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Dogwood: Ch2 p13-16

Dogwood Blossoms, Sess/Rin fancomic
Chapter 2, pages 13-16

New Dogwood in less then a month! Whoo!

Stats: Patterns used variously from:
Squidfingers, Inspyretash-stock, and H-Longwood. The background birds were colorized from brush packs from Darkgarden. Tsukiko's calligraphy is random, pretty kanji nouns from Darkgarden's Far Eastern Brush Pack. Aging textures I cobbled from all over. Tsukiko's patterns I made myself in photoshop and illustrator.

Dogwood Blossoms

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Acknowledgments and Disclaimer: Inuyasha-tachi belong to Takahashi Rumiko and everyone she has sold them to. This is a mostly nonprofit fan work that I’m doing for fun and progression.
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Suzu's face at this exchange "He would never pounce on you like Koinu-chan." "At least where anyone else was watching." XD
MissyKitty's avatar
haha... i love where suzu is blushing.. we know what she is thinking about... RAWRRR!!!
AdelDamon207's avatar
The story's development is very well thought out. I may have heard the reincarnation idea a few times, but never in a way like this. A pleasant change, and makes me all the more curious
InuHanyou's avatar
The doggie kiss was too cute!! I love the way Rin's characteristics showed through with one daughter and Sesshoumaru's personality through the other!
purplerebecca's avatar
Hah Hah! They did, didn't they? Though Inuhana's even wilder than Rin ever was. :)
InuHanyou's avatar
That she is!! Rin would be happy!
Shilyn's avatar
I love the artwork! His daughters and reincarnated Rin are so beautiful!
WritingRin's avatar
I can't believe this page wasn't already on my favorites. *corrects that*
Inu-Hoshi's avatar
I love the angling on frame six; although, in the surrounding frames, Suzu and Inu-hana appear to be contempoaries, in frame six they look like mother and daughter. So clever.
twistedtippy's avatar
Inuhana is too cute!
DayleC's avatar
I Dunno If Anyone Asked You This Or Anything, So If They Did Sorry!!
When You Get Done, Can You Name And Put Sesshoumaru Pups In Order..?
Heheheh, This Is An Amazing Comic!!
Theres A Lil Boy In There With Silver Hair??
Is He Sesshomarus Pup Also?


DayleC's avatar
Or That Lil Boy Is Tsuki's Son?
Wonder How Many Grandpups Sesshoumaru Has..
I Cant Wait To Get More Info About The Story.
Its Soo Interesting, And Well Drawn.

purplerebecca's avatar
Yep, the boy-child is Tsuki's son. :)

I have no idea how many grandpups Sess has. 0.o Not going to attempt that one...

I'll have to put together a character list as his children get revealed in the story. I have it mapped out, but not everyone is named yet.

Rin's children are:
1) Tsukiko (most like her father)
2) Dutiful Son (needs name)
3) Inuhana (frisky puppy)

Thank you so much! I'm glad you're enjoying. ^__^
DayleC's avatar
3 Down! 12 More To Go!!! :D
So Dutiful is The First Born Son
Thats Awesome.
Hehehhehe OMG! Okay Ill Wait.
Im So Full Of Questions..
Im So Excited About Your Story.
Its Hard To Find Good Ones Like Yours..
And There So Well Drawn! O.O
okayokayokay..Im calmed.

purplerebecca's avatar
Where's your icon from? I know I know it, but I can't place it.
DayleC's avatar
I Have No Idea!
Im Trying To Figure That Out Myself..
My Sister Sent Me It Saying..
" It Reminds Me Of You When Your Thinking, And Than Seeing Something You Like.."


~(_8^(|) << ( Homer J Simpson )
purplerebecca's avatar
Well, if I see it again, I'll let you know where it's from. :)
XDemonicFireX's avatar
NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED MORE!!!! i hope you put up a new part of the comic soon~
purplerebecca's avatar
heehee, thanks for the encouragement! Get me motivated to color the next section. :)
pookiewookie1234's avatar
lol koinu-chan has a bit of energy doesn't she? Kind of reminds me of Shippo... lmao love it! Can't wait for the next update!
purplerebecca's avatar
Thank you! She's fun. ^__^
I have to color the next update. Yike!
angichan's avatar
so lovely and calming! I love japanese work for it's calming effects and this strip recreates the SAME feeling!<333
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