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Regular Day Chapter 3
Dr. Weiss and his disagreeable companion could not get excused from work the rest of the week, leaving Jodi healing in the company of the turtles and Master Splinter. She was introduced to different things in the turtles lives. Like video games, a couple of Leonardo's favorite books that were loaned to her, Master Splinter's soap operas, Raphael's gore-fest marathons, and authentic brooklyn pizza.
For her first pizza night, the turtles invited Leatherhead over for dinner. It was the first time the two had been in the base without one getting their senses shocked.
"Hello." The scaly mutant greeted her kindly.
"Greetings. I never did give you my thanks for all you assistance to my medical treatment." She replied.
"Umm, it was no problem Miss..."
"We call her Jodi!" Mikey said.
"It was no problem Jodi." Leatherhead smiled. "I did what any decent sewer-dweller would."
"Could the decent sewer dwellers tell me what they want on their pie?" Raph asked.
"I'll have my usual." Leatherhead answer
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Regular Day: Chapter 2
Leatherhead realized shortly after he was the only one awake, that he should have asked Donatello how to tell if the strange visitor woke. Her white eyes were just there, they didn't look at anything, didn't show any signs of emotion or consciousness, just white circles among the other shapes on her face. Leatherhead sat down in front of one of Donatello's computer, putting his mind toward research instead of observation. He typed in "breeds of sharks", deciding that figuring out what kind of shark she was first would be the most important. But he was distressed to learn the high number of breeds. He was able to narrow it down by her color, but pinning down her breed was still mostly a guessing game. Soon enough, he began to read articles on attacks, each heavily detailed and containing lost limbs and even lives. By the time a few hours had passed, he had learned more facts that played the fear of unknown then facts about normal behavior. The mutant crocodile had bred a paranoia inside
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Regular Day Chapter 1: A TMNT fanfic
Safe from the midsummer heat from overhead, Leatherhead, Don, Mikey and Master Splinter were working on a new motorcycle in Leatherheads lair. The other two turtles had left for Casey's house for a video game night earlier. Leatherhead and Donnie worked the mechanics of the engine, Mikey painted the handlebars with green and orange racing stripes, and the elderly mutant rat supervised. Wondering why on earth the turtles needed a faster bike. The room was quiet aside from the sound of metal touching and the two self-taught mechanics picking up and setting tools down.
"Aww, out of orange paint." The orange-masked turtle spoke up. "Got any red I can mix with the yellow Leatherhead?"
"I don't believe so Michelangelo."  The turtle frowned at his scaly companion's response.
"There's plenty of purple left Mikey." Don commented. Mikey nodded and opened the jar of 'vibrant violet' paint and dipped a fresh brush in. As he brought the bristles to his metal canvas, the four heard a scrap
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Regular Day: Prolouge
"Amazing creatures these are." Silence was broken by a scientist in his late-thirties. He sat comfortably on a well-stuffed tan armchair, a strange object for an other-wise bare observation room above a military lab, but the short scientist liked the height and comfort he received from the piece of furniture.  
His only-slightly-taller co-worker glanced over at him. He disagreed with the comment, but didn't reply and continued to look on at the scene below and took notes.
"It almost makes me feel weak and inferior."
The deep-thinking aloud made the eleven-years-younger man feel uncomfortable. But this time he didn't disagree with the statement. He felt it was inappropriate given the scenario playing out before them, but he agreed that the strength in the two creatures below them was a thing a simple man could never hope to achieve.
The sitting scientist stood up and walked forward several steps. His steps were soft, and he startled his co-worker when he appeared next to him.
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I won my first game of Magic:The Gathering today. I was wondering if any of you gorgeous people played it? And/or D&D? I've never gone through a game of the latter, because I had no one to play with but I've always been a fan of the concept and from Spoony's Counter Monkey vlogs it sounds very fun. Finally I found a group of people here to play with, so I'll probably start. And for those who do play, any character tips? Cool people and can base my character on?

Also for those reading "Regular Day"...I'm sorry it hasn't progressed yet. My medications have changed me so much this journal is really the most I've written in months. I DO intend to finish it, I want too so badly, but there are many complications.


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