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Minutes to Midnight chapter 19 :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 0 0
Mature content
Taboo Chapter 35 :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 0 0
Poultry flock  by PurplePhoneixStar Poultry flock :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 2 0 Feed Store cat by PurplePhoneixStar Feed Store cat :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 2 3
Doctor of my heart chap 3
I do not own Naruto okay? I don’t have much else to say here in this chapter’s beginning, so enough of this A/N, on with the fic!
Itachi took Konan’s plate as she finished and took it to the kitchen to be washed. “Come join me in the parlor for some tea. I expect you will want to check Akari before she goes to bed for the night.”
“Yes I will.” Konan said as she followed Itachi to the parlor.
Itachi motioned for her to sit down in a plush red chair in a large room. He poured Konan a cup of tea and handed it to her before he handed himself a cup and sat down in his favorite chair. “I always find a cup of chamomile tea is always good to help calm one down after a long day.” Konan nodded and took a sip as she looked over at Itachi.
Itachi smiled back as he looked over at Konan and then stared at the pictures on the wall. She could tell that he was a very serious man before the loss of Izumi, but this had made him even more so. “I
:iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 0 0
Taboo chapter 34
I don’t own Invader Zim okay? I am still amazed this story has come this far. When I started, I thought there would be only 5 or 6 chapters. But anyway, this is chapter 34 and I plan to finish it by the end of this year. So enough of this A/N, on with the fic!
Tak grabbed Dib’s hand and headed for a spot where she could talk to him in private and comfortably. This was not going to be easy, and she was going to have to discuss this plan with him anyway. If the plan of disrupting the snack shipments was successful, it was highly possible that the Tallest would just implement the Ultimate Solution. They had tossed around the idea of just leaving and exploring the universe together, but they were never serious and had never planned for how it might happen. Dib followed behind her, trying to keep up with her fast pace. “What’s going on?” Dib asked, noticing how Tak had went from depressed to panicked pretty quickly.
Tak ignored him until she found a cargo room
:iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 2 0
Katy online by PurplePhoneixStar Katy online :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 2 1 Bad Kitty! by PurplePhoneixStar Bad Kitty! :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 3 0 Kitty Love by PurplePhoneixStar Kitty Love :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 3 0
Doctor of my heart chap 2
I do not own Naruto okay? I don’t have much to say here, so enough of this A/N, on with the fic!
Itachi headed to the kitchen and pulled out some pots and pans and got ready to prepare dinner. He was pleased with how well Konan was interacting with Akari. She’s got a real talent for handling children. Itachi thought as he headed over to the refrigerator and pulled out some fish and bean paste to begin to prepare dinner for him and Konan that evening. Akari loved her father’s cooking but couldn’t eat much because she had been sick. Itachi pulled down a box of rice to make the porridge for her. It was an old recipe his mother had made for him when he and Sasuke were sick as children as well. The water was boiling as he added the rice and he looked into the water. As proud of he was of his own culinary ability, he was even more so of Izumi’s. If there was one thing she could make that he could never get the hang of himself it was his favorite food, dango.
:iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 2 0
Mature content
Taboo chapter 33 :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 1 0
Doctor of my heart chap 1
I do not own Naruto okay? I know I shouldn’t be starting new stories when I have so much more going on but I don’t see this being more than a few chapters. I was looking for OTP ideas for another fandom’s OTP but then when I found this one, I tried to plug it in and it didn’t work, but I found it worked well with this one. Anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!
Konan looked at the manor and sighed. The Uchiha clan was one of the most prominent in the Land of Fire and often very secretive. It was often believed that Konoha had some of the best doctors in the land, so she was very confused why she would be called all this way to tend to the young head’s daughter. He had the power and influence that he could have called the best doctor in the land, Tsunade, to personally treat her. Rumor had it that since his wife Izumi died, he had become very angry and reclusive. His daughter was only 5 but he would often have her followed when she went to the academy
:iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 1 0
Tshirt pillow by PurplePhoneixStar Tshirt pillow :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 1 0
Mature content
Minutes to Midnight chapter 18 :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 0 0
My political Scales results by PurplePhoneixStar My political Scales results :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 3 0
Taboo chapter 32
See any of the other 31 chapters for a disclaimer okay? I don’t think I should have to tell you at chapter 32 that I do not own Invader Zim. Since I am trying to get this story wrapped up by the end of this year, I figured I would work harder on this. But anyway enough of this A/N, on with the fic!
Lord Nar had retired to his office leaving everyone alone. Frank and Kathy had decided to head to the armory to check their weapons in and discuss the types of fighting technology the Resisty had, and Professor Membrane had headed back to the research wing to work with Kar Bin and Hornard on something that could disrupt a teleportation shipment. Kar Bin and Hornard would be well versed in things like that, and Professor Membrane had to get used to catching up on the curve. This left Tak and Dib alone in the meeting room, looking over Earth and the Irken ships surrounding it. Dib lay down on the couch and sighed.
“What is it?” Tak asked sitting next to him.
“I don
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This is a meme that gets the point across simply and that point is that Anita is a hypocrite just milking the "cause" and I quote that ...

This is a pretty good take on Dib's style and is a very nice job. You caught what I would like to call it as, his adorkability very wel...

This message is one that needs to be said more and more these days with the abuse of mental illness for people to get their way. It is ...

This is a pretty good work that shows that Hillary trying to ride the fact she is a woman into the White House is wearing thin these da...


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If you do not know by chapter 19 that I do not own Invader Zim, then get yourself checked out because you got some serious issues. I am hoping to get this story and Taboo wrapped up by the end of 2018 so you’ll see more updates. But anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Christie had followed Gaz’s order and headed out to Seamus’s hideout to report back the results of the rescue attempt and Gaz’s decision and plans. She was relieved the delivery went as easy as it did because Christie had expected complications and knew nothing of what could result from the hybridization projects. But if there was one thing that could be assured was that no matter what happened with the course of events from then on, they had a valuable source of information that could be used to fight the Irkens and get Earth back. They had already gotten Gaz free; it seemed that they could do nothing wrong and humanity would be out of the Irken’s grasp by the new year. Now don’t get too cocky now. Eventually they are going to notice that Gaz is gone and wonder what happened to her.  Christie thought as she headed to Seamus’s hideout and knocked to be let in.

“What of it?” Seamus asked through the communicator.

“We did it. And there’s tidings of new life as well.” Christie said as she replied back.

“Well that’s sooner than was expected.” Seamus said from his command center while Christie  walked down the cavernous hallways she knew by heart.

“How so?” Christie asked as she sat beside Seamus who gulped. He had expected Christie to die in the attempt to break Gaz free when he kissed her and confessed his feelings. But she lived and was continuing to fight as if nothing had been said. He didn’t know what to think of it. Christie had just taken what he had said with stride as she had lost the ability to really feel affection in the things she had to do to stay alive and the types of contact she had. She had seen Seamus as a brother more than someone she could really love.

“While I was in the system creating the distraction, I had managed to snag a few bits of information about the hybridization projects. The first ones weren’t due for a few more weeks.” Seamus said.

“Zib seems pretty healthy and won’t need a PAK.” Christie said.

“Zib?” Seamus asked in disgust. “You mean Gaz actually named that thing?”

“Yeah, and don’t say a thing about it bad to her. But her child can’t be controlled. They’re using the PAKs to monitor the brain waves and thoughts of humans, or at least trying to.” Christie said.

“There was nothing in my notes about that.” Seamus said looking around frantically in his files.

Christie knew this was her chance to sell Gaz to Seamus. He already approved of Zim and Dib knowing about him, if not reluctant on the fact, but Gaz was going to be another hard sell. “Look, Gaz knows more than any of us because as an Incubator, people let things slip around her. And she’s Professor Membrane’s favorite child so she may be able to work things out of him if she plays it right.” Christie pleaded.

“Maybe. Bring her by in 7 days.” Seamus said. “That’ll give her time to heal from delivery and will also help me determine how much heat will be on from this. You know the Irkens will find out eventually she escaped and come looking for her. They may even eventually crack my technology. They’re good, I have to give them that. Anything happens, you email me. Got it?”

“Will do.” Christie said. She noticed Seamus look away. “Look, if we make it through this, and somehow by some miracle, Irk leaves Earth, I would consider it. It’s just, so hard for me to think about relationships now. I’ve done horrible things and been disgusted from it. You know this. But I will break this planet free, even if I am the last Eleison who can enjoy freedom once again. I want to finish what my parents and Derek died for.”

“And that’s what I love about you. Just, try to survive.” Seamus said.

“Only if you do too.” Christie said with a wink as she headed out of the hideout.

“And take a different and longer route than usual that is more out of the way!” Seamus yelled.

“Do you think I am an idiot?” She said back.

“Nope.” Seamus said to himself as the door shut behind her.

Professor Membrane never recalled being so afraid in his entire life. Here he was, sitting in silence in a conference room. He had been the one waiting for important meetings before many, many times. He even once had to convince the Pope that it was okay for him to do some of the things he did to get a few European contracts. As the head of Membrane Labs, he had to be a master of selling the impossible to the unknowing. But now was different. Gaz, where the hell are you? Are you okay? Am I going to be okay? He thought as he stared at the door with trepidation. When I first was made a chief scientist by the Tallest, I wasn’t afraid. When I pleaded for Dib’s life and got him that job, I wasn’t afraid. So why am I so afraid now? He thought as another voice popped up in his head.

“Because you are reaping the seeds you have sown.” A voice much like his dead wife spoke up in his mind.

“Penelope?” He spoke aloud.

“It’s your mind replaying my voice as you cannot face these facts you came to on your own and you know I was right. You lied to me. When I died you said you would keep Dib and Gaz safe. I would hardly call what you have done safe.  Substituting recordings for actual parenting, kicking Dib out when he came out, making Gaz a human incubator against her wishes, all these are things a proper father wouldn’t have done. You’re more Josef Mengele than you ever thought you would become in the name of science. You’re nothing near Wherner Von Braun.” the voice said.

“Nonsense!” Professor Membrane said as he threw a book at the door.

“Well, is that any way to greet your merciful Tallest?” Red said.

“My Tallest!” He said saluting. “How good is it to see you?”

“I would prefer we met under better circumstances.” Red replied. “But we received a very disturbing report from the hybridization projects that shakes us on multiple fronts. Fronts you assured us that you had handled.”

“Yes. And we’re meeting in a stuffy conference room rather than a massive snack buffet. Why did we have to make New York our landing headquarters? I mean we took over Area 51 and they’re not far from Las Vegas’s delicious buffets.” Purple said.

Professor Membrane and Red, both breaking from their concerns about what happened in the hybridization projects, looked at Purple with a look in incredulous disbelief and blinked. “The downside of a society that gives title based on height alone.” Red said. “But back to the more serious matter at hand Membrane.”

“Gaz’s escape.” Professor Membrane said as he bowed his head in shame. “I know about this.”

“And do you know who could have taken her?” Red asked. “You know the system better than anyone.”

“That’s what we are trying to figure out and I have Irk’s best criminal investigators looking at the tracks and they are coming up with a few clues but no one could match the few DNA samples that were found.” Professor Membrane said. “We only found a few hairs that did not match any of the staff or known Incubators.” He elaborated.

“Well maybe you need to expand your database because some of our humans working in the IT department found traces of outside hackers. Now they were slight but they caught some of the smaller details that the Irkens typically didn’t.” Red said. “And the marks lead us to an old IT nerd we had and fired. Seamus McFinnigan.”

“Okay, I don’t know who Seamus McFinnigan is.” Professor Membrane said.

“He’s a suspected dead but yet alive rebel we had been trying to catch. He had ties to the Eleison clan before they were all killed. But between you and me, we’re smarter than to think when Derek was killed that he was the last Eleison. You and I both know his younger sister Christie survived and is out there somewhere. And if a hacker with ties to her family is getting into our systems, well you’re smart enough. You’ll figure it out. And Dib’s performance, while with the sound gun was excellent-”

“He’s just like me in that respect.” Professor Membrane said proudly.

“Your ego never takes a hint.” Red mumbled. “He still hasn’t been doing as well as we need him to to justify keeping him alive despite his flaw. He was the one giving Zim all the trouble before we Invaded after all.”

“What’s Dib got to do with this?” Professor Membrane said, suddenly becoming defensive for his son. “He didn’t have anything to do with Gaz at all! He met up with her to make sure she was okay, but that was it!”

“Well Gaz did start getting rude with the Irken doctors soon after she met up with him.” Purple added.

“Yes, she did.” Red said, amazed that his buffoon of a co-Tallest would have thought of something like that in the first place. “We think that he may have given her a bad idea. And if she managed to escape, she’d likely go to Dib’s house. Luckily that is where Zim is, so in the morning when they report for duty, we’ll ask them. We’ll get her back though one of you. You have 7 days. All of you.” Red said as he motioned for Purple to follow him and left Professor Membrane to think over what happened.

Once he was sure that the Tallest would not hear him, he threw a chair against the wall in frustration. Things were coming apart at the seams and someone was going to die. He knew it. Be it him or Dib, there was going to be a death soon enough. He had no idea where Gaz was beyond the idea the Tallest had. That was going to be his natural idea to look if he had not gotten any clues from the scene itself. But 7 days? He had taken more time to look for a missing rat in his labs he had grown an ear on. He looked outside the window at the grey snow and sleet along the roadside. It was about this time his wife had died 20 years before. As a car drove through the melted roadway slush, he sighed to himself. “Mengele, thy name is now Membrane.” He sighed as the slush hit the window leaving oily and salty streaks as it ran down the side.

Zim and Dib had gotten up early to get ready for their assignments. Christie still had not gotten back from her trip to Seamus’s hideout, but they just surmised she had taken a long route than the usual one. Gaz had been up all night with baby Zib nursing him as she looked at her brother and his lover get ready for work. “She normally stay out this late?” Gaz asked.

“Not like it’s unheard of.” Zim said casually.

“Don’t like her much?” Gaz smirked.

“Nope.” Zim said. “Dangerous smart mouthed liability.”

“So why do you keep her?” Gaz asked.

“Because she’s the key to getting things back to some kind of normal.” Dib said.

“A normal where you two and be you and not cogs in the oppressive machine. A cog you guys only became to stay alive for the other.” Gaz said simply. “I know what you’ve become.”

“And I hate it.” Dib moaned.

“Well, if we are late, we won’t keep up appearances.” Zim said as Dib nodded and followed him to the car.

Once the car left and was well out of earshot, Gaz heard the door open. “Who is it?” She asked, holding Zib close.

Zim and Dib headed into the labs trying to look as normal as possible after all that had happened the night before. Someone in the higher ups was bound to have heard of what happened with Gaz. Zim was certain he was going to hear about this as soon as he got in and would have to be put in charge of finding Gaz. Then again, where Zim wasn’t even informed of the project’s existence until recently anyway, there could be even worse in store for him. Dib took a  deep breath and tried to look like he was ready for a new project. Most of the time it was some way to keep humans tame and under control, or preparations for the molt when he would have to stay home and not even leave the house. However, as he entered the labs, he found Floogoo sitting in his chair. “What is it sir?” Dib asked, noticing the blank but stern look on Floogoo’s face.

“You’re wanted by a secret department. Now. I have no say.” Floogoo said. “Sorry Membrane.”

“Huh?” Dib asked as he was knocked out and a black bag was placed on his head.

“Told you we needed a XXXL, he’s got a really big head.” Floogoo said as the guard saluted him. “And I can hear him saying something about his head not being big, well I would hear it if he was conscious.”

The next thing Dib knew, he was being injected with a serum that perked him awake with a bright light through the black bag being shown. He moved his arms and could feel that both his arms and legs were tied to a chair. With a quick fluid motion the bag was lifted and Dib looked around.

“Where am I?” He asked, squinting his eyes.

“Told you they’d need a XXXL sized bag.” Red said.

“Fine.” Purple said. “You were right, his head is bigger than I thought it was.”

“My head’s not big! Why does everyone keep saying that?” Dib said, almost reflexive at this point in his life.

“We’re the Almighty Tallest as you can tell and you Dib Membrane, we have some questions for you we need answered.” Red said while Purple stood beside him with an evil but childishly excited look on his face.

So how was that? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Cliff hangery? Let me know in a review. And yes, I used Nazi scientist’s work for inspiration on a lot of the projects in this story. You have to admit it’s horrific and works for horrific things. Don’t get overly offended at my mock up of history here! I am hoping to get this and Taboo done by the end of this year, and if not, have only a few more chapters to go. So here’s hoping. I’d have a few more chapters under these stories done but my life has been hectic lately and I couldn’t get time or inspiration to update. But I got it now, so remember to read (well you just did) and to review. Ciao for now,
This is a meme that gets the point across simply and that point is that Anita is a hypocrite just milking the "cause" and I quote that because it's a faux thing she started at this point. I mean if you are getting tons of attention and money to spew stuff bashing people who don't think like you, I doubt how genuine you are into something. But at vidcon she was caught bullying Sargon of Akkad for his ideas instead of having a civil and proper debate and that causes someone to lose cred when it comes to a campagin like she had with gamergate. Besides, if you are playing games online and people are insulting you, you should have known people are scum and would do that anyway. Overall, nice job and sometimes in this day and age keeping it simple in meme form gets the message across well.
I am just posting this to update you on what is going on. Nothing much, just off for the season so I am focusing on my school work. I am going to try and get an extra class in this semester because they charge by the semester not by the class the school I go to.  On my dad's condition, he had horrible side effects because of the chemo treatments, but it's nearly in remission. The count was from 290 parts per million for cancer cells and latest tests show that it is now about 5 parts per million. I am also going to be working on my fanfics some more. I am focusing on my fics Taboo and Minutes to Midnight and you can find them here on Deviantart or on my account:… . I am going to be looking for work and just put some words in with whatever higher power you believe that I don't have the issues I did the previous summers. So far doesn't look like it, but still. You never know. So just updating you from the last one. 

Well check out my other accounts:………

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