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Dogwood Ch4: Stories, p11-17

Dogwood Blossoms, Sess/Rin fancomic
Chapter 4: Stories, pages 11-17

Goodness gracious, I'm updating Dogwood. It's been two years since the last pages were uploaded. Yeegh. Gomen nasai, mina-sama.

Even when I'm trying to be faster, I'm a slow comicker. And I don't know if anyone will like me after this update, it's not exactly a happy one...

So the question is, would y'all prefer if I kept up this system of updating in several-page chunks, or would you rather I came out with a page at a time as I finish them?

The several-page chunk is better for reading, but I have to get all the pages done at once, which at least this time caused me lots of trouble. Spreading them out does feel like spreading the work out a bit, a least with this. What do you think?

Acknowledgments and Disclaimer: The fate of no one historical was changed by the making of this comic.

Inuyasha-tachi belong to Takahashi Rumiko and everyone she has sold them to. This is a mostly nonprofit fan work that I'm really slow at.

Dogwood Blossoms

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ShadowinRed's avatar
A covered in black vigilante Sesshomaru sounds beautiful. Especially his fur!
WWII was a bad time and it's great that you showed Sesshomaru's family and his involvement in that era. They had times of glory and now it's all falling down. Hope to see more of Mizuki's story :)
StormStrick's avatar
Several large pieces of comics
fsdewolf1's avatar
please.. more :o
PrayerGirl1's avatar
Oh please continue this it's so freaking good!
LadyStar10's avatar
I like this, but I feel like a Captain America reference is needed to make it even awesomer.
Need more
Post the Next Chapter
My mind can't take the wait
Iyarito's avatar
omg i need more :(.... 
rebeandphantom's avatar
Really enjoy reading this.  Can't wait for more!:)
DayleC's avatar
I miss you! :) lol
Doujin-Maker's avatar
..forgot to add something; please keep up the current form of your comic. It's really better and much more recognizable for readers that way.
Doujin-Maker's avatar
...........where is next......? :iconforeversobplz:
LilithHatchersoon's avatar
I think this is the only Sesshomaru and storie whit reinacarnations that I actually like.Ahh,what like,I ADORE it!Please continue!
ladyshenzuki's avatar
Wow, you have some awesome story telling abilities! This is the first time I've come across your work and I'm hooked. Perhaps too much! LOL. I hope you update sometime soon. Although this is a tragic page but I hope happier pages are soon to follow. Much Love, Lady Shen.
Update !!!!!!!!!!!!T^T
Redhead-K's avatar
Oh this is just a lovely comic on these characters! I love your style and the storyline is amazing. I do hope you continue. :3
DayleC's avatar
purplerebecca.. is there going to be anymore comics? i so enjoyed these! if not thats completely fine.. was just a tiny bit curious (: maybe you can write out what happens at the end? hehe i hope life is good!!
inuyoukaichibi's avatar
What an awesome comic! :happybounce: Thank you for sharing.
Abarats's avatar
more please
MissyKitty's avatar
where is more??? don't make me cry.. what a beautiful story!!
DemeterAnna's avatar
Over a year. Do you plan on continuing the Dogwood?
Abarats's avatar
wen does the next come ??
Abarats's avatar
wen does the next come?? :D
LunaNeko's avatar
I have just discovered this and am sooo glad you've just picked it back up. Please to continue at whatever pace makes you feel more comfortable!
Taraline's avatar
I love it! I like to read it in a chunk a single page leaves me hungry for more, but your method of several at once is nice I feel like I can wait for more this way
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