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Ninurta Vs. Seraphinus

characters are from my comic dragon delusion, yes I still plan on continuing it. Consider this a teaser image.
Second project for my Image Design unit.
characters and art © Me
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This looks really good! Hoping you'll continue it!

Are you going to continue this series or no

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Please continue this series!  This is amazing and the teaser picture only adds to my fascination with the plot!
Lillysillylol's avatar
Plllllllllz continue this!!!! Eager dummy  :please: revamped 

(You will continue this eventually right?) :? (Confused) 
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ooh.... BURN HUMANS, BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURN!!!!!!!!!!!! (I do not regret saying that in this case, besides, woof woof)

wait... but why would it say VS unless .-. oh hell naw

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Wow this comic is awesome!
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poor tiny dragon, so interested what will happen!
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So, Seraphinus isn't the last dragon in the world, that's great!
Krypson's avatar
I sense blood...human blood....lots and lots of human blood....:fear:
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I was curious were the pages had vanished to!
Sounddrive's avatar
Man, looks out there's gonna be a huge battle/escape soon!
Khimeric's avatar
WOOOOOW this looks like the cover for a freaking fantasy novel
if you ever print this and sell it, this would totally look good for the cover!
Draco56's avatar
Really epic!
Good job young artist. ^^
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Incredible! This looks awesome and I can clearly see how you've developed! :)
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