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Pokemon Hunter: Blastoise

Commissioned by :iconcarlation:

I had a lot of fun doing this. The armor designed is loosely based on the Uragaan armor, while the weapon designs are pretty much straightforward. The cannons of Blastoise are designed to look like tube coral that somehow form a symbiotic relationship with Blastoise, feeding off the scraps of whatever Blastoise eats while providing a powerful defensive weapon against threats.

I'm open to taking more commissions for Pokemon/Monster Hunter crossovers, just PM me for details =)

For the usual commission stuff go here:…
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More of this plz, but with fairies.
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If only they were commissioned more, but they're very expensive for these ones.
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wooo awesome!!!!
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Im down for this.
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Cool, curious to see what you do with one like Tyrantrum.
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They already did that pokemon
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 imaginative water gun.
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When I first looked at the picture I thought it was Elemental Hero bubbleman with a few upgrades
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i really like this series. and i can kinda see you being able to make certain monsters into pets to help in battle/shed monster parts
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So nice Heart I like the interpretation  
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Amazing, glad to see more pokemon hunter stuff. These are my favorite
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Okay someone get me a thunder weapon. I’m going turtle hunting
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looks awesome :la:
not only is the monster design awesome, not only is the armor design awesome
but i LOVE how all its weapons are gun based :D
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this is so awesome, nice job ^^
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That is some awesome looking shit, I would wear that in Monster Hunter if it was real.
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