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Published: February 3, 2014
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Here’s an overly excited Mickey I drew from “Pandamonium”. He’s excited for all the amazing Annie wins! Including Paul Rudish for design, Ilya Owens for editing and Chris Willis for composing! What a great way to start the new year. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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NathanisrealHobbyist Digital Artist
I have a question. Since you work on the show, could you ask who ever writes if I could have a on-contract job writing scripts for shorts? I would love to be a tv writer.
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TheGuywhoLikesSonicStudent Photographer
me everytime i see a plate of my favorite foods
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ToonEGuyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Be sure to give Paul Rudish my thanks for ruining Disney's beloved icon with his crummy art design *sarcasm*. People like him are the reason animation on TV sucks now.
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.... You prefer old school things, don't you?
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ToonEGuy is such a menace to society, isn't he?

He needs to stop going out of his way to harass every single animation industry professional that makes things that he personally doesn't like and doesn't like for the stupidest of reasons (he should also be guillotined for his bad behavior).
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SquirrelCat1998V2Hobbyist Traditional Artist
How is not liking a certain cartoon being a "Menace to society"??
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You're right (well, minus the whole being guillotined thing :/).
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Anyway, Rudish, et al. are not ruining Mickey in the slightest possible manner. They're just changing his personality back to what it used to be before he got Flanderized.
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ToonEGuyHobbyist Traditional Artist
What they've been doing is sucking all the artistic quality out of Mickey Mouse and turning it into crap. What the heck is Tara Billinger smoking to think that this is appealing?
disneyphilip's avatar
Stop missing the point and stop being wrong, you @$$ hole!

They are not sucking ANY "artistic quality" out of Mickey in any way, you dummy!

And take back your idiot comments or I just might have to call the cops on you!
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ToonEGuyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh really? Go rewatch any of those old Walt Disney shorts and then go back to this cheap excuse of animation that you praise so much, and ask yourself from an artistic perspective: "Which one looks better?".
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It got flanderized?
disneyphilip's avatar
Mickey's character got Flanderized in the 1940s and 50s, as well as in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

In the new shorts, he has gone back to the more complex, multi-layered personality that he had in the 1920s and 30s.
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ToonEGuyHobbyist Traditional Artist
Those "old school" Mickey Mouse shorts showed far more artistic quality than that cheapskate Paul Rudish. This kind of garbage that's now passing off for 2D animation isn't even deserving of winning any Annies.
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ThunderGokuHobbyist Filmographer
Screw you, Sorenson 
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when i first saw this face i was laughing so hard XD
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KessieLouHobbyist Traditional Artist
:lmao: That face he made when he saw the baby panda.
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Mickey go home, your drunk.
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spongefoxHobbyist General Artist
Just like how I did the fan art of the image. Love Mickey's sparkly eyes. :3

Mickey-SQUEEEE by spongefox- My fan art work. and all those Annie Awards. Where will he put them all?
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That's Mickey's kawaii face, I believe.
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