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Dragon Delusion: Seraphinus's Retribution pg 1

A graphic novel I'm working on for Uni atm
expect regular updates for the next 5-6 weeks C:

I'd like to warn you for future pages that this will contain gore and character death... it's not a very happy story I'm afraid

Pg 2 :[link]
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I like that name- "Seraphinus". 

It's like that story from the Talmud, in the first few verses of Isaiah 6, when Isaiah sees "winged seraphim crying out 'Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of hosts!' ". According to Talmudic scholars, the word seraphim is the plural of the Aramaic word "seraph", meaning "fiery serpent."

So technically speaking, Isaiah saw dragons flying in the sky! Mind- blowing!
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this looks amazing!! I can only dream of drawing like that!
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The clolors that you've put into this are remarkable! You've put so much work into your backgrounds that I'm still trying to get the hang of! But the big one for me on this is that I absolutely LOVE the way you draw dragons! One of the few designs that I really like!
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How do you pronounce his name?
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I pronounce it like this -> se-rah-fee-nus
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I just love the colors! Oh but that feeling of impending sadness is just overwhelming!! :cries: Please let the little ones be ok...
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Good sharp images.
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Wait, I think I might know what going to happen next.
The Sera flys away to obtain food, and while hunting... two evil dragons or whatever else comes into the cave and either
Kills both Mother and kids
Kills Mother and spares kids or just 1 kid or the opposite way
or just kidnapping....

Looking forward to next page, I got my ticket ready :meow:
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oh no...I know what's going to happen :c *grabs the baby dragons and tries to flee*
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Oh nuuu! I have seen a glimpse of the future!! :nuu:
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