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Going for the simple looks I had back in the day.
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Awesome, can you please share wallpaper?
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What icon theme are you using in this screenshot? And do you have a link?
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They are the areo icons as said in the SS, I don't have a link.
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-looks- As you did. ^^; I've downloaded that exact set, but I just CANNOT get them to work on Arch+OB. :(
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Here's the bad news for you, I tried that set with OB a long time ago. I'm assuming you're using the gtkrc file, which does not support .svg images which those icons are.

If you really wanted to, you could convert them all to .png images and it should work. Of course you'd have to edit the index file and all that too.
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Yuck. May look into doing it, though. I used Arch+LXDE+OB on my last install, and they worked fine, but now I'm only using openbox-session with no DE. Fast, but has a few hangs. ^^
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Good work!
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Now quite perfect, but we'll get there. :)
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nice desktop!
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looks pretty good !
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That means a lot from you as I've used yours in the past.
very nice. the WM is fluxbox right?
for conky i've tried a lot of fonts but i never found a good fixed font yet.
do you have some advice??:)
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It's XFCE4 with compiz. My favorite mono fonts are freemono, Bitstream Vera Sans Mono, and Courier new.
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It says in the screenshot Xfce ;)
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nice! clean, simple & arch! what else? ;)
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Well soon to be gentoo and bsd alongside it. ;)
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Nice. You may try a fixed font for the conky config. :)
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I thought about it and tried it. While everything with conky fit better it felt too "bold" for the desktop as everything else was using a different font.
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excellent! i love ubuntu!
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Thank you though this is archlinux. It's all linux so it's all good. :)
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