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DD: Russian Dragon Species: Ninurta

SPECIES CONCEPT: Russian Dragon:
It is undecided whether this species is a hybrid between Eastern and Western Dragons or if they are still an existing ancestor that gave rise to them. Russian Dragons share traits of both species, large wings and long legs like the Western Dragons, but slender, flexible bodies, stag-like horns and manes like Eastern Dragons. They are however the smallest of the three species.
The most perplexing trait of this species is their androgynous nature, they change sex every 100-200 years and so are neither completely male or female.
These dragons are nomadic; they migrate around Russia and its neighbouring countries in turn with the seasons in small clans. They have a close connection with the natural environment and some have been known to guard rich ecosystems against the encroachment of human civilisation. Russian Dragons inhabit any area that is rich in prey and relish the act of hunting prey that challenges them both mentally and physically.

CHARACTER: Ninurta. (pronounced nee-nuhr-tah) after a Sumerian god- 'lord earth'
gender: currently male.(see species concept for more on this- but all are born male because they are carried inside their 'mother' as eggs until it is time to hatch, higher temp = male in reptilian species.)
age: pre-adolescent
abilities/powers: forest dragon, the most common type. Catalyse the growth of plant-life to rebuild and heal damaged environments. Think of Fern Gully, or even that one scene in Fantasia which I can't remember what it was called, but that lady that swoops and everything suddenly grows and stuff. In a nutshell.
personality: carefree as the youth come, energetic, playful, joker/wise-guy, can be a thrill seeker - he has startling moments of wisdom/insightfulness, and some darker personality changes occur as a result of *'recent' events*

*= can't say anymore cuz that would be a spoiler, tho I think that 'teaser' image I did should speak volumes [link].
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amazing and beautiful
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Is this Seraphinus' little friend from the cover?
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he is an adorable little thing~
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Rather cute little dude.
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He's cute! I like his colors. ^^
Good job young panther artist. ^^