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Colors Of A Butterfly by purplevioletdoll Colors Of A Butterfly by purplevioletdoll
It's been awhile since I touched Photoshop.. kinda miss it actually. This piece was inspired by a story I wrote years ago.
Here's just a fragment of it. Hopefully I will have the time to pen down the rest of the story in the near future. ^-^

I haven't been gathering stocks lately, so I'm gonna reuse the ones I have. Here goes.

~Stock Credits

~Cute dolly girl-link
~Texture 1-link
~Texture 2-link
~Texture 3-link
~Texture 4-link
~Texture 5-link
~White flower- Pieceofmestock
~Lotus - My own
~Pearls- My own
~Brushes 1- link
~Brushes 2-link

And now to the story~

~Colors Of A Butterfly~

The starry night sky floated high above, just like heaven, pearls and illusions of many dreams. Fallen angels fled to the mirror of the sky, where the melody of trance danced into the abyss, a brilliant blue sky of morning light. Shimmering wisps danced before sweet Adrila, the melody of flutes and violins mesmerizing her soul with its melodious touch of a song of love. Sentiments of old, precious memories found its way back to her heart like a breeze. She smiled and carried on her journey.

Upon each step she took deeper into the woods, Adrila realised how much this haven resembled her dreams. Pine trees lined the earthly grounds, revealing nothing but ravishing beauty. A trail lied ahead, creeping deeper into the mist. Light soon disappeared into the darken abyss.

The end of the trail led her to a garden of Eden, filled with roses, sunflowers and the colors of the rainbow. It was a sanctuary. A tiny cottage came into view, simple but beautiful, it stood out amongst the bed of flowers. Bumble bees and butterflies flapped their delicate wings around the scented wild flowers, hovering over while sipping sweet nectar. A paradise hidden within the woods of darkness. Overwhelming and unpredictable, this is a haven of bliss.

The pollen of the sun aroused her senses and plunged her into a world of never-ending fantasy. A meadow lied ahead, playful sparrows welcomed her as she took a step forward towards the cottage. The sun was setting, hidden behind the cotton liked clouds. Soon it would be dark.

Adrila knocked on the wooden door, hoping that she was not alone. A man of her age stood before her. He had the deepest ebon eyes she had ever seen, a chiseled face with beautiful manly features. His skin reflected the color of snow and his lavishing dark hair flowed down to his shoulders. A very handsome man, she thought. Adrila was spell bounded by his alluring charms. She laid her misty eyes deep into his, revealing nothing but the man of her dreams.

“Good day sir, I’m lost in the midst of the woods. I have been walking since nightfall and my feet had carried me far beyond the boundaries of my village. I found a cottage after hours of walking and I was hoping for a kind soul to take me in for the night. It’s chilly outside.” She spoke politely and smiled. The ambience was filled with silence. Adrila paused for a moment as she studied his face for expressions. He was blessed with a face of perfection but emptiness seemed to fill his soul. He was a strange man, very strange indeed. And finally after a long pause, the golden silence broke.

“My lady, I have seen you somewhere before but I can’t put a finger to it. I will never forget the face of an angel. Forgive me, but do I know you?”

Adrila felt the pounding of her heart in her chest. It grew stronger and faster in pace. Colors smudged into grey and she felt almost afraid and yet glad hearing what he said.
“No sir, I believe this is the first time we have met. I live across the boundaries and have never stepped into the woods which separated our homes. I’m nothing but a stranger to you.” She spoke softly, almost like a whisper.

“I was never allowed to cross over to the other side as stories were passed down for centuries by fellow villagers, speaking of the dark forces that roamed around the Cloverpine woods. Despite the danger it promised, I was not afraid. A voice led me to the other side. A very familiar voice speaking to my soul brought me here to you. I really don’t understand what’s going on, dear sir but I would love to get my answers soon.”

Adrila blinked her midnight eyes and spoke to her inner voice, hoping that its guide had not brought her to danger. However, this young man seemed harmless but mysterious in a way. Something seemed strange about him. “But what can it be?” She wondered.

“My sweet maiden, please do not be intrigued by my presence and allow the dark thoughts to swarm your mind. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Thalos and I will bring you no harm. That I can promise you.” He ushered her into his home and set up a fireplace to compliment the coldness outside.

“Thank you lad. I really appreciate your kindness to let me, a complete stranger into your home. My name is Adrila.” She spoke calmly as she studied his expressions again for any resemblance that she knew of.

“The woods speak of danger at nightfall my lady, you shouldn’t be wandering alone all by yourself.” He replied.

“Yes, but I wanted to explore. My instinct was in control of me and I wanted to let it lead the way as I was intrigued by where it could possibly lead me. And here I am. I really don’t understand why.” Adrila questioned herself for the tenth time as she waited for answers.

“Hush Adrila, allow me to get you a mug of hot cocoa. You are freezing, here, cover yourself with this quilt. “Thank you once again Thalos, you have been so kind.” Adrila blushed as she wrapped the quilt around her chilly skin.

“There you go, a hot mug of cocoa to lighten your spirits.” He spoke to her huskily. “I would like to send all my thanks to you stranger.” She spoke. Adrila smiled to herself as a strange man could be such a gentleman and that actually took her by surprise.

“Let’s have a little chat. Please tell me more about yourself. Adrila, you amaze me with your witty mind and elegant beauty of yours. It would be an honor to know more about you.” He ended his last words with a shy but confident smile.

“Well as you know, I came from the other side. I’m the daughter of a farmer. My father loves me dearly and he would be terribly upset knowing that I went missing. I enjoy music, especially the violin and oh not to forget dancing, swaying to folk music and picking up wild flowers. I am a very simple girl, not some fancy princess or anything of royalty. I’m just a lost soul searching for my heart. Yeah…that’s all I have to say.”

“ looked rather troubled. Is everything alright my sweet lady?” He questioned her with a tinge of concern in his voice. “Well I ain’t so sure myself Thalos, something brought me here, at least that’s all I know of. I have never travelled to this side of the boundary. I have wandered into a strange forbidden place. However, I heard a voice calling my name the day before, a familiar, angelic voice singing to me, luring me as it took lead. I had a vision too. A vision of a place in my dreams. I’m confuse, Thalos. Maybe I need some rest.” Adrila spoke again hoping words of certainty will find its way to her.

“Adrila, I have got something to tell you. It’s forbidden here, but I shall speak of it.” He spoke softly. “ Please go on.” She begged. “Well, Adrila, it was me whom led you here.” “You?” She startled. Adrila was plunged into enigma, puzzled and in total disbelieve.

“Not exactly, but I do recognize your face, your voice and that puzzled look of yours. I have seen you before liked I said. I ain’t sure if I saw you in person or perhaps in my dreams. I made wishes upon the stars to see you again and prayed each night for an angel to bring you to me, just so I can see your face one more time.” Adrila was dumbfounded and frozen.

“Allow me to continue, Adrila. I remember that precious moment clearly. I was standing from afar and caught sight of your astonishing beauty. You were singing and dancing around, looking extremely happy. I watched you silently and your voice, my gosh you sound like an angel! You made my day brighter than ever after that miraculous moment that I laid my eyes on you. It felt like heaven crushing down on me. A golden light illuminating the darkness and a rainbow painting a spectrum of colors into my grey, monotone life. However, could you be so kind to tell me if it’s real or just another dream of mine?” He paused after finishing his final words.

Adrila could not speak, silence filled the air. Her thoughts drifted into a mist of clouds and swayed away into a tiny spot in her heart. She took a deep breath and found her words to him.

“It’s just a dream, Thalos. I do not know you and this is just getting a little awkward. I am so sorry.” A shed of tear streamed down her porcelain face as she turned away from him and sobbed.

“It can’t be true.” She tried convincing herself. Her swirling mind was plunged into a wave of thoughts and at that precise moment, she heard her inner voice speaking to her again. She had illusions of Thalos for a long time. She saw him in her dreams and occasionally heard his whispers at night. That mysterious voice brought her to him. She thought to herself, swaying away from reality and the precious gem whom stood before her. This was indeed strange. Butterflies fluttered deep within her, sending electric vibes into her veins. She smiled upon hearing the whispers of her soul, ensuring her that her dreams had revealed its powers to her in its strangest way...


PS: Pls download to view the full size. :)
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