Hey staff since when do you allow people to post screenshots from TV shows on here? Last time I checked that's literally not allowed. Also reporting stuff is so hard now, WTF? I can't even report users from their page, I can only block them. :/

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By PurpleTartan
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I confess to having used TV screen shots:

Happy New Year From Vienna
A Happy New Year Concert Ballet From Vienna

In each case the 'source' is clearly mentioned. In the second dev it is obvious on close inspection as well.

I don't see this as an egregious infringement of any rules as the image had been beamed into my living room and was therefore already in the public domain to that extent. It was also in the private domain of my living room.

Other devs merely reference TV:

Not The Crown Of Reaction LP Cover

Sometime technically unsanctioned use is made of things found here. The author is usually contacted and given a chance to disapprove of this practice...

Heavily Processed Half Inched Stock Painting
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The point I was making was that Screenshots on their own are not art. Also the content doesn't belong to you just because it was on TV at some point, the content is still copyrighted unless officially in the public domain. Like you can do edits with them, that's perfectly fine, but to just take a screenshot and upload it untouched is actually against DA rules. Though it seems they no longer give a shit about those so IDK.

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Mrs a* loves the Vienna New Year Concert Ballet and wanted these pictures to remember it by.