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[CM] Dorothy, Filling HALL-A

By Purrine
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Dorothy from VA-11 HALL-A, gassing up and hoping for some fun at home~
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She looks so cute and soft! I wanna sleep on her and cuddle her big puffy belly so bad! Heart :happybounce: 
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Make a part 2! I'd like to see her even bigger.
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What anime is she from 
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She's not from an anime, she's from the game VA-11 HALL-A.
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WTF is this shit?
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you'll know when you're older
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Hoo boy, yes I will...~
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gyazo.com/7d13dd751e933d7c7739… Figured it'd be fitting to leave this here. 
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remember when this happened with his undertale muffet image? 
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I'll admit I think I heard about that way after the fact. 
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that happens literally everytime someone expands a remotely obscure character, or is popular enough to cut through most normal fan art
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hahaha what the fuck
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The dev blog reblogged you on tumblr too. Sweating a little... 
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One of these things is not like the other~

Though the thought did cross my mind to make it a desktop wallpaper for the hell of it. Might as well do something with a Google result like that. 

(Also awesome picture. Dorothy is a fun character from the game)
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She looks great :) 
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didn't expect to see VA-11 HALL-A art on my feed, neat.
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oh my god, what an awesome shaaaaape! the little fsss is driving me nuts <3
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