TOGM Auction: OOAK GM Berrow / Leekfish Art Piece!

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This thread is for bidding on a ONE OF A KIND GM Berrow / Leekfish art piece, as being auctioned on The Old Grey Mare Episode 6 (Con Orgs). Details are at !

ALL BIDDING WILL BE CONDUCTED VIA PUBLIC COMMENTS IN THIS THREAD. To bid, simply respond to this thread with your bid! Each bid must be higher than the current high bid by at least $10.)

Short summary: The winning bidder will be able to provide a (G-rated!) prompt for any pony-related situation. Official pony author G. M. Berrow will write approximately a half page of prose on that topic (note: It will NOT be considered canon! Sorry, fancolts ;) ), and artist :iconabbystarling: will illustrate it. Both artist and author will sign the completed product, which will be sent, framed, to the winner.

It will take several months to have the writing, artwork, printing, signatures and framing completed, so to the winner: please be patient. This is a one-of-a-kind art piece requiring the coordination of show staffers, artists, agents and LOTS and LOTS of shipping and handling. The wait will be well worth it! This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

All funds collected will be donated to EQUALITY NOW ( per the choice of Ms. Berrow and Ms. Leekfish. Receipts from payments will be provided to Ms. Berrow and Ms. Leekfish.

Please increase bids in at least $10 increments. Should the highest bidder be unable to pay within 24 (was 12, now 24-- this is a lot of money, folks!) hours of the auction ending, the next highest bidder will be selected, and so on, until a bid is successfully paid.

May the highest bidder win!

BIDDING EXTENDED! Bidding ends when the stream ends and no later! So tune in and bid up!


EDIT: Bidding closed at a staggering $2,001 (plus a $500 co-bid, for a total of $2,501)! Plus an additional generous pony donated $100. $2,601 earned in one show!
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I wish I had attended this one. I'm really sad that I missed out on all the fun. :(
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Annnd bidding is CLOSED! :iconzivilynbane:, please drop me a Note to discuss payment and fulfillment! And THANK YOU to all our amazingly generous bidders for smashing through all previous records and raising a combined $2,601 (including the $500 pitched in by :iconstevestreza: and an outside $100 donation from one generous listener) for EQUALITY NOW!
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Stevestreza says: "If the bid goes at or above $2k, I will donate $500 to the charity"
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If the bid goes over $2000, Sonya Hipper will donate admission to the sunday brunch-- with her (the con org)
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BIDDING EXTENDED until stream ends per awesome secret on-air deal with BronyCon!
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Also Silvereagle of Ponyville Live gets to interview you. XP
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Winner ALSO gets a BronyCon Bronze level badge to high bidder!
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What's a bronze level badge?
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Winner also gets a Canterlot Pony level membership to BABSCon!
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$1550 to beat Josh Dean's audio bid.
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Josh Dean bids $1505.
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I was waiting for Streza to swoop back in.

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