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I hear many calls against abortion even in cases of the the mother's life so I got the idea to make this
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I would point out, if I remember correctly....

Less than 2% of all Abortions during Roe vs. Wade doctrine; were because the Woman's Health was a concern. (Honestly, less than 5% of all such Abortions, had a good reason for allowing it beyond the fact that a pregnant woman acquiesced to accepting the responsibility for the results. Incest, Rape, Health of Mother, Health of Baby, & etc...)

Not that most people are against procedures to save the lives of mothers, even when they're hardline against abortion.

Indeed, excluding Law's from when Abortion was still legally Murder, and usually the equivalent of sticking a Coat Hanger up where it don't belong...

I'm not aware of any Law, proposed or enacted, that doesn't make exceptions for saving the Mother's life... should she not choose her baby over herself. Somehow. (Admittedly my perspective is limited🤷‍♂️)

I'll have to look up the statistics on abortion causes though...

Peace! ✌😇✝️