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Super Albino: Llamas are awesome! (190)
(Cover image by furrikira) Since last Monday, I’ve been on hiatus from my personal Twitter account (@prpltnkr), and this has given me a lot of time to think about recent events. Here’s the conclusion I’ve come to, after a week of “sleeping on it”. By way of background: Putting things plainly, the month beginning a week or so prior to BronyCon was one of the most dispiriting months of my life. Here’s a brief rundown. I spent much of the run-up to the final BronyCon fighting behind the scenes to get the con to ban a nasty troll, “Vida”, who was using transphobia as a deliberate weapon against non-binary and trans people in the brony community. No matter how much evidence of malfeasance and ill intent I brought to the con staff (pages upon pages of evidence!), it felt like an uphill battle. From what I was told, many powerful people within the con staff— notably including their Security department (!)— fought back hard against the idea, using the con’s rules as justification for not
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At Equestria LA 2017 (the last one :-( ), I won the charity auction for the set of rare =PixelKitties (https://www.deviantart.com/pixelkitties) art prints! (How rare? Only TWO of each print exist in this size!) This was a bit unusual, since I was also the person who printed that art in the first place. (But hey, at least I can vouch for the fantastic print quality!) The auction went for only $180, which was WAY too low. So, I framed three of the pieces and put 'em up on eBay, and 50% of each sale goes to the Hispanic Federation's UNIDOS fund for Puerto Rico relief (the same fund that The Old Grey Mare's recent Puerto Rico/Las Vegas charity effort benefited). (The remaining 9 p
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This auction, being conducted through The Old Grey Mare, was for a commission from the one-and-only PixelKitties (https://www.deviantart.com/pixelkitties)! You know her art, and you know how epic she is. (And if you aren't following her Twitter, you really should be!) This auction conducted bidding on a commission from PixelKitties for an autograph - style card of the OC[s] of the winner's choice, up to two characters. (Nothing NSFW, sorry!) The winner could choose the theme, background, and so on. (The image at the top of this post provides examples of PixelKitties's autograph cards from the past.) Winning bidder was required to (and did!) donate the amount of their bid
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You are awesome.
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I'm not ashamed to be mentally ill. It's not a shameful thing. You should be ashamed to be a bully, though.
So you're the genius behind Bronycon! Thank you so much for giving us something so amazing! I only hope I'll have the chance to experience it for myself one day. Brohoof 
Tinker ~00~
are you still alive?
we need you for our secret last job before the end....