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The Wind Waker: Meow

By Purrdemonium
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I simply had to do this. Seriously, I always considered this part of the game as my ultimate argument that WW Link is the coolest Link from the entire LoZ series.
In case you don't know -- Wind.Waker.Link.MEOWS.Period. :iconhyperplz:
As an addition, in my opinion Mila is one of the most interesting side characters from the Wind Waker. I always like to look at how she changes through the game, no mater which time I play it.
Welll... have fun with Wind Waker HD, I can't afford Wii U unfortunately and I don't think I have time for playing games, anyway. XD

Tools: Adobe Photoshop CS3, Wacom Intuos 5S
The Legend of Zelda © Nintendo
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Kiro-KurusuHobbyist Artist
I would love to play WW too...
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Yes; I love this scene and this character too...
In an other timeline...
maybe she has a chance to become Link's girlfriend here?
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princessnya97Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do you use multiply layers to add your shadows or you use a darker color?
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PurrdemoniumProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah I work on layers, it's much easier
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skilarbabcockHobbyist Digital Artist
What us the papery image you are overlaying?
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PurrdemoniumProfessional Digital Artist
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SuperMarioFan65Student Digital Artist
The cat!
CrackaLacking's avatar
CrackaLackingStudent Artist
For the longest time, I always thought it was her making some weird ass crying noise for some reason.
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HarpesianHobbyist Traditional Artist
Lmfao, perfect.
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EDM-YukiHobbyist General Artist
LOL. When I saw this in Wind Waker for the first time I thought it was both funny and cute
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Anybody who's played this game knows how great this picture is!
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ErikServinHobbyist General Artist
So so much memories...
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That part always makes me chuckle. Very good work, it almost looks like official art. That was one of my favorite side-quests in the game. Felt more like something from "Majora's Mask" in a way, sense you had to follow an NPC around.
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LunaClefairyHobbyist General Artist
Mroooooow! :meow:
I LOVE Link's meow during that sidequest. It's so spot on and ADORABLE. And I love this picture, too!
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GhostlyKittyCatHobbyist Digital Artist
Ohmagish!! Link meowed!!!
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JacktheCat779Student General Artist
This was one of my favorite parts of Wind Waker.
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RzavioHobbyist Artist
Link: Purple is Fabulous are you crazy 
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LighttheChaoStudent Digital Artist
Definitely one of my favorite parts of the game! As much as I hated how low Mila went to trying to get rich again, I adore how she was able to change

Plus, Link meowing is the best stealth option!
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It's too bad there wasn't a way in the game to restore Mila's fortunes to her, she had great taste in fashion, in contrast Maggie doesn't, and is an idiot to boot.
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- "What's that?
- "It's just a cat"
- "Ah, OK"
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auressHobbyist Artisan Crafter
i was allways wondering where that cat noise was coming from
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F4TH0MHobbyist Digital Artist
I already have the Earth Temple shirt. Now trying to decide whether or not to get this or the Wind Temple. Life is hard. xP
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it looks like its official !! love it
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