Dogwood Blossoms

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Dogwood Blossoms
Inuyasha fancomic/doujinshi by purplerebecca
(dA Main Organizational Post)

Pairing: Sesshoumaru/Reincarnated Rin
Setting: Modern Day, with multiple flashbacks
Rating: PG, possibly up to PG-13 for violence/gore. Will post warnings.
Genre: Romance, with some action and even a plot!

Summary: Catherine Mizuki, in Tokyo with a TeachEnglish program, meets several inu-hanyou who say they know her. Or that they once did.

Warnings:  Manga-based AU, with spoilers for the entire manga.
Also, heavy use of original characters with familial relationships with canon characters (oh, horrors). You've been warned.

Dogwood Blossoms

Chapter 1
cover -…
p01-05 -…
p06-11 -…
p12-16 -…

Chapter 2
cover -…
p01-07 -…
p08-12 -…
p13-16 -…
p17-23 -…

Chapter 3
p01-10 -…
p11-13 -…
p13-19 -…

Chapter 4
p01-05 -…
p06-10 -…
p11-17 -

Supplement: Character Outline

Also posted simultaneously on LiveJournal -…

I hope you enjoy the fancomic! I love feedback. ^^
© 2007 - 2022 purplerebecca
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Iyarito's avatar
omg i need moaaaaar :(.... 
russialover4's avatar
when is the next chapter please tell when it up and good job I like this story read three time now.
Magister-Magi-Kairi's avatar
Such a sweet story~
Hoping you'll update soon. *really wants to read more*
Abarats's avatar
do you draw more? would like to read some more :)
nads6969's avatar
Just love your story... Hope there going to be more ... A+ Really... Love it.
purplerebecca's avatar
Thank you so much!

There will be more! I just have to draw it. ^^;
KKgirls's avatar
good heavens! Most of his brides lived a long time, but Chao Jia-lin only lived to...27? What happened? I mean...number three lived into her 90's! Love the story so far! I love how you've looked into the characters, as that's SO important to map out before hand!
KKgirls's avatar
Oh, childbirth. Poor daughter, what a thing to live with!
Twilights-Angel's avatar
i :heart: this! there haven't been any updates though :tears:
purplerebecca's avatar

There was an update...20 days ago.
I'm a slow updater. :)
KKgirls's avatar
you may be slow, but you have good quality. that's what's really important!
ruka-2990's avatar
i love this stooorrryyy! :heart::heart: it's so sweet and beautiful and the story itself is amazing on it's own! it's as if it could really be a part of the original manga X3 plus with your wonderful amazing art added on top i just couldn't resist falling in love with it! add more....quickly! haha :giggle:
purplerebecca's avatar
Thank you so much! I'm so glad you are enjoying it. ^__^
syverasazyn's avatar
this has to be the most breathtaking doujinshi/fancomic I've seen on dA! it's just.. beautiful! with a good story to top it, as well!
purplerebecca's avatar
Oh, thank you! ^___^
manacle-rhino's avatar
Amazing... I love this, and seeing Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru in such a realistic style is so refreshing!

I really really REALLY like this, and I can't wait to read more. ^^
purplerebecca's avatar
Thank you! I'm so glad you like it! ^__^
Hana-Maehata's avatar
Reading this thus far.

And loving it. x3
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