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I do not own Naruto okay? I know it has taken me forever to update this but I figured I would try to wrap this up. As it sits at the moment I have a few more chapters in mind and this should wrap this story up. But enough of this A/N, on with the fic!
Sakura looked in the mirror as she washed her hands. It was still her mandated day off from the hospital, and she knew that Tsunade or Shizune would chase her out with the ferocity of a demon if she dare show up to work on days she was supposed to be off unless by direct summons by Tsunade herself. The mark Sasuke had left earlier was mostly faded and could only be seen by someone who knew it was there and looking for it. However, the fact he would do something like that told her that she was nothing more than a womb to Sasuke to mother Uchiha heirs. It was time for her to take a deep assessment of what situation she was in. As Lady Tsunade's top student, able to have mastered 100 healings, she knew she was physically strong. She was also
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#WalkAway meme by PurplePhoneixStar #WalkAway meme :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 6 0 Yarn by PurplePhoneixStar Yarn :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 2 0 I swear there was still some Count Chocula! by PurplePhoneixStar I swear there was still some Count Chocula! :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 2 0 Cross stitch project  by PurplePhoneixStar Cross stitch project :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 0 0
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Taboo Chapter 39 :iconpurplephoneixstar:PurplePhoneixStar 0 0
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Honor Among Thieves
I do not own Pokemon okay? This is written for the WA Role Reversal challenge. I had been looking for a reason to write a Pokemon fic for awhile and this one came to mind. It will take place in Johto based a lot off the anime. But enough of this A/N, on with the fic.
Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu had just finished their travels in Goldenrod City and now were heading to Ecruteak City to battle the next gym leader in the Johto league. Feeling optimistic from his latest victory in Goldenrod City against Whitney, Ash was strutting along, looking at his brand new Plain Badge with Pikachu on his shoulder.
“Three gyms down!” Ash said as Pikachu perked up on his shoulder and yelled, “Pika!” and held out his arm with a thumbs up.
“Now don’t get too cocky Ash,” Misty said. “You still have 5 more to go before you even enter the Johto league.”
“I know that!” Ash said. “And I am going to mop the floor with them all!”
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This is a meme that gets the point across simply and that point is that Anita is a hypocrite just milking the "cause" and I quote that ...

This is a pretty good take on Dib's style and is a very nice job. You caught what I would like to call it as, his adorkability very wel...

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I don’t own Invader Zim okay? Then again, 43 chapters in, you should know that. My goal is to get this wrapped up by the end of the year so I am going to be working on it a lot. Anyway, enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Tak sat in the medical bay, waiting the medic who would make her bruises from when she got into the fight with 777 go away like nothing and then she would be escorted to the Tallest’s command chamber. There she would tell them what the Resisty told her to tell them about the group and their plans and work to sway the idea that blowing up Earth wasn’t worth the hassle. I would have to find some way to play on their fear of the Control Brains and maybe, something with Miyuki....... I don’t know how they would take to me bringing up her memory. I mean they did have respect for her, but would the idea of dishonoring her memory actually scare them at all?  Tak thought as she looked at the ceiling of the doctor’s office. “Why is it, no matter where you are, how important you may seem, you still have to wait forever in a medical office to see anyone?” Tak moaned to herself.

“It’s like that in the human world too. You’d think as the son of the great Professor Membrane, they’d get me in faster but noooooooooooooooooooo, trust me having a bad case of strep throat at the day before the 8th grade Jr Hi-Skool trip to the Observatory and I couldn’t go until the doctor gave me some medicine was one of the worst things I could imagine.” Dib said over the butterfly barrette communicator.

“Worse than me hunting you down?” Tak laughed.

“Pretty close.” Dib laughed. “But I have the wavelengths coming from this thing so that only you can hear me. Nothing will be heard by anyone around you, so as long as your looks don’t betray yourself, you’ll be fine.”

“That’s good. Love you.” Tak sighed.

“Love you too. Be safe and sell it.” Dib said as he ended the communication.

With this, she smiled a little as she lay back on the examining table awaiting the doctor. How fast she would be able to talk the Tallest into leaving the planet with a few fancy words to gain their trust, she didn’t know. But she did notice there were a few magazines on the other side of the room, so she picked up ‘Irken Newsweek’ which appeared to be from a few months before. “This might prove interesting....” She said to what would seem to be herself just choosing a general interest news publication to anyone watching, but it was also a hint that Dib and the Resisty should look over her shoulder.

“Hey guys, Tak found something we should be looking over too....” Dib said as Lord Nar and 777 woke up.

“Huh?” Lord Nar said as he rubbed his eyes. “‘Irken Newsweek’?” He asked.

“It appears to be a few weeks old....” 777 said.

“Yeah but we haven’t found that copy floating about in Irken rubbish yet.” Lord Nar said. He looked up at the screen with interest. “How you can keep watching this without the need for sleep or some sort of rest, I’ll never know” he said looking at Dib who was staring at the screen intently.

“It’s in Irken!” 777 yelled in frustration.

“I can read most Irken, not fluent but I know enough. Besides, I am saving this from the point she picked up the magazine for someone to translate further.” Dib said.

“” 777 said looking at Dib staring at the screen, hardly blinking.

“Well Zim had been on Earth for 7 years before the Armada actually came. I had been watching him since day 1 when he came to my Skool. Out of all the educational facilities on the planet, he chose to come to mine.” Dib said with a smirk. “And I am a master of observation and research. In those 7 years, I learned to read Irken as best I could to decipher some of the technology and culture I could from the various spy-bugs I had in Zim’s labs at the time. He never knew just how I learned so much about Irk itself because he never spoke of it.” Dib said as he looked over the Irken letters in the magazine. “ From what I can gather, it seems that some members of the Tallest Domestic Issue Advisory Committee are wondering why in the name of Miyuki that they are dealing with Earth to begin with. They see that they have enough to worry about keeping their power over the planets that were gained in Operation Impeding Doom II and with instability on Meekrob that they are spending a lot of time on a planet where a disgraced Invader was sent as a form of Banishment.” Dib paused. “Wait, Zim’s mission was a farce?”

“You didn’t know?” Lord Nar asked.

“It’s common knowledge around the part of the galaxy that Irk is in.” 777 said.

“Part of the reason we followed the Armada here because we knew something was up with the fact they came to Earth in the first place.” Lord Nar explained.

“But this is good news to use.” 777 said.

“How so? I mean growing domestic pressures would want them to handle what is going on on Irk sooner, but they would still just easily destroy the planet and go home.” Dib said.

“Maybe not, when the Tallest Domestic Issue Advisory Committee is the one questioning them, this can play in the favor of not blowing up the planet.” Lord Nar said. “They are the ones who have the second highest power than the Tallest and can be used to hold a Tallest accountable to their leaders, the Control Brains. A series of sort of AI computers that are involved in tough decisions that cannot be handled by one Irken alone. Since they are AI, they cannot be corrupted by emotions and thus dispense justice in situations a Tallest does not want to. Not perfect, but it helps. No Tallest wants to go in front of them being accused of the horrible crime of forgetting the motto ‘Irk First.’”

“And how would Invading other planets be seen as ‘Irk First’?” Dib asked.

“It keeps their powerhold strong. Your neighbors and possible enemies cannot question you or take you if you take them first. If there is one thing you gather from Irken culture is that they are very combative. Their idea of a good defense is a good offense. That’s why they allied with us and eventually Invaded us.” 777 explained with a grim face. “Should have know that alliance would not have protected us.”

“So focusing much of the Empire’s might on what is seen as a backwater wild and uncivilized planet and Promoting Zim would get under the skin of the Irkens back on Irk because unlike the planets closer to home that have been converted to use for the Empire, this one doesn’t seem to be providing them much at all and the Tallests are the ones getting all the Earth snacks so that can’t be used as a diversion for the Irken domestic public.” Dib said.

“Seems to be on point.” Lord Nar said. “And it helps us because domestic pressure can be used to recall them a lot more than we can do alone.”

“So what would happen if the Tallest were held on trial for blowing up Earth? I mean it seems like they wouldn’t care either way. Nothing of value to the Empire would be lost.” Dib said trying to piece together this information in his mind to help oversee Tak and interpret what she may have to do.

“But think of it like this. Crossing a galaxy and overpowering a planet uses a lot of resources. And you know Earth and Irk are very, very far apart. Even for races such as advanced as we are.” Lord Nar said proudly. “Earth would have to provide something really big for the domestic population of Irk to be behind staying there for more than a visit. Seems like it isn’t. And then you just go blow it up, that gets the Irkens at home wondering why you couldn’t take a dumb planet and keep it under control. You’ll have the civilians demanding your trial and the Tallest Domestic Issue Advisory Committee will listen to them as it is kind of their job to and then if they think the people may be right, then they’ll turn you over to the Control Brains. They will then try them in court for crimes against Irk and if they are convicted, they’ll be fired.”

“Just fired?” Dib asked. “That doesn’t seem so bad.”

“No, they are literally set on fire. Burn in the public square while dookie is thrown at them. And it could get worse if someone thought the crime was deserving enough.” 777 said.

“Yeah......... I think human firing seems tamer now.....” Dib sighed as he looked back at the screen. He was sure Tak knew about Irken Tallest Firing if Lord Nar and 777 did and it sounded like no amount of snacks would be worth risking that to happen to them. “But another thing it seems that Irken medical facilties have in common with human.”

“What?” Lord Nar asked.

“Well in addition to interminable waits,” Dib shuddered as he said it. “Old magazines.”

At this shudder of outdated periodicals, the doctor finally came in to examine Tak. “Lady Tak?” The moderately tall female Irken said as she slowly opened the door.

“Yes?” Tak asked looking over at her. The doctor was about 5 foot 5 and had light purple eyes and really curly antenna that spiraled a couple times more than Tak’s and had more prominent eyelashes than her to show she was indeed female.

“I’m Gutti, your doctor and I am here to examine your injuries. Your PAK should have healed some of them but I am here to make sure there is no extensive damage.” Gutti, the doctor said as she pulled out a few scanners to look over Tak. “So how did you get these injuries again?”

“I got into a fight with a Vortian when I escaped their clutches and came back to the Massive.” Tak said simply.

“I hope you got him better than he got you. I see some pretty intense bruising that is healing as well as a few cracked bones. One of your ribs seems to be nearly broke.” Gutti said as she took a closer look. “Can you take off your shirt so I can feel the affected area?”

“Fine.” Tak said.

“Oh I bet you are liking this part.....” 777 said as he nudged Dib winking.

“OH SHUT UP!” Dib said blushing.

“We all know you’ve seen much more of Tak.” Lord Nar said.

“I don’t know what you are talking about, we’ve never done anything like that, no siriee bob.....” Dib blushed as he looked around panicked at the idea that someone knew he and Tak had physical intimate relations.

“Irkens can fornicate like humans can, but once they do, there is a certain pheromone that goes off. Found a few spots of that.” Lord Nar explained.

“Oh......” Dib said slightly embarrassed, knowing he couldn’t hide that fact. “I thought that was me.”

“Guess not.” 777 laughed as they turned back to the screen.

Gutti was examining Tak gently. It seemed that while she was a doctor on the Massive, she was more caring of her patients than  most of the Armada’s doctors were notorious for. “You seem a lot nicer than other Armada medics that I have had to deal with.”

“I asked for this job personally. I admire you Lady Tak.” Gutti said.

“You do?” Tak said amazed.

“Holding your own in space for all those years before the Tallest saved you. Doing what I consider a better job than Governor Zim ever could. You’re tough.” Gutti said as she pushed in Tak’s side and she winced in pain. “I can see there is a small break in one of your ribs. Nothing that can’t be fixed pretty easily.” Gutti said as she rummaged in the cabinet for a bone repair paste.

“Well I mopped the floor of the Resisty’s ship with that dumb goat looking Vortian dumbass.” Tak smiled. “I got him more than he got me.”

“That’s good to hear.” Gutti said. “Now this will sting and stink a little but you will be healed up in a few hours. And while it is healing you can meet with the Tallest in the meeting halls once I update them on your status.”

“That’s good to hear.” Tak said. “Got anything to watch or read that’s newer than this magazine?” She asked.

“Oh! I can’t believe no one told you, we just added at TV connected to the Irken cable network.” Gutti said as she moved a screen and turned on the television. “I’ll check up on you in about an hour. I have to report your health to the Tallest.”

“That Gutti doctor seems nice.” Dib said.

“Don’t let Tak hear you saying that.” 777 laughed.

“Shut up! I didn’t mean like that!” Dib yelled.

“Let’s be mature.” Lord Nar said. “It seems that the television got turned on to INN.”

“INN?” Dib asked “Is that like Irken CNN?”

“What’s CNN?” Lord Nar asked.

“A 24 hour cable news network.” Dib said.

“Well yeah. It stands for Irken News Network.” 777 said.

“Oh boy, I couldn’t figure that one out.....” Dib said sarcastically.

“Shut up, this is the opinion and analysis show. We can get some insight to the domestic attitude and see if it changed since the time that Irken Newsweek was published.” Lord Nar said.

“Will Red and Purple be the first Fired Tallests?” The reporter said on the screen. “Growing concensus on Irk says that they may as well be. Recent reports show that 35% of surveyed Irkens on Irk and not on Operation Impending Doom II related assignments say that Red and Purple should be Fired for spending so much time on Earth with meager supplies of onyx, platinum and other valuable minerals coming in. We interviewed this worker of Zennithapex, Irk’s capitol city, this worker at a donut shop.” The screen turned to an Irken who was wearing a paper hat and an apron that said ‘BUY OUR DONUTS!!!!!!!!!!’ “Hi, I’m just your average height Irken here and I can tell you that I have no idea what the hell the Tallest are doing keeping our mighty Armada around to fight a bunch of stink monkeys because an ex-Invader was banished there. What the hell is going on on Earth that is so important that the Tallest would forget that they banished Zim for destroying Irk in the first place! He smashed everything with a doombot and then made the fires worse! My shop had survived the doombot but when he tried to put out the fire, it burned to the ground! It took all the monies in my savings to rebuild!”

The screen then turned to the reporter. “There you have it. Your domestic work a day Irken seems to be pretty upset at the current direction of Operation Impending Doom II. Others on our feed page have commented they thought that all the planets were conquered a long time ago, why Earth? We have yet to hear back from the Massive for comment. To be fair however, they hardly ever watch the news, and they probably don’t know what’s going on yet.”

“Well, I’ll have to tell the Tallest that.” Tak said. She winced in pain as the paste healed her bones. She then got a whiff of the paste and nearly puked. It was at this time Gutti came back in.

“It’s been about an hour.” She said as she wiped off the paste. “You seem to be healing well. I just spoke with the Tallest and they want to see you when we are done.”

“Good, I got something important to tell them.” Tak said.

“You’ll do fine. I have yet to meet a tougher and braver Irken.” Gutti smiled.

“Thanks.” Tak said as Gutti handed her back her shirt.

“Put this on then follow me to the Tallest’s meeting room.” Gutti said as Tak slid her shirt on and followed her to the Tallest meeting room on the Massive. “Here we are. The Tallest will see you now.” She said as she opened the door and Tak walked inside.

So how was that one? Good? Bad? Short? Long? Let me know in a review. And yes I was pretty lazy on naming the Irken news media. You don’t need to remind me. I am thinking I can get this wrapped up in about 5 or so chapters, but depending on how things go it may be more. Don’t quote me on length. I have a few other projects I am working on, finally got a job and going to be starting a new semester soon, but the goal still stands. I want to finish this fic by the end of the year. So with domestic issues back on Irk showing, the Tallest will have to decide if snacks are worth a Firing. Especially when the snacks keep disappearing. So remember to read, well you just did, and to review. Ciao for now,

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So, if you made it this far, you should know that I do not own Invader Zim okay? My goal is to get this story done by the end of the year so you’ll see a lot of updates. But other than that, I don’t have much else to say here, so enough of this A/N, on with the fic!

Zim turned off the communicator and sighed. He knew something was up. The Tallest may not have seen it, but he knew that this was a sign of something that Tak was actually up to. She had done nothing but insult him when she was working with him before and he swore she was actually trying to undermine him. And as much as he would hate to admit it to himself, he knew she could do it if he didn’t have Gaz at his side. He looked at Gaz and Levi sleeping and knew that this would complicate things. Gaz would not be running Tak’s old position anymore. Tak would officially replace her and she could not do anything without Tak retaliating and having the blessing of the Tallest on anything that was done. The Tallest wanted her to take care of Levi more than handle Tak’s job. Gaz would not take that easily. She was a brilliant and dedicated woman who could come up with some of the most ingenious methods of torture and subjugation that Zim could ever hope for. Giving that power up to be a figurehead queen mother of Earth would not sit well with her. Gaz stirred and Zim took a breath and looked over at her.

“Who was that you were talking to?” Gaz said as she rubbed her eyes awake, sitting up.

“The Tallest.” Zim said simply. “They found out about you giving birth and wanted to know what you named him.”

“Let me guess, Purple said Leviathan is a stupid name.” Gaz said sarcastically.

“Obviously.” Zim said.

Gaz looked at Zim, knowing he was  hiding something that could be of bad news. Zim was never any good at hiding how he was feeling, and that was leaving out Gaz’s skill at reading people. “Something bad happened. Something big.” Gaz said with a scowl.

Maybe if I drop the softer bomb first she can take the other one better...... Zim said knowing partially that no matter what he said or how he said it, Gaz was not going to be thrilled. “The Tallest want you to take a break from your position filling Tak’s old role and focus on taking care of Levi. They want the first and royal Irken and human hybrid to have a good mother figure and be well cared for.” Zim said.

Gaz’s eyes widened in shock. She could tell he was trying to bury the lead. “And why, pray tell me,” Gaz said as she got up from the bed, pushing the comforter off her violently to the floor, getting up to Levi’s crib. Zim followed, knowing her rage was increasing and did not want any harm to come to Levi be it intentionally or accidentally. He wasn’t sure how she would react and had to be ready for anything. As much as he loved her, the child’s welfare had to come first. “Tell me WHY the Tallest don’t need someone in charge of punishment anymore?” Gaz said as she picked Levi up and rocked him. Zim relaxed a little but knew that once he told her the truth, she was not going to take that well and he may indeed have to take down the woman he loved to protect his child.

“You’re not going to like the reason.” Zim said.

“I already don’t like the idea.” Gaz said back as Levi began to wake.

Zim took a breath and said everything at once “TakcamebackandtheTallesttrustherandgaveherheroldjobbacksoyoucantakecareofLevimore!”

“Huh?” Gaz asked looking both furious and confused as Levi’s eyes widened, an expression of surprise on his amber Irken eyes. “Say that again. Slower.” She then went to the other side of the room where a bottle of formula designed for human and Irken consumption, based off slushies, soda and milk, was waiting and she slowly put it to Levi’s mouth as he reached up to grab the bottle. “It almost sounds like Tak came back and for some insane reason, the Tallest believed her.....”

“I said, ‘Tak came back and the Tallest trust her and gave her her old job back so you can take care of Levi more.’” Zim said looking at Gaz and Levi with concern. He was expecting the worst. Instead, Gaz sat down on the edge of the bed and fed Levi.

“Well, as much as the Tallest hate to be proven wrong, we’ll have to do that. I have gotten reports that snack shipments keep disappearing. At first I thought this was due to the fallibility of the workers and the slacking off causing packages to be filled empty. It has happened before, but with acetate rain and this, I can only conclude that Tak told the Resisty what the snack factories were for.” Gaz said simply as she bounced her son up and down as he threw his bottle when he was finished with a loud burp.

“So far to them it’s her word versus mine and they believe her more than they do me.” Zim said.

“Well, they believe me more than they do you.” Gaz said, completely ignoring that Zim might be offended at that comment. “So maybe I can do that.” She then sniffed the air and a look of complete and utter disgust came over her face. She lifted Levi up and looked at his diaper. “I think you should handle that..... I don’t know what baby Irken shit can do and I think you’d be better experienced on that matter.....”

“Most of the time the Squeedelyspooch just recycles everything so....”Zim said as he looked at Gaz’s furious and slightly sick face. “I’ll handle it. Just go easy on your plan to prove the Tallest wrong. If something goes terribly wrong for us, I want Levi to be okay and still have his mother.”

“Fine.” Gaz said begrudgingly. Zim does have a point, didn’t you turn against humanity because Dad was never home? Is his overwork why you don’t give two fucks about that bastard now? Don’t turn into that idiot. Gaz thought as she handed Levi to Zim. “But the time I do work, I have to do it harder than I did before.” Gaz said as she headed to Tak’s old office.

“What are you doing?” Zim said.

“Looking through Tak’s office. And if I can find something to prove her really a turncoat, great. If not, I’ll have to try another angle.” Gaz said.

“But Levi.....” Zim said.

“Relax, I will only do this for two hours, then back to him.” She held up her communicator watch. “Alarm set.”

“That’s a decent plan, I guess.” Zim said. That I will believe when I see it actually working to keep your priorities focused. He thought as he heard a banging at the front door. “What now?” He said as he headed there. “GIR!” He said, thinking of the one being he knew of that despite how annoying dangerous he could be, was still good in his own way with babies and small animals.

“YES MY MASTER!” GIR said coming up to Zim.

“I don’t know where you were and I frankly don’t care.” Zim said holding Levi, looking at GIR.

“I was at a fabulous underground dance party then we went to Krazy Taco then we and then some guards went....”GIR rambled on.

“GIR!” Zim yelled. “Focus on me for a minute.”

“IS THAT THE BABY? DID GAZ HAVE IT?” GIR yelled excitedly.

“Yes it is.” Zim said, I hope to Miyuki that Levi isn’t this simple when he gets older.... “Now I have a mission for you.” Zim began as the thumping on the door continued, louder and with a more annoyed pace.

“YES MY MASTER!” GIR said eyes glowing red as  he went into proper SIR mode.

“Take care of Levi while I answer the door. He needs a diaper change and just keep him quiet and happy. I need to see to this.” Zim said as he handed the infant to GIR, almost regretting it as soon as he did.

“HI LEVI! YOU SMELL HORRIBLE!” GIR yelled excitedly.

“That’s because his diaper is full of dookie.” Zim said. “Change it.”

“Can I keep it?” GIR asked.

“What?” Zim asked nearing the door, pounding becoming so intense he feared for the door’s stability.

“His stinky dookie filled diaper.” GIR asked hopefully.

“No, dispose of it.” Zim said annoyed.

“Awwwwwwww.....” GIR said as he carried Levi to a spare room and began to change the diaper.

Zim rolled his eyes, worrying for his son’s safety but knew that a young child smeet could not be involved in what he was going to have to do. He opened the door to find a lieutenant standing there, shorter than him by about 6 inches looking rather scared wearing a yellow raincoat and hat. “Just what do you think you are doing here?”

“I tried calling someone but because of that bizarre rain, all my coms equipment has been ruined. I am one of the last of my platoon to survive. Well me and Spleek here.” The female lieutenant said holding up a foot soldier who looked no taller than Zim was when he first came to Earth before he was Promoted. “Please Governor Zim, I know it’s not my place but can we rest here and try to get back in contact with command? We won’t stay long and Spleek needs some medical attention.”

Zim looked over at the short foot soldier with some concern. He looked like he had received some rather harsh injuries. A few looked like gunshot wounds that while nowhere near the PAK that could be fatal, they did seem rather painful. There were water burns from head to toe on the private that was making it hard for him to even move. Zim knew that these soldiers had a lot to tell and could be useful if they wanted to paint Tak as the traitor they knew she was. “In quickly, let’s get Spleek taken care of.”

“Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!” The lieutenant said as she carried the private to the nearest couch and laid him down. “I didn’t know where else to go, it was just me and Spleek left and everyone else was dead and I just....”

“Calm down there lieutenant.” Zim said as she jumped to attention and saluted him.

“Sorry! I’m just new at this, I was just Promoted not too long ago and I never thought I would see duties like this. They assured us the paste suits would hold. But that smelly rain took us for a start.”

“What’s your name?” Zim asked as she lieutenant took off her hat and placed it on the table and propped a pillow under Spleek.

“Sorry, I am Lieutenant Pleakley, she said blinking her purple eyes.” She said. “I found this raincoat around and remembered seeing humans wear things like this to protect themselves from the rain so I took it and wore it. I couldn’t find one for Spleek after the massacre so I grabbed it, grabbed him as he was the last one on my patrol alive and went to this place. I knew it wasn’t too far away and hoped to Miyuki on high that you or Lady Gaz would be sympathetic. I doubted you would, but it was worth a try. I was originally a medical orderly until I was transfered.”

“Well Pleakley, I can see the rain burns but how did Spleek get the gunshot wounds?” Zim said and he went to a cabinet and pulled out some gauze and wound sanitizer to help her patch those wounds.

“There was a group of humans who saw what happened with the rain.” She said plainly. “They saw what the rain was doing and how painful it was to us. Then I couldn’t make out who it was, maybe if I saw one or two of them again I could but doubt it.”

“Was there any organizational structure?” Zim asked.

“Couldn’t see much, a few had uniforms from a snack factory but the rest seemed random. A few had guns on them and thought they could shoot us while we were down. In turning off the paste shields, some turned off the other defenses, thinking that was needed for the reboot of systems and that was why they weren’t working. Spleek was one of them.” Lieutenant Pleakley said as she placed some antiseptic on the wounds he had and bandaged them up.

“That’s good to know. Keep Spleek stable.” Zim said as he headed back to Tak’s office. Gaz could use the information that Lieutenant Pleakley had told him and might be able to use it to help her crusade. Sure it may encourage her bad habit of overworking, but if that alarm did keep her on schedule with Levi, then it was worth a chance to try to help her prove that Tak was the traitor to the Empire they both knew she was. Zim knocked on the door to Tak’s office and Gaz opened it up.

“What?” She asked angered.

“A Lieutenant Pleakley and a foot soldier named Spleek arrived at our door step the last from a platoon that was gunned down by some rebels during that weird rain that ruined the paste suits. She told me about a few of the people she saw wearing snack factory uniforms but beyond that they didn’t seem too organized to her. She was Promoted recently from a hospital orderly.” He explained.

“Send them both in.” Gaz said as she sat in Tak’s chair behind her desk. “Tak had a really comfortable chair....”

“Even though Spleek’s badly injured?” Zim said.

“Put him in a wheelchair or on a gurney, I don’t care. I just need to talk to them.” Gaz said. “Tak made sure to get rid of the obvious evidence before she left. That bitch.”

“Fine.” Zim said as he headed back to the foyer and looked to Pleakley and Spleek. “Lieutenant,” He said as she jumped up.

“Yes Governor Zim sir!” She said saluting meekly.

“Lady Gaz wants to talk to you and Spleek about what happened to you in her office.” He said, not even acknowledging she was in what used to be Tak’s office.

“Okaaaaaaayyyyy...” Spleek said as he tried to sit up.

“I have a wheelchair in here somewhere for you. Take it easy soldier.” Zim said. “GIR! Fetch me a wheelchair!” Zim yelled as GIR came from the other room, pushing a wheelchair with Levi, covered in baby powder so think, his amber eyes stuck out, making him look like a snow-Irken with light mauve hair.

“Here you go master!” GIR said as Levi motioned to be picked up by his father. “Baby Levi doesn’t stink anymore.”

“I can see that.” Zim said. “Dismissed GIR.” GIR saluted and walked away. “Here you go. You can use this to ease the pain on Spleek.” He motioned to Lieutenant Pleakley who then picked Spleek up and helped to carry him to the chair. “I’ll guide you.”

“Thank you so much Governor Zim!” She said as Spleek nodded in gratitude. As they walked the hallways in silence, Lieutenant Pleakley spoke up. “Cute smeet. So Lady Gaz had the baby?”

“Yeah.” Zim said as he bounced Levi up and down, causing the young child to laugh. “But she’s needing your story.” He said as he opened the door.

“Welcome my brave soldiers.” Gaz said as they walked in. “Have a seat and tell me what happened to you.” She smiled as Zim headed out with Levi.

Hope that does something.... Zim thought as he walked back to the nursery.

So how was that? Good? Bad? Long? Short? Let me know in a review. I was trying to think of a name for the Lieutenant and Pleakley from Lilo and Stich came to mind and made her eyes purple in reference to the fact Kevin McDonald voiced both him in that movie and Tallest Purple. Now this one didn’t have much action, but I actually found a use for GIR in this story. Many of my more serious ones I can’t find one. Hope you liked that little bit of comic relief. I don’t have much else to say here, so remember to read (well you just did) and to review. Ciao for now
Seriously getting sick and tired of life kicking me when I'm down in the summer. :iconfrageplz: I can take my father passing, car issues and neighbors needing our other one for much longer than they really should and shitty job treatment on their own, BUT NOT ALL AT FUCKING ONCE! :iconfrageplz:

So here is where it begins. I got a job at a local store that opened up. A  branch of a Family Dollar and got worked 27 hours one week and now the third week of not getting any hours. The manager keeps telling me the District Manager is disappointed at the sales and keeps cutting labor hours. So seriously, this is shit. Then I try to get another job and because of HR that isn't at the places hiring, some algorithum will squirt me out before I even get a chance to interview. I mean there was one store that had a sign for open interviews every Monday at a certain time and the manager just gave me an application to come back and add to their file and I asked a place where I knew one of the managers and they said that before the store would even see it, central HR off site would have to send my applicaiton to them. Meaning they will see that I am overqualified and throw it out. Seriously, these chain places, the only ones that claim to hire where I live, have some of the shittiest policies on getting a job. They have an algorithm off site and then they send their HR approved candidates and then let the local level handle it from there. Yeah that's going to work real well. NOT! Same with slashing your labor hours. Not going to work well as people will get pissed waiting forever to be rung out. (Especially if they are there on lunch break or have to be somewhere and only need to pick up a few things) or have to wait forever to be checked out because the person working has to do something else because they don't bother to keep a few extra people on hand. I think then I'd expand the labor budget to keep the customers happy and coming back. But NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :iconeyerollplz: Let's make them wait and shaft the employees. 

Oh and while I can get unemployment as I am not back to full time work and pretty much furloughed until corporate sees the DM in this area is a fucking retard who probablly parades the fact they are the district manager of a chain of family dollars in East KY like they are a god when they are just a DM and outside of this region would be brushed off and couldn't make ends meet and would have been fired for abusing workers like this, we have been cut off food stamps, because my fiancee didn't make enough in self employment for it to count. (Yep, in Kentucky, self employment counts as employment but only if you make over 30 hours of minimum wage. Otherwise you have to play their game and attend all these programs that tell you how to get a job 20 years ago. Yeah state's fucked up and doesn't know what the employers do. Like "collect applications" and never hire even though they could and should and don't crack down on that or the blacklisting of people who call to ask on their applicaiton) and as a student going for my BA in accouting, I don't qualify for food stamps. Yep. Don't qualify because I am going back to school to get a degree to be a CPA and more employable for year round work. RETARDED! I DO THE RIGHT THING AND EXPAND MY SCHOOLING AND DEGREE AND GET SHAFTED AND HAVE TO TAKE OUT MORE LOANS TO FUCKING LIVE AND BECAUSE MY FIANCEE'S BUSINESS ISN'T GETTING OFF THE GROUND TO THE AMOUNT MONTHLY THEY'D LIKE THEY KICK HIM OFF. FUCK OFF MATT BEVIN. NO SANE MAN WEARS A PINK BLAZER TO THE FUCKING DERBY, (…) THE MOST SCARED EVEN IN THE STATE YOU DUMBASS BASTARD. Sorry for that but that is pissing me off. I have had to open a gofundme to try and get some help: or here:…

And to add to that suck salad, while I could get us by on my unemployment, not well but by and keep everything going, some dopeheaded fucktard messed with our shifter cable and the brakes needed fixing eating at what little money we had. We could put off repairs on the truck for a little while but our neighbor's car got sabatoged too and they have a nasty habit of spending all their money and not allocating properly. They have been borrowing our other car for the past month nearly to get to work and back. They did not really look for cars and the like until just recently and then have a deal on the 15th to get one if nothing else comes through. Now this wouldn't piss me off so much if our friend's wife wasn't parading the fact she was pregnant as why people should give her cars or how they shouldn't have to pay for gas or leave our car a mess. They are borrowing our Buick and the deal is keep it in good condition and keep gas in it. Well a few weeks ago his wife has a baby shower where she spends 60 bucks on food out of the meagar money they had for gas before they got paid again. She promised a ride to 4 people but because she bought the food for her own shower, she had a van full of groceries and couldn't deliver then whined on Facebook only half the people showed up. Ummmmm if you promised people a ride and then blow it on food, you kind of asked for it. And we know how much they make and the average bills and wondering where that money's going, mostly on eating out. My fiancee, a friend of ours who is getting her own business sewing and podcasting going too and I sat and talked to him about the spending habits and the like and from what he says it seems she's the one spending them out of house and home. Bills come first then food then whatever's left can be on what you want. BUt she seems to be hiding behind that baby, which when it's born they'll really be fucked. She was pretty snobby to my fiancee on the civilian reenactor rules and then threw the baby out there as to why (When actually they are quite reasonable, just stay in the civilian camp and don't bother military reenactors during drill) and when our brakes were out on the truck, she said "Why can't you drive the truck? I drove his car 150 miles with crappy brakes?" Ummmmmm we don't want to risk an accident that'd be our fault that's why. We offered to drive them when we needed the car for very important errands that day but that attitude was a big middle finger :iconfingerplz: Like we don't have to let you use the car, we can leave you on your own. Go while on facebook how no one is giving you everything you ever want because you're pregnant. We got the hint at the first 50000000+ pregnancy related posts. Now my ads when I look for memes are nothing but breastpumps and pregnancy things.  Given fiscally we're doing shittier than you and still getting by, badly (like I said need loans and a gofundme:… but still) That baby is not your get out of being a jerk and make everyone bow to you and give it all to you card. We look after a girl whose mom is a drugwhore and dumped her on us and still can get by. Like I said, there are days it's only ramen but our bills are paid and the powers on. We've had to cut back a lot from when I was working Intuit and getting good money. Well he's got a line on a car that he'll get cheap if he fixes it up but still, it's that kind of attitude our friend and his wife have that piss me off. So you fucked and didn't take proper protection and fucked your selves fiscally (they needed to use our water and shower for a while while we were in PA visiting my dad because they had it shut off. It's 25 a month, you tell me you let it slip? I make sure it's paid) yeah I get shit happens, but you have more money coming in that us, even after rent and the like and you couldn't get the down payment on something together sooner? We did without a lot to get our truck back on the road and keep things current.

And now, my dad passed back at the end of July. (… ) and I have been fighting the guilt I had leaving when I did.   He had issues breathing and had to go to the hospital and ended up having a cardiac event where he had no pulse for 12 minutes. I left before he was released but the thing was, the next day, after he was sedated, he came to with no brain damage and acted like he had just had a long rest, the doctors were amazed at that. He had been fighting cancer for some time and was almost in remission, but the chemo had got to him after a long time. He had a feeding tube because of an espohogal tear that they were too afraid to go in and fix because of the chemo treatments. He was released soon after I came home because of obligations back here, and when he passed, the days before everything was normal for his state. He had a hard time sleeping for a few days before and my mom had gotten him to go to bed to rest up and he was making noises like he was breathing for awhile before he stopped and she had to call 911. But I try to go on like nothing happened, be there for my mom, who this is the first time she had to deal with death close (I had to deal with my fiancee's grandma passing and how that shook us so I had a little experience but this is different) but that would be a whole lot of a hell easier of I had everything else going smoothly. I know it might not be healthy but I've been just trying to live my life like normal because that's what he wanted. They're having a celebration of life thing (as my dad didn't want a traditional funeral) with his old unit on Sept 8th, just have to see how things are going at the time to see what I can do. My mom and I have plans for June at least and meet up with my grandmother that I will head out to but with life here being a little bitch, that kind of blocks options for me to head out. It just kind of gets to me after awhile and I get rather pissed and frustrated at times. I can handle bad shit pretty well one at a time, just not all at once. But I'm working on my classes, just called the school and nothing has come up wrong with the loan processing that I need and hopefully around the 15th of this month, I'll have an extra 2000 to help provide a safety net but that doesn't mean I am not furious at life for hitting like this. I wanted ONE SUMMER where nothing goes wrong or if it does, it's minor. Not this. It's getting old and tiresome fast.

Well check out my other accounts:………

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I have epilepsy too so yeah, it's a pain but I hope to get help soon. :D

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