the year 2068:
"The world has changed. Cyberware, androids and hybrids made of humans and animals are common now. Unemotional police robots patrol through the streets of giant cities and all is watched by drones.
You can play as anarchists to fight the world biggest companies. Maybe you will fight for a better future for everybody or just for your own life.
Or you are a part of one of this big companies, called your family, and want to save them from anarchists.And of course you want to climb the career ladder by eliminating annoying obstacles - alive or not.
But what would a world be without agents to ensure law and order in the name of democracy - or its dictator? Anarchists only disturb. But do you have the courage to go against the companies who do not want to stick to the rules?"

At this time of November 2018 MODERN LiQUiD has a 138 pages German preview PDF with revised and expanded rules, setting and equipment descriptions. A first group has started test games to find flaws in the rules and the descriptions.
MODERN LiQUiD is published as free download on modernliquid.de so you can copy, share and use it for free.

About the picture: The right side shows the table of contents of the roleplaying book. On the left you can see an illustration made by PSK-Photo. I really appreciate this amazing work, so I'm very glad to be allowed to use this picture. Thank you! :)
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