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Ahsoka Tano

I have decided to do these for the charactors of the Clone Wars because the show is Awsome. :D i also decided to add my favourite quotes for that charactor :D

My Favourite Ahsoka Tano Quotes

So this is where the fun begins – Movie

So what part of the situation did you have under control? The blocked entrance the poison gas or that Gundark behind you! – Dooku Captured

Ahsoka: Well this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into
Anakin: hey it’s not my fault you were supposed to study the holomap.
Ahsoka: I did remember. When I told you about the giant wall and you said ‘don’t worry Snips we wont be anywhere near that’!
Anakin: just get ready to climb. – Landing At Point Rain

Ahsoka: Sorry to interrupt your playtime Grumpy but wouldn’t you prefer a challenge?
Grievous: That wouldn’t be you would it? – Duel Of The Droids

That stubby little backstabber! – Duel Of The Droids

Ahsoka: There’s Master Obi Wan now we’ll see some real fireworks
Anakin: Hey what do you call what I’ve been doing all day?
Ahsoka: Uh the word reckless comes to mind! – Movie

Ahsoka: Why if it isn’t the hairless harpy
Ventress: Why if it isn’t Skwalkers obnoxious little pet.
Ahsoka: How nice of you. Tell you what I’ll give you a merciful death – Cloak Of Darkness.

Ahsoka: Suicide is not the Jedi way master.
Obi Wan: You should listen to your Padawan
Anakin: As you listened to yours not were staying. – Downfall Of A Droid

Ahsoka: You've got that 'we're in trouble' look.
Anakin: There's a look?
Ahsoka: You can't miss it. - Movie

Ahsoka: I still think this is a dumb plan. The Separatists will never fall for it.
Anakin: Ahsoka, those stupid battle droids will fall for anything.

Ahsoka: Don't move, sleemo!
Cad Bane: You aren't the child I was expecting to find.
Ahsoka: Obviously.
Cad Bane: You're quite clever, but naive. – Children Of The Force

Ahsoka Tano: Guard duty? For how long?
Mace Windu: Longer now. – Holocron Heist

Anakin: Pookums here really has her heart set on another R2. She lost the last one.
Ahsoka: Pookums? Oh brother. – Downfall Of A Droid

Ahsoka: Back at ya, piston-head! – Downfall Of A Droid

Rex: Who's the youngling?
Ahsoka: I'm Master Skywalker's Padawan. The name's Ahsoka Tano.
Rex: Sir, I thought you said you'd never have a Padawan.
Anakin: There's been a mix-up. The youngling isn't with me.
Ahsoka: Stop calling me that! You're stuck with me, Skyguy.
Anakin: What did you just call me?! - Movie

Ahsoka: We'll figure out a way. Come on, Master, let's go.
Anakin: If we survive this, Snips, you and I are going to have a talk. - Movie

Ahsoka: So, what's the plan?
Anakin: I thought you were the one with the plan.
Ahsoka: No, I'm the one with enthusiasm. You're the one with the experience, which I'm looking forward to learning from. - Movie

Anakin: How do you like your little buddy now? Still cute?
Ahsoka: You know, he's reminding me of you more and more. See? You're two of a kind. – Movie

Ahsoka: There is so much more we can talk about out here. Like the sand.
Anakin: The desert is merciless. It takes everything from you.
Ahsoka: That's a happy thought. It won't take us, Master. - Movie

Ahsoka: That one looks hungry!
Anakin: Nah, it's just smiling at you – Shadow Of Malevolence

Ahsoka: I've certainly perfected the art of demolishing ships and almost getting my master killed. – Jedi Crash

Ahsoka: You can stop talking now.
Bannamu: Ok, I shut up now. – Lightsaber Lost

Ahsoka: Look at me; I’m not so bad am I?
Lux: no not bad at all
Ahsoka: urge well it seems all boys are the same whether they’re Republic Or Separatist! – Heroes On Both Sides

Come on R2 its just miles of gritty abrasive sand – Movie

Plo Koon: I fear Skywalker is taking a terrible risk
Ahsoka: You get used to it. – Destroy Malevolence.

I’ve heard the new R3’s are faster than the old R2 units and the best thing is he’s gold. A gold droid, for gold leader of gold squadron! – Downfall of a Droid
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There is a picture on the second row in the middle.  What is that from?  I can't recall it.
PurpleWillowTrees's avatar
That's from season 3 episode 16 (I think that's the right episode!)
It's the Mortis Arc.
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What episode was "Ahsoka: I still think this is a dumb plan. The Separatists will never fall for it.
Anakin: Ahsoka, those stupid battle droids will fall for anything." from?
PurpleWillowTrees's avatar
That's from the Clone Wars movie ^^
AngelAxexinf's avatar
Oh, okay! Thanks!
N-Y-N-A's avatar
wow! very cool!!
StarWarsRocksMySocks's avatar
This is soo awesome! Great job!
Ahsoka114's avatar
This is cool! :D
PurpleWillowTrees's avatar
Thanx :D am going to do more for different charactors
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Your welcome! :D I cant wait! :w00t!:
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